They threw away these little bear puppies near the sewer – Takis Shelter

They threw away these little bear puppies near the sewer – Takis Shelter

Was geht meine Lieben? Ein, zwei, drei…fünf… “Wir nehmen sie mit uns”. “Hast du alle fünf?” “Los geht’s…” Die Welpen fraßen eine ganze Menge Und ruhten sich aus, nachdem sie den GANZEN Tag gespielt haben Sie sind so schnell gewachsen! Schaut sie euch an , sie sind riesig!!!! Das ist Tony Das ist Bär Das ist Bär Nr. 2 “Liebenswerte große Jungs! Sie werden eine große Größe erreichen…” “Ohhh…sie sind so niedlich! Sie sind wie kleine Bären! Sie werden vielleicht 30 kg erreichen, oder mehr…” Das ist Bär Nr. 3 “Das ist der Vierte und ist auch ein Junge.” “Ein Wunderschöner!” “Und die letzte ist ein Mädchen” …und das ist unsere süße Bärendame “Sie werden ungefähr 30 kg einmal wiegen” “Schaut sie euch an, meine Freunde, schaut sie euch an!” “Wie wunderbar sie sind! Sie sehen aus wie Bären, große Hunde!” “Tony? Schaut euch Tony an!” “Schaut ihn euch an” “Ich habe schon so viele Videos von ihnen veröffentlicht, dass sie ein Zuhause suchen, aber niemand möchte sie haben!” “Weil die meisten Menschen einen kleinen Hund möchten. Kein Problem ICH adoptiere sie!” “Ich habe mich in sie verliebt!” Wenn du mit fetten Umarmungen und dicken Küsschen umgehen kannst… …dann sind unsere kleinen Bärchen die richtigen für dich! “Wunderschöne, kleine Bären suchen ein Zuhause!” Falls du einen unserer “Bärenjungen” adoptieren möchtest, sende mir bitte eine Privatnachricht auf Facebook. Wenn du mithelfen möchtest, komme zum Volontieren oder spende via Paypal. Jede kleine Spende zählt!

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  1. OMG if they were left longer out there in the heat, no food, no water they would not be here,,, u safe now little ones 😘❤️☺️with daddy takis

  2. Takis this just touched my heart so deeply if you wouldn't have found those sweet babies what would have happened to them now they are happy their little tummies are full and you are giving them so much love they are gorgeous much love to you all bravo Takis bravo

  3. They are absolutely beautiful, happy, and loving thanks to you Takis!! Bless you as always for everything you do for all these wonderful animals!!! You can see the love they get and return!! What a precious gift!! You are so amazing!! 😊❤🐾xoxoxo

  4. Those doggies are gorgeous, Takis! A pox on the person who dumped these defenceless creatures near a sewage pipe.
    I read an article in a dog magazine about why most people go for small dogs – mostly, it's because they live in apartments/flats BUT big dogs can adapt just as easily to life in a flat as small dogs (if they are trained and their needs looked after properly).
    For me, personally, I don't care whether I have a big, medium or small dog – just as long as I have a dog to love. My rescue dog is small to medium and I love her so.

  5. God bless you brother, those bear puppies are the sweetest most awesome dogs ever! It's so good to see beautiful stories like this on this insufferable rock called earth!

  6. How does anyone leave babies, helpless babies , just leave them to die ??..😢😢..and we…call them..animals ??..THANK GOD !!!..for u Takis..u r an amazing person..not only to save them all ??..but to love them all..💖🐕🐾💖🐕🐾💖💖

  7. These bear puppies are just so loving and adorable. I love everything you stand for Takis.. Much love from Australia 😘❤

  8. Thank you for so much love Takis, for being an angel to those for them and to show them that not all humans are bad, you are a wonderful being 🙌🏼 please we all collaborate so that more animals have a new opportunity❤️

  9. Love you takis 🤗💕 for helping these beautiful puppies, everyone should help as well. 💕 I would love to be there with all the doggies. 😌

