Top 10 Longest Prison Sentence Served By Innocent People – Part 2

Top 10 Longest Prison Sentence Served By Innocent People – Part 2

How’s it going Youtube I am Landon and welcome
back to another Most Amazing Top 10 video. So recently I have been making videos about
Prison and longest serving inmates and I have come across many people who served a ton of
time in prison who were innocent. It’s a really sad situation but this is
the top 10 longest prison sentence served by innocent people part 2. Part 1 is right over here and part one was
about 2-3 yrs ago I look so different. Alright starting off at number 10, We have
Brendon Dassey who was serving life in prison with eligibility for parole in 2048. His convictions were first degree murder,
second degree sexual assault mutilation of a corpse. The victim was Teresa Hallbach. Brendon was 16 yrs old when he was sentenced
to prison after his confession tape was seen by a jury. Well after 10 yrs Brendon Dassey was finally
released from prison because evidence showed that interrogators forced Brendon Dassey into
a confession. Brendon Dassey has a severe learning disability
and he didn’t understand what he was saying when he was being tricked into a confession. Brendon Dassey literally made up what happened
that night to Teresa Hallbach because he thought if he just told the police officers what they
wanted to hear he can just leave the police station and go back to school. Really sad if you asked me. Alright starting off at number 9, we have
Marvin Anderson who has served 15 yrs in prison and he became the 99 person in the United
States to be exonerated due to post- conviction DNA testing. Marvin was convicted of robbery, sodomy, abduction
and rape. These are really serious crimes and its ridiculous
that investigators convicted the wrong person. The suspect was able to get away with these
brutal crimes. Its been so many years after the crime so
who knows if this person will ever be caught and who knows if this person went on to commit
more of these horrific gruesome crimes. Number 8 is a crazy situation about Richard
Jones who is a father that was sentenced away to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Richard was convicted of armed robbery. Well here is the crazy part it took 17 yrs
for investigators to realize that it wasn’t Richard Jones who actually committed the crime
it was a look alike. Here is Richard on the left and he is the
actually person who committed the crime. Is this real life right now how do you mess
this up. The real guy was probably at home watching
the news with his guns and a big pay day laughing at police because they caught the wrong guy. Jones spent 17 yrs for someone else crime. During the hearing witnesses just couldn’t
tell these two men apart. I mean I see the resemblance but what about
taking DNA tests, looking at camera footage of the crime, look for the guns. You can’t just convict a man to a serious
crime without being 100 percent. But on this list we learn that police and
investigators have just failed to do their jobs. Number 7. Robert Jones. Robert was wrongly convicted for rape and
manslaughter following the murder of British tourist Julie Stott. Robert served 23 yrs for someone else’s
horrific crime. After being arrested for this crime Robert
Jones thought it was a practical joke but he was taken into the homicide division. Well after going to the homicide division
he than thought he was just going to be questioned and then released but that never happened. He ended up being locked away for life. Robert had to sit in a small jail cell thinking
about what just happened to him, and to be honest there just is no explanation but the
investigators just failed at doing their job. Robert has had no previous convictions he
had a clean wrap sheet nothing should have directed police officers to Robert. Alright now we have Kenneth Adams at number
6. Back in 1978 Kenneth Adams along with tree
other men who have been known as the Ford Heights Four were wrongly convicted of rape
and double homicide. Kenneth was sentenced to 75 yrs in prison. It took 18 yrs for DNA testing to exonerate
him from these crimes. Kenneth filed a lawsuit of $36 million dollars
against the police officers involved in the original investigations. This was the largest civil rights payment
in United States history at the time. Kenneth received a settlement of 8 million
dollars. That is for sure life changing money but 18
yrs of his life was taken away from him. This was one of the most important parts of
his life. This was a time where people usually start
to get married have kids and really get into their careers. Number 5 is Billy James Smith, He served nearly
20 yrs in prison for rape that happened in a laundry room of the building of the victim. After the rape the victim who is left unidentified
told her boyfriend she was raped. Someone with a knife asked her for money than
they dragged her into a grassy field near the complex and that’s when it happened. She was able to get away and she saw the man
run away towards the apartment complex she lives in. So she thought it was by someone who lived
near or in her building. The victim than described the man she thought
it was. Police quickly arrested Billy Smith for rape. In court for 20 yrs Billy wanted to get a
DNA testing but he was denied because semen was found in the victims rape kit. At trial the state claimed that there was
no evidence that the victim had sex with anyone in the 24 hours previous to the rape so the
semen must belong to the perpetrator. So this was based on assumption. Well after a numerous of appears the Taxes
court of criminal appeals finally granted Billy Smith DNA testing. The tests came back and proved that the semen
did not belong to him and it was actually from someone else. This makes me so upset because he should have
been DNA tests decades ago. If your going to convict someone make sure
to spend the man power and money to perform what you need to do to be 100 percent. You just allowed the real rapist to do it
again because he got away with it. At number 4 we have Steven Barnes who has
served 20 yrs in prison as an innocent person. I can see now why in jail there is that common
saying. Everyone always says their innocent I am starting
to believe them all now. Steven was convicted of murdering 16 yr old
Kimberly Simon in New York City. Her body was found on the side of a dirt road
and she was raped and strangled to death. Several witnessed told police that they seen
Steven around the time of the crime. Steven was questioned for 12 straight hours. He took a polygraph tests. Investigators said it was inconclusive. Steven was actually leased after being interrogated
because police couldn’t link him to the crime. But for some reason he was called back in
and he was tried in front of a jury that apparently saw him as guilty. This case wasn’t over turned for 20 yrs
after the innocence project stepped in. They reopened the case with proper DNA tests
it was proven that Steven wasn’t the suspect. The suspect was still at large. Alright number 3 we have a celebrity who is
a professional boxer known as Hurricane. We are talking about Rubin Carter who was
a middleweight boxer. He was wrongly convicted of murder and was
later released 20 yrs later. There was racism involved in this conviction. Back in 1966 police arrested Rubin and his
friend John Artis for a triple- homicide committed in a bar in New Jersey. Police found his car near the crime scene
and they searched it and found ammunition that fit the weapons used in the murder. Police for some reason took no fingerprints
at the crime scene. Also police lacked the facilities to conduct
a paraffin test for gunshot residue. Police thought this crime was quickly solved
and it was a wrap. This story inspired a movie titled Hurricane. Denzel Washington played Rubin Carter. It’s a really great movie you should watch. Here is a quick trailer. Donald Eugene Gates spent 27 years in prison
and he comes in at number 2. Donald Gates was in prison after being convicted
for rape and murder of a college student in Washington DC. The victim was 21 yr old Catherine Schilling. Catherine was shot 5 times in the head. Well clearly police officers didn’t do their
jobs right that night because they made a big mistake they locked up the wrong person. After 27 yrs Catherines rapist and killer
were eventually identified through DNA tests of the semen. When Donald was released it was sickening
because he was just given $75 and a bus ticket to Ohio. This is when the Innocent Project stepped
in to get justice. This case turned into a federal lawsuit. The DC government agreed to make a settlement
of 16.65 million dollars. This was the largest paid to an individual
in state history. At number 1, we have one of the highest profile
cases that is actually till on going, we are talking about Steven Avery. We learned a ton about Steven Avery after
the successful Netflix original show called Making a murderer. This has to be one of the greatest documentaries
you will ever watch I highly recommend you go watch it if you haven’t yet. Steven Avery is from Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
which is in the states and after serving 18 yrs in prison he was released. He was sentenced at the age of 22 yrs old. He was accused of sexual assault. Steven Avery was exonerated by DNA testing. Well here is where this story gets crazier
and why Steven Avery is number 1 on this list. Just 2 yrs after being released Steven Avery
was charged again for murder. Steven Avery was sentenced to life imprisonment
without parole. Steven and his lawyers thinks that he was
set up once again by local police investigators. Steven has now spent most of his life behind
bars. We don’t know if he is innocent for the
second charge but that it would be crazy if he was innocent for a second time. Making a murderer season 2 will be coming
out soon. It was promised it will come out at the end
of the year. Well there you guys have it.

