Oh What is up fam welcome to another haunted adventure with your boy Omar I got my friend James aka the fam want to give a special shout out to my boy John from exploration unknown he hooked us up with this awesome place, and I can’t wait to share with you Let’s get right into this video I guess I get to go first here Right when you walk in you feel like this burst of cold air And there’s like so many doors going to other doors Was this supposed to like talk to people open the door, please? Fresh meat coming through yeah, so the last time James was here he dropped the soap What is that so bad about that’s in the building? That’s up on the hill. Okay? Okay? You’re a friggin liar yes You know there’s lead-based paint peeling off that wall right there This might be a little bit of a long video but It’s for good reason this place is massive. I was almost thinking about doing like a couple different parts Because there’s just so many buildings to explore here so much history so much haunted history with that said though I do want to leave you with this if you see or hear anything in the background Maybe something that I may have missed it could be a sound it could be a shadow creature because I’ve heard that there’s a ton Of shadow creatures, and they’ll get right up in your frickin faces so if you see something crazy like that Let me know in the comments here when and where you seen it Now we’re in the courtyard area and There’s a story of a little guy named Jack Jett He was a midget now Jack Jett had been snitching on a couple of the inmates maybe for having things They weren’t supposed to have and they found out he was on the phone with his mom an inmate another ma I’m not sure what his name was stabbed him in the neck He was stabbed multiple times, and we’re gonna go close to where I’m thinking he was stabbed. I think that a phone one Hey, I could be wrong right around years. Where Jack Jett was murdered while on the phone with his mom Create the Scratches That’s the gymnasium isn’t it? You’ve been in there Last time James was here. He caught it on video a bunch of chairs in a pile started moving I’ve seen that we’re gonna separate now Yeah, why not? This place is pretty big I mean if we run into each other run into each other. I’ll just keep You know I’d say call me if you need me, but yeah, there’s a no cell phone reception out here I heard like a hiss or something like around the corner We are on our own as of now this place is massive Has like a second floor Hello what does who’s that? Mustard picking it’s interesting James All my battery’s dying Are like footsteps right now I have a camera right there I’m gonna give you a little glimpse here of death row There it is right there And this is where they used to beat the inmates now when the state found out that you know they were beating inmates here They went ahead and took their beatings inside, and it’s right behind this wall right here There’s an entity by the name of Leroy That haunts this building whole story on Leroy he was a big bully and one day he was out here working out in this area and somebody came here and stabbed him and I’m gonna show you Some of the shanks and like prison made weapons like there’s a room in here, and I am So room here that they actually have in a frame like some of the ones that they found These are weapons that have been found around the penitentiary and Supposedly that one is a legit gun So goes to show you what? kind of weapons they make That’s a didn’t. That’s like a tattoo needle, and they also use Forks as weapons Ooh Instant cold air Now for a short time – They used to put some other death row inmates here, and the reason why it’s completely closed off like that is So then these inmates would pass them things Sometimes you can see some really neat art on the walls there – some up there The hell Well footsteps I Don’t hold buildings make noises and stuff Here some more art I mean There’s a possibility that James is here, but you went into the other building oh This is so cool Newport Do you imagine like using the toilet and like everybody has to watch you Oh I’m hearing footsteps, and I see nobody hello Not really what you would call ghost hunter I mean Yeah, I go to creepy places, but we go to known haunted locations with just our camera and our camera lights sometimes You know we bring a little bit of ghosts meters and things like that, but I try not to get all technical With ghost hunting like equipment like if a place is haunted you’re gonna hear things. You’re gonna see things You don’t need like ghost hunting equipment to know that your house is haunted You just know you hear things you see things, and that’s why? Is haunted Must be the shower oh Now this is cool I’m thinking whoever wrote all those. Tally marks was counting down for something and I’m pretty sure it was their time here at this prison That’s pretty rad I’m gonna leave links here in the description to this place like if you want to come here And do you know an overnight challenge or maybe you want to do a paranormal? type investigation they do allow that here I’ll leave a link to the owners in the description they do have a Facebook page I think they do have a website too. You have to pay a little bit of money as a lot a whole lot, but it’s Just We’re going to go up here, this is where the cafeteria and auditorium and Yeah, I’ve heard some pretty crazy things especially in the auditorium. They say that there’s a creeper and the whole story about the creeper is Connected to a guy that was I really had his throat cut and He was crawling on his hands and knees and they put him in a padded room And he ended up dying in there several people have seen this creeper, and it’s I Don’t know the only thing I could think of is like those zombies on Call of Duty like the crawler Yeah, we might see a crawler ghost Let’s see if we did so This is the cafeteria straight ahead oh Gosh This is where The elbow of someone was seen so please keep your eyes open. This is one of the most active spots of this prison Right there that column right there, I think it was either that one or the one next to it Ghost asylum was here, and they caught an elbow of a figure and Then it took four minutes something else That were over here in that room A figure that was here show yourself again again And this is locked up, but this is where they were Oh Cool this is where they would serve you food So here’s the lunch line right here also beef jerky yummy Some people come in here and spend the entire night and almost like you feel Something behind you or something We came from that side over there And we haven’t gone down this area yeah I’m pretty sure that this chair moved I Have no idea move this chair again All right, I think it was clip P We are on the third floor right now going into the auditorium I Was scary this is where That creeper has been seen oh Wow it’s one of the like the phone stations Where’s that little Reaper This is where they used to hang out and watch TV stuff I Know what you It needs to have TVs in here too, maybe not 100% Sounds like some raindrops All right before I make my way downstairs, I did have to show you this This is something that is online and you could research it. There was a game called The Magnificent Seven they somehow were able to get a gunman and They came in here took four guards hostage every african-american that was in this cell area were shot the first two were killed and Guess what their names were? James yeah, that’s crazy good. I have a friend named James. There was a James that lived in here, and this is one of the african-american men that died and There’s a cigarette right there the guy used to like to smoke now James claims that You could put a cigarette here, and you can see it being puffed on just throwing it out there. I do not smoke. Okay? I Don’t smoke. I just brought cigarettes because of this James. Tell me about it. I keep hearing talking I’m gonna turn my light off. So you could see the cigarette a little bit better Okay mr James first of all I just want to apologize for what happened to you you were murdered in this So James go ahead and take a giant puff and let me know that you’re here with me and I’m not sure if I was just seeing things because it was dark Well, I mean as you can see this cigarette is going. I’m just gonna leave that here James you are more than welcome to have that cigarette I Left it here for you, okay, wherever you’re at I’m really sorry about what happened to you Send you my love and condolences Hate sucks Now we’re gonna. Go ahead and make our way towards d-block and Did you just curse at me whoever that was Alright anyways Do not want to go in here this is death row All they still got all the stuff in here, that’s a desk right there oh My battery’s getting ready to die again There’s some people that won’t even go into this death row area Well Is that you Leroy I Heard a cough Now here in the d-block they did executions and people did watch them Electric chair, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m looking at right now. This is where? They had the electric chair the electric chair is not there anymore and And here was the viewing area where people would People would stand in here or sit, and they would watch the person being put today Wonder what caused that big ol cracking? Just imagine how many people died my name is Gloria As I was walking back, dude I felt like a tug on my back bag almost like if somebody was trying to take it from me I Was trying to ignore my battery is getting ready to die and guess what it is my very last battery I’ve never had a place suck up so much battery juice from my camera I went through four batteries on this camera and probably have I don’t know maybe 45 minutes or an hour worth of footage big shout out to John from exploration unknown for bringing us here and a shout out to the people that owned this place that gave a Special access to come here and another big shout out to my homie the fam make sure to subscribe to him I will leave links here in the description. I gotta go before he doing

