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  1. Crooked Cops. Using their power to benefit themselves. This is why a lot of people don't like Cops. Using their authority to screw someone else over who was doing their job. They'd rather make someone else look bad.
    This is absurd. They all should be fired.


  3. I can already see DeBlasio pulling this shit if he were to ever become president. 'Oh, I just haven't seen the details'. Man, it's your fricken JOB to know the details. Stupid cops think they're above the law, the guy spend a whole NIGHT locked up on trumped-up charges. Absolutely unacceptable! Good thing DeBlasio has no chance in hell of winning.

  4. Dirty cops, being dirty cops.

    And you wonder why people don't like or trust cops…

    This is why. Then they go pop some kid and these same buddies will be the one covering it up.

  5. Fucking pigs. Being a LEO doesn't make you exempt from the consequences of breaking the law. LEOs that break the law should face stiffer punishments than regular civilians precisely because they're supposed to enforce the law.

  6. Wait… NYPD corrupt? Filing false charges? Punishing a citizen for catching them red handed? Not in "current year" America. They must be Trump supporters.

  7. This type of thing happens all to often you could call it S.O.P.

    The department will get sued and the Departments insurance (paid for by tax payer's) will settle the case.

    This happens all the time and nothing changes because the corrupt officer's never have to be accountable for their actions.

    Im not a FTP type of person but their is a lot of law enforcement who are corrupt and definitely should not have the positions they hold due to their inherent corruption.

  8. LOL Super corrupt NYPD, those are all pieces of shit corrupt fat doughnut eating idiots. Ha! detective cannot even pay his car loan, what a joke!

  9. Talk about corruption…. so when a citizen misses their bills they pay the consequences but these dirty cops have some sort of a pass? So hypocritical and unfair. Disgusting.

  10. Licenses are rights taken then sold back to us, legalese is commercial jargon unlawful to use against man not engaged in commerce

  11. Good ,job hate those twoing mother fuckers, sent them all to jails, tow someone's car ,they all have bitch adettieue….

  12. Sue that detective, one he needs the repremanded and have a civil lawsuit payout from both the county/state and personally the detective as well take that pension away from him

  13. Half of the stuff in every PD of all countries, are nothing more than mob gangsters in a suit, that gives them huge cover to act as they will. The facts to prove that…. thousands in videos, photos, testimonies for decades. No trust in them.

  14. So sad how they lose tyrants think they are above the law the Pig didn't pay the car note! what a loser… typical NYPD pigs

  15. So, the Cop fails to pay his bills, then breaks the law, then violates a mans rights while he was doing his job, then is aided by numerous cops who assist in said fraud and unlawful activity; layers of disgrace. I hope he successfully sues these chumps for millions. Law enforcement officials should be held to a standard notably higher than the average citizen, not given Carte Blanche to sht on the public. And cops wonder why they are viewed as threats rather than saviors.

  16. This is almost kind of satisfying because of the fact that these tow truck and repossession operators have gotten so far out of hand with their like ruthless stocking blood-sucking abilities to hurt someone's life so they can get their commission for a toll fee without even knowing what's going on in the poor sap life

  17. Big surprise … After a lengthy "investigation" … the Detective in question was found to have done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law and only received a 3 month suspension ( with FULL PAY ) from the department. He's already back on the job..👍👍
    Disgusting IMO

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