The Most Inhumane Prisons Of The 21st Century

The Most Inhumane Prisons Of The 21st Century

In the United States, as many as 20,000 prison
inmates across the country have gone on strike to protest slavery-like wages, abusive guards,
overcrowded cells, and insufficient healthcare. But despite these, the US prison system is
not necessarily the worst, despite incarcerating a higher rate than any other country. Historically prisons have only improved, but
in the last decade, deplorable conditions have persisted around the world. So, we wanted to know, what have been some
of the worst prisons in modern history? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most
dangerous and inhumane prisons was located in one of the most dangerous and inhumane
countries: North Korea. One of many political prisons, concentration
camp number 22, has been described as “hell” for both guards and prisoners. Those sent to the camp were often those who
had criticized the government, or former party members thought to be unreliable. Often, multiple generations of a prisoner’s
entire family, including any children born in the prison, were forced to serve a lifelong
sentence alongside the accused. Former guards described the shocking conditions,
which included regular torture, malnourishment, hard labor, and extermination of prisoners. One guard also suggested that human experimentation
occurred at the camp, where chemical and biological weapons were tested on human subjects. As many as 50,000 were believed to be held
at the site. After the prison became the focus of human
rights groups and its location discovered due to satellite imaging, it is believed the
site was closed around 2012, although similar conditions are reported in other prison camps
around the country. Another extreme prison, Tadmor Prison in Syria,
was destroyed by the Islamic State in 2015. Nonetheless, the prison has a horrifyingly
violent history for Syrians. The extremely inhumane treatment, and a massacre
in 1980 made this one of the most dangerous prisons. After an assassination attempt on the former
Syrian president, military members entered the prison and executed an estimated one thousand
people, an overwhelming portion of the prison population. But even twenty years later, conditions continued
to be described as brutal. A 2001 report from Amnesty International detailed
that many prisoners were there for political reasons, and would be beaten and tortured
daily. One example was that prisoners were seated
in a chair that would arch all the way back, causing asphyxiation and sometimes fracturing
the prisoner’s spine. While these prisons are closed, one that is
still operating is the Muhanga District Prison, formerly known as the Gitarama prison in Rwanda. It has been described as the “worst prison
in the world” for the deadly and dangerous conditions. The prison has a capacity of 500, but houses
as many as seven thousand prisoners according to the New York Times. This incredible overcrowding means that prisoners
cannot sit down, and some even develop gangrene on their feet from the prolonged standing
and unhygienic conditions. While other prisons are dangerous for safety
reasons, Muhanga, which largely houses criminals from the Rwandan genocide, is dangerous as
thousands have died from suffocation, disease and neglect. Although some of these prisons are believed
to be shut down, similar conditions continue in prisons all over the world, particularly
in developing regions without accountability to the world community. From deadly living conditions, to outright
murder, being incarcerated in any of these, or similar, prisons is effectively a death
sentence. While the United States doesn’t necessarily
have the worst prisons in the world, it does incarcerate at a higher rate than any other
country, and holds the largest prison population. So what is going on with the US’s prison
system? find out in this video up top. You can also learn about solitary confinement,
and its horrible effects on prisoners by watching the video down below. Thanks for being with us today on Seeker Daily,
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  1. I'm about anti-war as anybody, but god damn, every time I hear about how terrible it is for the people of North Korea I want us to do something.

  2. What about Venezuela's prisons, I watched a video on bestgore of a man being forced to eat another man alive –

  3. I can never understand when people are talking about prisons being too harsh. The worst prisons in the world hold some of the worsttttttttttt lowest common denominator. They don't deserve humane treatment. Especially those at Guantanamo bay

  4. I live in Louisiana, in that one prison, I forgot what its called, I know it but I'm brain dead right now, not literally but you understand what I mean, that one prison gives the prisoners money I think or maybe even a slight…..Slight sentence reduce, they let them run away from bulls…..its technically tar and feathering, but way worse.

  5. If anyone is wondering why Guantanamo bay is not included and it's wondering how they treat prisoners hey don't forget! Harold and kumor they will show you what you get there when you start there! Lmfao

  6. this problem will never be solved if western countries don't set a good example. looking to you usa. one of the least free countries in the world. (many prisoners -no good prisoners rights)

  7. These videos are great, but my god turn the volume up I have to go max level to hear some of the dialogue. This level on my phone usually can be heard outside the house on other videos

  8. Morans complaining about Guantanamo😂, if onlyyou did a little research before opening that hole in your mouth , I don't like Guananamo, I know it's horrible, but you anti-American fucks always blinded by your stubbornness, it's hilarious actually😂

  9. Though the US prison system may not cause the most physical trauma to prisoners, solitary confinement is serious mental tourcher

  10. well what do you think prison is for? its a punishment for your crimes. why are you surprised that the prison doesn't take care of you like your at home

  11. Truth bomb: The US has the highest incarceration rate not because the government is particularly keen on incarceration people but because they are the only country in the world with both high crime areas and a competent police force

  12. i was one of the first viewer of testtube,, but now i feel like these guys are making US biased videos. where the hell is Guantanamo ??? it should be on top of the list because of violation of human rights. …. stop serving bull crap guys 🙂 be honest

  13. I honestly think that if we, in the United States, got rid of the for profit prison system, it would solve a lot of the problems that our prison system has.

  14. yeah I'm really surprised about some european countries criticizing US' prisons calling it inhumane is just sounding so insulting to these other prisons that can be compared to "Hell"

  15. Not to mention not all these people who are incarcerated are actually Guilty!! some of them got framed! it's just disgusting we created systems that has ridiculous flaws too! all non-violent crimes should never be punished with jail time there's just no reason for that unless you're involved with the government setting up scams with the tax payers.

  16. I've read personal memoirs for two prisoners who recorded their testimonies about Tadmur prison and I couldn't sleep for two days with depression and I was crying for no reason all the time 💔

  17. You are lying! In True Korea prison is voluntary! Anybody who suspects himself of western decadence goes there to be cured of this disease of the mind! And Korean patriots willingly sign themselves for biological and chemical experimentation, so their great nation will have the weapons to stop the bourgeois from invading them!

  18. the only reason why these prisons are bad are because people who have done petty little things or people that are political opponents are the ones that go in there, not evil criminals

  19. I am surprised that little minds spend their time revealing such little things as horrid overcrowding and rampant disease in those prisons, or experimentation of chemical and biological weapons on helpless prisoners in very confirmed concentration camps. And what is torture every day and night, I ask you? The real suffering is me. Twenty five years ago, a great singer put her hand on my knee, and winked at me. My God, what an abuse of power! I am so traumatized, that only thirty million dollars will make me feel better. An army of idiots support me, maybe I should try for thirty five million dollars. After all, what do I care about the horrid suffering of others? My little butt, you see, is the epicenter of the universe

  20. In North Korea, just for watching foreign TV Show can get you executed! Here in USA we do get a British Channel which is BBC!

  21. Maybe look to one of my top10-countries, cremedelacreme Singapore👍. This super modern and super successful island state in SouthEastAsia NOT mentioned in this The most inhuman Prisons of the 21. Century – video feature. The same country well known for middle age like barbaric penalties, is ranked as the country of the world's lowest crime rate. Hopefully that on more than just 1 global crime-index. And still Singapore a contradictory to this "fantasticly human" Norway.

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