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  1. I just want to say, that I love watching your videos! There is a place that is haunted right down the street from where I live. You should do a 3AM video there if you're ever in Colorado! It's an old farm and the farmer hung his workers on a tree and then the workers took revenge and hung the farmer on the same tree. The tree and everything is still there.

  2. Some of the best art work I 've ever seen was on jail walls and on their mail to their love ones. I worked in law enforcement for 22 years.

  3. Dont feel like scrolling thru 6k comments but at 4:47 theres a mist top left and then a small orb

    Idk if its a breath of air cuz of cold or what but

  4. 28 of this month I'll be going here for a paranormal flashlight tour.Getting excited about it after seeing your videos

  5. I live in West Tennessee….My neighbor did 15 years in Brushy Mountain(drug trafficking)….he said that place has really bad juju and that it's just as dangerous empty as it was when he did his time.

  6. Has anyone debunked the jumped frame and the positioning of the cigarette / could've slowly pushed breath on it to combustion more ? Need to know as a very sceptical but open mind had to point this out

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  9. around 13:40 there's a red chair next to a pillar with squiggly drawings on it. Then when you turn back to the pillar at 13:56 the chair has completely moved without making any sound.

  10. My aunt an nana went here a week ago cuz we live in tn an they lit a. cigarrete next to james earl rays cell and it smoked itself

  11. You should take patty to this prison so she can do some evps it would be an amazing watch especially where the chairs were moving 🙂 pleaseeeeee

  12. I don't know if someone hear on 22:32! it sound like a male voice! I don't know if its Omar friend or unexplained voice. But can you all hear it because I can hear it slightly. Reply to me if you did or not.

  13. My brother took me my sister and nephew There this summer it was really cool I always wanted to go and look at a old prison. My nephew wanted to stay the night because he heard it was haunted. I like learning about the history of the prison. I wanted to go back there next summer and take my Nephew sister and brother there. Did you every go in the tunnel we’re the prisoners work in the cold mine? And have ever did a overnight stay at Alcatraz?

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