Toy PEPPA PIG Toys Go To Jail

Toy PEPPA PIG Toys Go To Jail

Hi boys and girls look at who we have in the police station, it’s Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig you have to go to jail. Oh No, boys and girls Peppa Pig is in Jail. Let’s find out what happened to Peppa Pig Hey Dino pals. This is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise we have today Look, there’s Peppa Pig boys and girls. Let’s play a joke on Peppa Pig Hello paw patrol pups. Hi Romeo I want to play a joke on Peppa Pig. Do you wanna help me? Oh that sounds like fun, how can we help? Ha ha I turned the little pups into baby What’s going on here why are the paw patrol pups baby pups Hello Mr. Police officer. Peppa Pig did this. What Peppa Pig she’s gonna be in big trouble I’m gonna go get you put the pig Ok Playing in the park is super fun. Peppa Pig. Ok, George, it’s your turn next. I Found you Peppa Pig hi, mr. Policeman. Peppa Pig and the pig family You guys need to go to the police station with me. What why mr Police officer Peppa Pig played a joke on the paw patrol pups and now she turned the paw patrol pups into babies. Oh no Peppa wouldn’t do that. Oh, really? Romeo told me that Peppa Pig did that so I need to investigate until I get to the bottom of this case Peppa Pig you need to come to the police station. Okay, Peppa, let’s follow. Mr. Police officer. Let’s go, Peppa Pig hmm It’s the Playmobil city action jail play set You can even lock it up and turn into a safe and it opens up pickups of jail. So cool Wow, it has everything There’s even a bathroom a chair a bad guy a policeman. Let’s open it up guys Wow, there’s so many pieces When we put all these pieces together, we can build the jail set. Let’s put it together guys All these stickers and here’s the instruction manual to put together, let’s build a jail set And now let’s put all the stickers guys This part looks like the TV. You can see the map and also a security camera and it goes on the top right here and This is the control center. You can see it looks like an a security camera with the buttons the camera can see outside Let’s put it inside here And here’s a little microphone that goes right here Here’s the police station badge Now let’s build a jail cell That’s the door and here’s the lock Now you can lock the jail cell door and goes right here Now we can put it all together It can open and close time to put in the jail Now the jail’s all done. Let’s build the little accessories We have this blue table and these are the legs Now we have a little table and here is a sink that goes into the wall right here Here’s a little tap for the safe to turn on water. And here’s the toilet You can close and open the lid what’s inside there and a toilet goes into the wall, too And we can put the toilet inside the jail same thing with the table And then there’s a policeman this policeman comes with the Policeman hat and a big microphone so he can talk to everyone And then there’s this keyboard and the keyboards goes right here We can take the handcuffs and put it on the bad guy Now he’s long locked up and that’s it go in prison you can even put the megaphone on here to Know the policeman has his gear. Wow, the jail set is all done. Check it out guys There’s a bathroom toilet in there a bed. And this is the jail cell and the door can open cool And it can also lock like that now no one’s getting out and this is where the policeman stores always gear I see a microphone handcuffed and there’s the policeman logo and there’s also lights for the policeman to see in the dark They can catch the bad guys. There’s two lights on both sides and this is the computer station Look, there’s the map you can see the security cameras of where the bad guys are Well, you can even see the front entrance and this part is the computer station There’s a security camera to the outside. There’s his keyboard and even a microphone. Wow, this set is so cool Don’t worry little rubble I’m gonna help you. Peppa Pig you have to go to jail Rubble I don’t know what you’re saying Wow You turn back into normal paw patrol pups Bravo, let’s double Mr. Police officer. It wasn’t Peppa Pig. It was Romeo He played a joke on us and turned us into babies. It wasn’t Peppa Pig. Oh, I’m sorry Peppa Pig I’m gonna need your help to get Romeo. That’s a Rubble on the double I’ll get chase in the rest of the paw patrol pups to We will get you Romeo. Peppa Pig, I’m gonna let you out of jail Thank you for letting peppa pig out of jail, you’re the best ruble no problem Peppa, and guess what I have lots of super cool toys for you guys awesome Peppa Pig love surprise toys. Let’s open up some surprise toys with Peppa Pig Okay, boys and girls each one of these doors has a super awesome surprise to it for a Peppa Pig What color should we open up first? There’s so many how about this