Training Camp Has Started 📣 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Training Camp Has Started 📣 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(dramatic music) – Turning on the lights
to the dance studio, signifies the beginning and
training camp has started. – This pressure is real, but I’ve been waiting for this
moment for a really long time so I’m ready to get the night started. (clapping) – Tonight’s rehearsal really
is about first impressions, we’ve already been through a pretty thorough audition process
but something changes when you get into the studio. Hi! – [Girls] Hello! – When all of a sudden
we’re really learning the ladies as individual performers. Welcome to your first night of Dallas Cowboy’s
Cheerleaders training camp. Tonight is your only night
to make a first impression. There are 45 of you in training camp, 36 will make a triangle like
the one you see behind you. It’s a huge accomplishment
to make it into this room, tonight is your night start
strong start positive, okay? – [Girls] Yes ma’am. – All right, let’s get started. – Okay so you are going to
learn your first dance tonight. – One, two, three four,
five six and a seven jump. One and two, three, four. – Two of our last seasons group leaders are teaching tonight’s routine. They will teach fast. – [Amy] And tornado to the front. – There’s a lot of direction changes, I think it will be disorienting for some rookie candidates in the room. – [Amy] Does that make sense? So from here, to one leg. – DCC choreography is unlike
anything I’ve ever done everything is sharp here, sharp there, this arm is going when this leg is going. – One and two, three, four, five. You’re pulling with that left booty and that’s when you switch your weight. – I’ve done a lot of audition processes been in a lot of
different rehearsal rooms, and this is by far one of
the hardest experiences. Just the sheer amount of
choreography being thrown at you at a quick pace is hard. – [Amy] A one, two, three, four – Tonight’s routine is a good example of what they’re going to face all summer. Ladies will have about 50 routines ready to go for game time. – Yup, you cross here and it’s beveled. – You can tell within their learning, who’s going to be able to
pick up the choreography or the ones that are
just really struggling. – You cross and pull that foot in. – Cat, did you hear that? – Bevel your right leg, so
you come seven, bevel eight. – Cat needs to pay very close attention, because it’s those details,
especially around her knees and her feet that’s
going to eat Cat up. – We’ll do it in smaller groups. – [Amy] Okay. (upbeat dance music) – I think Lisa is powerful. Meredith is struggling
with the choreography. (girls cheering) – Okay

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