The Inspiring Story of the Airport Prisoner | Nas Daily Facebook

The Inspiring Story of the Airport Prisoner | Nas Daily Facebook

Hi this special video includes an
airport a prison war and Canada here is how it went one day I woke up to an
email that said this guy needs your help I respond I looked the guy up and turns
out he really needs help he is a Syrian refugee stuck in an airport in Malaysia
for six months he has no home no valid passport and no way of getting out of
the airport hi my name is Hassan I reached him on the phone and understood
that he doesn’t need money or food he just needs people to get him out of
the airport a group of Canadian volunteers were trying to sponsor him to
Canada but the process takes 26 months because I was with no I wanted to help
Hassan I wanted to meet him and make a video but there was one problem I can’t
meet him because Hassan is stuck in Malaysia and I am not allowed to enter
Malaysia instead my friend agon and I came up with an idea it was me who flew
to Malaysia instead I meet him in the terminal make
a video with him and then come back honestly we knew it was a little bit
risky but definitely worth it because it worked we put the video together
launched it the next morning and the next thing we know his story exploded
millions of people wanted to help Hassan we felt happy we thought he could
finally be free until all of a sudden disappeared he was sent to jail for
talking to the media he was about to be deported back to Syria and that could be
the end of him you probably can imagine how terrible and nervous we all were we
were getting thousands of comments of angry people saying your video is the
reason this person is going to die his lawyers friends and everybody were
working 24/7 to try and free him from jail and millions of other people on the
Internet were concerned but one day before all hope was lost Hassan was
released the international pressure worked and that video we made about him
expedited the process from 23 months to 2 months it worked the real heroes of this story welcome
him in Canada his life went from this to this and this and this I’m now free and
he is now starting a new life as a free man I have work I have my own place
there’s nothing to complain about what you’re looking at is the best example of
humanity where a few Canadians and lawyers saved his life and millions of
good-hearted Malaysians Canadians and Internet people supported them I enjoy
my life I’m still living my dream it’s my fairytale your one life one comment
one share can literally move mountains and potentially save lives Hassan’s
story is the perfect example of why you should never doubt the power of people
see you next week people that they have the power they can see the change they
can be the judge

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