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  1. I was locked up with a black guy from San Antonio Texas that had been locked up for over 30 years at the time. I've been out 16 years now. I seldom wonder if he's still alive.

  2. For every year they were in prison should be at least a million pounds because of you've wasted someone's life at least make the rest of it enjoyable 👍

  3. its crazy/sad how some people think money solve everything money is not going to take back 18+ years or any time back from the person that spend time in jail

  4. 7:35
    I'm not defending the police or anything because they should do more at that case, but finding amounition that fits the gun that was used is actually a pretty strong evedense

  5. Yo that first picture was CRAZY the innocent guy could have been his older brother they look alike so much

    I'm not saying it's his brother for all you idiots out there

  6. These stories are horrible, but the police, investigators and the courts do more good than harm. remember that instead of falling in line with sheep that say they are failures at their job.

  7. I hope you understand that the police just arrest the person and that a JURY makes the final decision to lock someone up and if they do their must be enough evidence to pin it on the accused. You also have to understand in the 60s fingerprints weren't ever taken no matter where. Also Also just because you say 'look for the gun it's that easy' doesn't mean they could because they would have if they could. And we pay the police to help protect the streets and YOU and me and they make mistakes like everyone else.

  8. "why doesn't the justice system do their job" um probably cos they don't care about doing it right. They just want the money and don't care who gets hurt

  9. Cant Watch Anymore…. Racist MoFos…. Racism is Deeply Rooted….Every Where….Ever Wonder Why…. Read the Bible…😒

  10. There was a time when I thought prisoners were guilty. I have come to believe that this is not true and have told my adult children never talk to the police without an attorney. Ever

  11. The racist cop that had a hate on for "the Hurricane" should of gone to prison for all the false evidence and testimony he drummed up.

  12. Newsflash, it's not the investigators and law enforcement officers that put someone behind bars, it is the jury. Obviously they were presented with some convincing evidence.

  13. Because the police and investigators do such a poor job the real perpetrators get away with their crimes: murder and rape because they don't want to be wrong

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  15. They've stolen the future from these poor people, the law is "just" what is "just" when you can't bring back what you've done…

  16. Sad. Even more sad to know that the police/investicators do this kind of stupid things. Do your god damn jobs and be 110% sure you have the right person.

  17. There are people that can look just like you. I personally ran into two different people that looked like my mom and a friend of mine. It's crazy.

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    Landon: no 10 is Landon dalosine (sry I don't know how to spell it)

  19. First guy confessed but you do not say who did it or what DNA was there. Just the guy had learning problems so do a lot of people

  20. 37 “Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

  21. Officers and interrogators who coerce weak people into making false confessions should be hang, drawn and quartered.

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  23. How do they even have the right to arrest these people without pure proof✨
    Even though they say it, they need proof before an arrest is made.

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