The Shelters Talk ‘Jupiter Sidecar’, Moving Forward After Passing of Tom Petty

The Shelters Talk ‘Jupiter Sidecar’, Moving Forward After Passing of Tom Petty

Jupiter sidecar is a brand new album
from the shelters we are joined by Jason Josh from the band was happening
back to the bay thank you yeah it’s gonna been a while yeah it’s it has been
two years well you’ve been visiting I’m sure off and on in your spare time right
yeah kind of maybe it’s close enough we’re from LA yeah I can kind of get up
here quick that doesn’t happen though you just say
yeah yeah yeah we do we’re pretty lazy we’ve been here for like two days now
and we haven’t really left the hotel until now
unbelievable yeah that’s bad right you wake up at 12:00 rolling the sound check
have some cheesesteaks we did two pound cheesesteaks two pounds yes we were
talking about this off-camera these beats the station Philadelphia you can’t
yeah you can’t stop talking about them actually because they’re so good Congrats on the release of this album by
them thank you yeah it’s a long time quite a few years since the debut and
obviously your leader your champion has moved on to a different life and so talk
about the experiences of trying to resurrect a passion and keep the
inspiration for that I think it was a really big learning experience for us
because like you know as we had Tom always there to kind of nurture our
creativity and kind of teach us about all these things about songwriting and
you know help us stay clear of certain paths we were kind of left just alone
and and so like we have to learn to rely on one another a lot more I think that
we are a lot better for it and stronger musicians and people and you know it’s
hard to start but once we started we kind of found our groove and luckily we
found someone to you know help us like kind of trim a little bit of the fat you
know and kind of hone in on the thesis and I think it came out really great
when someone like a Tom Petty says man you guys are great literally picks you
up and gives you all the tools what did he see in you did he say it all
verbalize it that I think we have like a good chemistry between you know now
there’s a lot more things that we have a great chemistry with but I think that in
that initial moment it was our guitar playing because that’s all we were kind
of doing together and you just kind of like the way that we sounded together
and thought that we should start trying to pursue it more and the more that we
put into it the more that he got kind of excited and as with anyone like I that’s
that creative and such a lover of music I think that it since it kind of just
inspired everyone around us like himself included us just to be around this kind
of really creative force of like young people wanting to do something and so
kind of like dead set on it basically came together as strangers now a lot of
forces have brought you guys together probably even closer how did
that affect the songwriting process what did you learn about each other going
through a death basically in a family I mean it’s hard to it’s hard to focus on
someone else’s growth when you have things to grow in your own after
something like that obviously but I would say that we just both at least
showed that we were had perseverance to finish the record and to continue the
band on despite losing Tom who was like a member as we’ve said so I think that
the end of the day we at least saw like oh we were both driven to actually do
this and it wasn’t just like you know a spur-of-the-moment thing it’s it’s
turned into a longer thing you know the video for you’re different by the way is
awesome first of all I love the song it’s fun to listen to it’s got this
throwback kind of vibe to it but then the video has that weird Munsters meets
the alien type of vibe and what have you what was the thought process in the
video yeah it is kind of like alien b-roll movie or something Josh and we
didn’t yet completely that that was aleister the directors Alastair Ann and
she we just trusted we liked her style I followed her as a photographer and
she’s done a few music videos and we knew just that her aesthetic was cool
so we trusted her to come up with something cool she sent us that idea and
we were like oh yeah we like yeah we’re in your it was great convince
us of that I mean our record has some some of the cover art has some space
kind of theme so it worked out well oh wow for the video so so we can expect
more space type of strangely enough yeah and our record comes out on the day of
the area 51 storm so that everyone can you know have something to listen to on
the way hopefully yeah that was my follow-up question that’s always a man
from Warner records so September 20th this is the date the album came out yeah
we’re headlining area 51 you’re playing here about the artists that are saying
they’re gonna put together a festival people should have asked us are you
gonna storm it no one ever caused this we’re gonna store all storming no one
caused me ever for these things I would do it yeah be good but now I actually
did see the in all seriousness I did see the warning from the US military’s I
don’t want to have anything to do with that so anyone who’s not there can go
just listen to shelter peace yeah you could just watch the livestream on
replay yeah yeah sure what yeah yeah well great to have you guys back again
thank you that’s on this album yes of luck with everything
thank you thanks for having us from the shelters Jupiter sidecar their brand new
album you’re watching b-sides on air

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