one? This one is blue one, two, three open What toy did we get Wow, we got a spider-man toy Spider-man is red and blue. He’s got two really big eyes, and we push his helmet He’s got one small eye now. Let’s push it again Now his eyes are really tiny like he’s really angry So cool Now let’s open up this door. One, two three open. Hey, what’s that? It’s He’s a angry bird, he’s red with it orange beak and he’s flying through the sky watch this boys girls one two three That was so cool, let’s open up this door This time we got iron man, that’s so cool Iron Man is an avneger and he’s the teacher of spider-man Iron Man is red and gold with blue ice. Let’s push Cool that’s Tony Stark Tony Stark is the Iron Man pilot. He’s really smart He’s got a mustache it here we go ahead Now, Tony is wearing super cool sunglasses because Tony Stark is a super avengers one more time boys and girls It’s Ironman again. That’s so cool And let’s close the doors We have one two, three three more doors left. This is a orange door, two three open Cool we got Wally. Ha ha Wally’s super cute. He’s a little robot. We’ve got really big And yellow and he’s got these super cool wheels wall-e is really nice. Have you seen the Wally movie? It’s really funny ha ha and there’s another toy Hey, it’s dory. She’s swimming She’s super funny but she has a bad memory and she always forgets things Have you seen the movie finding dory? It’s really cool. Dory’s best friend is Nemo This is a purple door, let’s open up the purple door What’s this toy Cool. We got a little pony. Here’s a pink pony Really long pink and gold hair and look at the cutie mark. It’s balloons Pinkie Pie is a super happy party animal She loves to make parties and she really likes to make cakes. She’s so cool Pinkie Pie is friends with Twilight. Rarity Applejack and Fluttershy And Rainbow Dash so cool one more door What’s this Well, it’s a Peppa Pig toys surprise egg. There’s Peppa Pig She’s really happy and there’s a toy in here one two three open Well, we got a pj masks catboy So fun pj masks catboy is blue and he’s ready to run really fast cus Catboy is a super awesome hero. Lets go Cat boy. Wow That was really fun boys and girls more peppa pig toys surprise Hi boys and girls where did peppa pig girl Looks there’s Peppa Pig surprise cups Lets look for Peppa Pig boys and girls. There’s one, two, three Three peppa pig toys surprise cups Blue wow, so cool. This is really stretchy So funny is Peppa Pig in this Cup, here we go This is not Peppa Pig, this is mama pig Eve was a robot from the movie wall-e she’s white and has blue eyes she’s super cool This is Doc McMuffin If you have an ouch she can help you because she’s a smart doctor She’s got a white suit and she’s got purple doctor headgear. Look, there’s her sparkly purple case There’s a lot of toy in here is Peppa Pig in here boys and girls 1, 2, 3, Go! This isn’t Peppa Pig, this is Papa pig He’s got a brown beard and glasses Peppa Pig daddy. So cool this is a Piggy. This is a green Piggy from Angry Birds is a pirate pig. He’s got an eyepatch and he’s all green and he can fly watch One two three. Oh Wow and this toy is Cool, it’s Elmo. Elmo is a red Muppet. He’s red with the orange nose Hi, he lives on Sesame Street with Big Bird and Oscar Super fun Elmo is really nice. Let’s go to seasame street and visit Elmo Okay, here’s another Peppa Pig surprise egg and Wow super cool boys and girls, that’s so awesome As Peppa Pig in here one two, three go We got Another green piggy. This is a cowboy piggy. He’s got a lasso Well, he can spin the lasso like a cowboy That’s so cool Awesome we found Peppa Pig. So cool. Peppa Pig has a red dress on she’s super nice Peppa Pig gets a lot of surprise toys. Here’s another surprise cup for Peppa She’s eating chocolate cake. Okay, Peppa Pig. Let’s see. What toys we got Well, there’s so many more toys This one is the awesome Iron Spider-man that looks so cool iron spider-man these red and gold and he has One two three three gold heart. That’s so awesome And there’s three more toys. Hey, this is George George’s the tiniest youngest member of the Peppa Pig family. He has a blue shirt on and he is Peppa pig’s little brother And this is Nemo is so cute. Nemo is swimming in the water He’s a orange little fish with really big eyes with white stripes Nemo’s best friend is dory And this is Donald Duck so cool Donald Duck has a blue hat Red Bowtie. He lives in Disneyland, that’s super fun Disneyland has lots of really cool rides SuperDuper fun Peppa Pig went to jail or with your help boys and girls we helped peppa pig and Peppa Pig got all these awesome toys Supercool you guys are the best boys and girls. Let’s watch the next Toy Rex video Thanks for watching Dino pals, you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club

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