  10. You are dealing with Demons on Crete! Thank GOD you are there to save God's precious creatures while others throw them away…

  11. You will definitely end up in heaven one day because your heart is in the right place ( good and caring ) , and do you think God would want or allow the HEARTLESS kind in heaven? Definitely NOT and they are all the people who made those dogs end up at your shelter, the abusers and the abandoned. Where do you think God might put them one day? That other place of course, here's a picture clue 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Takis, you can apply for dog food from Many other dog shelters get food from them; people have to click on the site 4 times a day & each “click” creates food until the whole amount is done. Please try & get food from them, you deserve to have some help. Xx

  13. Frage mich wie die dahin gekommen sind und wo ist die Mutter und waren es auch alle. Schlimm traurig sowas kann ich nicht nachvollziehen, ist mir alles zu hoch. Süß sind die alle male egal wer sehen eh so gut wie alle gleich aus. Waren auch Gott sei dank alle soweit ok und schön kräftig. Darum wo mag die Mami sein, hat so süße hübsche puppies. Sehen aus wie kleine Bärchen Zucker süß und total putzig und knuffig. 👏👍👌💔😥😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  14. Takis is an Angel. His heart is made of gold. This is a perfect example of why those people who complain about his shelter are clueless, moronic as**les.

  15. Takis, big dogs are the bestes in the world, but not easy to care for. You are a wonderful person, may the gods smile on you and your big 4 legged family.

  16. Im very happy that this little puppies is save by takis,,but still im sad because i know that this is an endless cruelty to animals and this is only in Greece..What about the other country,we didnt hear because no one cares about animal cruelty,abuses and i know inside my heart that they need help…😔please if you can do something in your country do it for the sake of animals..those people doing cruelty and abuses should be punished..Sometimes i dont want to watch takis video because it breaks my heart, i feel pity to this animals..😔😔

  17. Yes their beautiful , thanks Takis your an angel…a lot of human are evil ,it breaks my heart a saw a woman on FB cut the dog paw…

  18. Takis thank you for saving these beautiful fur babies. I will never understand how humans can be so cruel to innocent animals. You are one in a million Takis. Take care🙏🐾

  19. Такис- вы лучший из людей. Восхищаюсь вами и благодарю вас за ваш повседневный подвиг. Молюсь за вас.😍😘🤗 👋из 🇷🇺

  20. I love your videos on YouTube. I hope you get a check from all your views and each viewer sends even 5 bucks to your shelter, you sir and your shelter deserve every penny.

  21. My goodness, they are all so gorgeous puppies, people please stop throwing puppies away as if they were just a piece trash, terrible, so terrible to do something like this…

  22. Thank god for you! Why don't you sponsor two or more vets full time to spey the dog's. Then sell to general population?it's got to start somewhere! Come on you vets time to volunteer and get a working holiday in Greece!!!

  23. I don’t know how that person sleeps at night. He has surely been doing this for years. The Bears were the lucky ones that were found. Knowing there is zero chance of survival. So cruel. So heartless

  24. Bigger dogs are wonderful, they'll be good protectors of the home and will fill your home with more love.
    They'll be your companion walking. As a woman I feel safer walking with a bigger dog, I am protected from scoundrels. I could be home with children feeling safe watchdog looking out for intruders while my husband is at work. Bigger dogs make great companions with children, they will put themselves first & sacrifice themself for the child if there's danger, because these dogs love them.
    A loyal big dog is a wonderful addition to the family, and you can see Takis is raising them right and giving them proper care so they will be good healthy family pets.
    My husband works, he provides for the family, and having a bigger dog, he's got a fuzzy big 4-legged loyal partner to help ease his mind we are safe while he is away working.
    When he comes home the dog greets him happily giving him the report, "welcome home sir, your family is happy & safe! Please rub my belly and play catch with me!"
    Bigger dogs are wonderful, you'd be crazy not to have one. In other words, everyone needs a big dog. 😊

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