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  1. those that post hateful and negative comments, i hope one of your family members die, btw all yalls mamma's are men, that's where life started, see Genesis, while your at it see Matthew 7:1 and STFU

  2. transgender women are legal women, so suck it up, and transgender men are legal men, btw Jesus was black not white, see Revelations, lmao

  3. These comments are rude af. Make? Female? This person is dead. We’re missing the story here. This person wanted to be called female. Let’s at least do this. Everyone needs to stfu. The family is grieving 😔 May this soul rest. And may the family get answers

  4. I wonder what type of assault? She could've received probation or community service if no weapons were involved. Praying for the family! 🙏

  5. Some of these comments are horrible it doesn't matter who she was what she did it could of been your mother or child some of y'all should watch your mouth and grow up SMH

  6. Why does it matter what “she” was and yes SHE because were going to respect and call her that since that is the correct pronoun to use . It baffles me how many of y’all are so grown and ignorant and small minded it shows the level of stupidity and how much your parents have raised some of you because y’all turned out to be so judgemental ignorant cold hearted individuals. Pretty sad because we’re all HUMAN BEINGS . None of you are superior to anyone .none of you are perfect . The same people to talk like that on here are the same people to never have the guts to say that in public in ones face . Grow up . EDUCATE YOURSELVLES . Many of you don’t even know what it is or how it is for others . PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SURVIVE OUT HERE IN THESE STREETS . NOT EVERYONE HAS IT MADE . like I said STOP JUDGING PEOPLE .this is still a human. Ring who died so let’s gave some sympathy and respect the dead alil more shall we . Sheeeeeeeeesh a lot of yous need to be reborn again because the amount of ignorance you guys have in that brain of yours is absurd . just remember god don’t like ugly .this could EASILY be your child your cousin your sibling your relative ! LETS HAVE A HEART PEOPLE . And focus on more important things other than the gender or identity of someone . Let’s ACT OUR AGE ❤️ And spread PEACE AND LOVE AND NOT HATE . THOSE WJO HAVE BAD SPIRITS AND CARRY HATE AND MEAN HARMDONT GO TO A VERY GOOD PKACE WHEN THEIR BODYS DIE . REMEMBER GOD LOVES ALLLL HIS KIDSSSSSS.

  7. We all know Rikers is where you go to die.They dont care there are countless documentaries. They dont care!

  8. If nuclear war happened there humanity would be gone along with lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 that be gone for good

  9. In my opinion we wouldn’t comment if we do not know facts of the case. Is a tragic dead for sure but Rikes Island is been out of control for a few years now.

    We should stop worrying about a single case and start talking about what we can do to prevente this kind acts on the future

    I haven’t been at rikes before, have you ?

  10. She was not a sweet person. If she were, she wouldn’t of even been in jail. She would not attack the cab driver.

  11. Well i guess the message and warning is if youre trans… Dont go to jail. Thanks for the warning.

  12. I am assuming inmates killed him/her inside the cell. Eitherway, this transgender shouldn't have put herself in the situation to be at Rikers. This is not at all like the case of Kalief Browder – where an innocent man was profiled by police. This was an armed convicted felon. Inmates probably used him as a girlfriend which is why he converted onto becoming a female. Sad story but Rikers is not liable for an unsafe environment amongst inmates. None of the correction officers care about the safety of the inmate population.

  13. First of all TO HELL with this PC talk, the government itself doesn't abide by this transgender BS, if it had they would have lock this dude with the female's if that's what he identifies with, But instead they lock his as up with his gender (MALE). So people stop falling for the BS Politically Correct talk because in practice they don't believe in transgender!

  14. If your sent to prison and not protected from dangerous felons that's inhuman should be cameras in every room monitored at all times. Guards don't offer no security to your well being only to keep you imprisoned everyone has a right to safety.

  15. What does a FULL investigation really mean? Why does everybody seem to go back to sleep when they say those old cliche phrases, like "Full Investigation". How about sending all Reicker's employees home for a year of uncompensated leave and staff temps until these "Full Investigations" are complete. I guanrantee employees will stop behaving so badly toward those who find themselves in those places. How can a "full investigation" be effective if the people they are investigating can stick around and cover up what happened?

  16. What a depressing comment section.

    Is the fact that she was trans really the most important thing here?

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