This Man Filmed Life Inside an Internment Camp

This Man Filmed Life Inside an Internment Camp

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  1. The executive order 9066 was legally used to rob Japanese people of their property and civil liberties. Cringe worthy.👀

  2. What makes this even worse: German-Americans and Italian-Americans were typically allowed to live in peace during the war, only a few thousand “special cases” were interned, unlike the wholesale imprisonment of all Japanese-Americans

    So there was a clear double standard here, even though America was at war with both Germany and Japan.

  3. Video paints the Japanese as slaves but they were paid to “build their own prison”. Salaries inside internment camps were higher than US soldier salaries

  4. Everyone here is stupid they were doing this to Chinese and Koreans in Japan it’s called war stupid retarded douches

  5. that is an impressive camera let alone in the 1940's!
    better than iphone OG

  6. People complain but they may have never existed if this never occurred. Survival never cared about ethics. It could happen to any of us. It’s the nature of being. Kill or be killed. Sad but true.

  7. As American I have no pity for them, these people are the same people who killed Koreans and Chinese for an earthquake and they forced them to live in ghetto and used them as slaves, they got a taste of their own medicine. Japan if you learnt from this pain don't treat others like shit

  8. One of the dark times of American history together with the slavery. These people should have been remunerated for what the government have done to them. So shameful!

  9. There were internment camps further east than Arkansas. The Bedford Springs Resort was one such camp, in SW Pennsylvania.

  10. Racism aside, "Japanese-Americans" had not yet had the opportunity to prove their loyalty. This is why middle-easterners are look at with a somewhat distrust. And before you call this a flaw in the white mans genes. Remember that basically all non Anglo-Saxon descendants were at one point looked down upon in the U.S. Including Germans.

  11. Hey you in the comments! Before you type, think. All nations on this planet has a dark past, including yours!

  12. let us pray that President Trump will never ever see this footage or else, he'll build new kind of internment camps for Americans (Arab descendants, Latino Americans etc) again… #sarcasm

  13. I dont see Japanese Americans roiting or looting in the streets….hmmmm other ethnic groups excel at rioting

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