Thousands Of Prisoners Escape Prison In Brazil

Thousands Of Prisoners Escape Prison In Brazil

How’s it going Youtube I am Landon Dowlatsingh
and this is where I talk about the news or anything else trending in the world or on
the internet. I have a lot to talk about today and also
an update with my dad. As many of you guys know my dad had a really
bad fall onto a heater and was passed out for a few days. Well he is still at the hospital after almost
30 days now and its been a rollercoaster. He has actually had some really good days,
if you guys want to meet my dad just click right over here I made some videos with him. Well right now he isn’t doing so well and
has been declining for the past 5 or 6 days now and we just receieved some really bad
news. I am not sure whats to come next and this
might actually keep me from youtube for a few days till we figure a few things out I
felt like I needed to explain that to you guys again I am very very sorry I will try
and film if I can. Ok so enough of all that lets talk about what
you guys came for. Our first story is a really crazy one and
its about inmates escaping from prison. In a Brazil prison there was a huge riot where
9 inmates were shot dead and its estimated that over 200 inmates escaped during the mayhem. This number could be a lot higher. This is one of the largest break outs in history. 127 inmates who broke free from the prison
actually voluntarily checked themselves back into prison I guess they had a change of heart. Brazil has a huge problem right now with over
crowding prisons and their isn’t enough money to pay for the appropriate amount of
officers to keep the prisons safe. Here is the crazy part this is how little
funds this prison has. There are 900 prisoners located at this prison
with only 5 officers. This could also be because this escape happened
on new years day and all the officers booked time off and the prison had no one to work
this day. I mean I guess this was a good day to be a
prisoner. I bet their arnt enough police officers to
get these guys back into prison any time soon and also I bet its safe to say traveling to
brazil right now is not recommended. Logan Paul has made an apology video to address
the video he uploaded where he filmed a dead person and laughed about it. It was very disrespectful to the dead person,
there family and friends, and disrespectful to Youtube itself. Youtube doesn’t promote that kind of stuff. Well actually I am questioning that because
Logan’s video did appear on Youtubes home page in the trending section. So this is what Logan Paul hads to say. The video is titled So Sorry. I do think Logan Paul is sincere and that
he is sorry. But I think its just logical to not film a
dead person and talk about suicide and then laugh about it. Is this real life right now how can someone
have no heart, and no common sense. What I don’t understand is how this video
was edited together and put onto Youtube. In the editing process this should have been
edited out and also the graphic parts where Logan
and his crew filmed the dead mans body. Logan has been losing tens of thousands of
subscribers. This story actually made it to the main stream
media and in the news was a mother of a teen who watched Logan Pauls video is now tramatized
by it because the teens father committed suicide. So he was stunned to see the dead man hanging
from the tree, and stunned that Logan paul just laughed about it. Logan Paul has to realize that his fame really
effects peoples lives, and he is putting himself to be a role model to millions of people. The number one trending video on Youtube right
now is a video titled Logan Paul ended his career and its by this guy name Kavos ive
actually been watching him since about 50 thousand subscribers so quite a long time
its nice to see him trending. And I don’t think I agree with that title
about Logan Pauls career being over because he has a massive audience that is very dedicated
to him this will just be a thing Logan Paul learns from and hopefully thinks twice about
these types of situations in the future. At the end of the day everyone makes mistakes
its how you learn from them that makes you a better person. I am for sure not going to just un-subscribe
to him just because of this. Also in the news of course is another person
who has huge influences, and we are talking about President Donald Trump. He has been raising tensions with Pakistan
now. Not only does North Korea hate him now Pakistan
feel threatened by the us after Donald trump tweeted out this. The United States has foolishly given Pakistan
more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 yrs and they have given us nothing
but lies & Deceit, thinking our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we
hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more. Pakistans government replied with the Us leaders
were completely incomprehensible and could damage the trust between the countries. The us and Pakistan has played huge roles
together to combat terrorism but now that would be threatened. Moving on, I can’t believe its still going
but the fire is still burning in Sourthern California and the Thomas fire has now burned
282,000 acres across the state. This now becomes the largest fire in history. But right now the fire isn’t the number
1 concern it’s the mudslides they might have that could cause deaths and more destruction. The trees were being used as a protective
barrier from mudslides and now with almost 100 percent of the protective covering gone
this leaves huge concerns. Also storm drains are being blocked so if
it rains this can cause flooding. There is just so much going on right now in

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  1. That petition for Logan Paul isn't going to do anything. It's just going to show how many people want to delete Logan Paul's channel

  2. Dude Brazil is not that dangerous just ware non name brand cloths and shoes and avoid the dangerous areas and have a knife or pepper spray or hell a gun

  3. No way he was sincere he filmed it he laughed and had plenty of time to think during editing hes trash lots of people have seen suicide and lost people to it he did it for views what a horrible person

  4. I’m not going anywhere are you? Who’s with me? Go take care of Business and hopefully he recuperates fast and stay strong my dude

  5. I dont believe that logan paul should lose his channel and his JOB because of a misrake that he has apoligised for, after my 5 year old sister was watching some of those creepy spiderman and elsa videos, but she fell asleep watching them only to wake up to a video of some farmer showing the viewer the proper way to kill and prep a chicken (hen) and she was terrified as expected and turned vegetarian from it. That person didnt lose their channel despite how many people probably got traumatised by it

  6. I feel like #TheEnd on a news video that talks about the war will just make people panic if they don’t watch till the end of the video😂

  7. I hope ur dad gets better. U don’t need to apologize for not being on YouTube. Family’s more important.

  8. “I’ve seen worse than this on YouTube” SMHHH brooo you’re telling me that you’ve seen worse on YouTube than a YouTuber with millions of subscribers who are mostly kids showing the dead body of a man who killed himself, and laughing about it?…

  9. You never need to apologise to us all just because your father is unwell, I’m positive that everybody here would much rather you be with your dad than doing the channel. Take time off and be with your family.

  10. I can agree with there is worse on you tube BUT so many things can be considered worse. It really is a matter of people's opinions what is worse. There was a dead body in a tree. What about seeing someone actually die on you tube. Just an example as I did see someone die and it freaked me out. The body hanging from the tree freaked people out. No matter what anyone does, someone is always going to be upset, there is one of us in every crowd. Prayers for your Dad.

  11. Logan Paul is an idiot. Why go to the “Suicide Forest” with cameras unless to find a person who has killed themselves? It also shows you tubes lack of regulation of the videos uploaded. The promote and trend this terrible video but demonetise really good non offensive videos by people who are not in favour. It’s unfair of You Tube.
    PS hope your father gets better and I stayed to the end.

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