Trekking in Nepal: Jiri – Everest Base Camp – Gokyo Ri- Renjo La Pass-Lukla

Trekking in Nepal: Jiri – Everest Base Camp – Gokyo Ri- Renjo La Pass-Lukla

February 2018 Group of three Good morning we came here in Jiri yesterday nine hours by bus from Kathmandu and today we are supposed to start a trek to Lukla and Everest Base Camp energy from sugar tell the moods ahh..stomache crambs pakhala bayo we are just going to move…yeah moving forward loperamid power okay…basic set…basic set wow..they have fantastic kitchen here very nice Ilari, how its going? a bit tricky obviously angry horse Ellu does she lick your face? yes thank you, thank you this is unreal (Finnish so called rally english) Good morning. Today we are heading to the Lamjura La Pass it`s almost uphill all the way and there we..mmm after Lamjura La Pass we eat a little bit lunch and then we go down hill a lot of down hill to Junbesi 3700 meters a lot of meters ok..have a good day we are here in Lamjura La Pass a hard wind great view It`s fifth day we are just going to start a day we just ate a delicious breakfast and the trip continues does he looks like he`s going to step aside does he declaim to us now? yep…who is going to go first? can not get it? let`s go down..I think he`s gonna step aside soon eh…you think so? what a situation…a bull blocked the way..and haha..we don`t have other option than go another way how it`s going there? no problem oh oh what? nothing you have some bamboo behind your bum yep.. or something and now its on your backpack I see.. you are stuck in there your backpack is stuck there I know try to lift that tree huh…what a pack what? hi…what`s going on? quite nice good vibes..sun is shining..we have completed a Jiri trail now we have moved to official EBC route well..yesterday we completed this Jiri trail so now the nature of the trek is gonna change a bit Jiri trail was running unscrupulously over the mountains and then we descended down to the valley this repeated many times we done a good warm up for the end of the trek so we have already acclimated a bit and now we are gaining altitude little by little this may be highest bridge this far damn we just woke up in Namche Bazar it`s seven o`clock in the morning two of us are already wake is still sleeping weather is beautiful we are at 3440 meters now just a amazing place we came here five years ago and everything looks almost same here next time we`ll take with us at least my mom for sure… ..and probably mother-in-law we think that this trip is suitable also for pensioners ..and actually we want to recommend this trip to everybody it`s winter season now, prices are low and not much people here ..but for Finnish people the weather is very nice we came from there and we are going that way you can see Amadablam there on the background a moment ago we saw a little of Mount Everest..but we are behind the corner now..can`t see anymore yep two days ago we came to Namche Bazar ..and we spent a acclimate day there so we got used to this altitude without bigger problems everybody managed it ..maybe a little headache..or a little confusing ..delirium we have every day..just kidding ..probably a little bit stronger yep..we are coming from Namche and going to Tengpoche Tengpoche is over there..from Amadablam a little bit downward you can see the hill over there..there we go yep..and very average view too much people here and it`s too cold here in winter time yep yep hello horse hello.. yeah hi on the way from Tengpoche to Dingpoche there are a lot of beard moss on these trees it`s a sign of fresh air that makes me feel so happy soon we arrive to Dingpoche it has been a great day we are here in Dingpoche, at 4400 m we have spend acclimatization day here in the morning I didn’t`t felt so well when I woke up I vomited once and I had some diarrhea and headache aaah..Tuomas and Ilari visited quite high altitude to acclimatize more I fought my way up somewhat higher from this village and turned back downward weather is quite chill last night temperature was apparently something minus 18 c°outside inside probably not much warmer luckily we have very warm sleeping bags how are you? quite nice a bit headache It`s a little bit chill otherwise it`s fine how was your day? we climbed up there as high that I started to feel some pressure in my head and I felt a bit weak. Then we came back here and that`s it I guess we are here in Lobuche at 4900 m altitude and you can really feel it let`s see how is our night if we can continue to Gorak Shep and Everest Base Camp tomorrow hello on the right side there is Khumbu glacier it continues all the way to Tibetian border where you can almost see and over there, behind the corner is Everest Base Camp where climbers start to climb along Khumbu Icefall top of the Mount Everest and somewhere there, behind the mountains, is Tibet yep, here we are at the Lobuche Pass and we try to sleep last much as we got at the night, small hours, I had a huge headache and, well..I felt I will start to vomit when I went to toilet but then however, when I went back to sleep it started feel better in the morning some caffeine and ibuprofen ..and water and breakfast so now it`s again quite proper mood not much to add how did you sleep? I didn`t sleep Everest Base Camp!! hey weather is snowstorm..winter storm just hellish snow storm which is getting harder and harder we don`t know if we can find the route back there we can still see some people who are going out from here but, let`s see how to goes it here do we have to live all night by one snickers bar ..and wait for the morning. I don`t know when the storm will end Around us there are highest mountains of the world and great Khumbu glazier wow quite cool oh…avalanche avalanche wow we are going back to Gorak Shep we don`t know our plan for tomorrow yet weather will be as snowy tomorrow as today..probably what`s up? I was have to lighten up some snickers exhaust where are you coming from? where are you going? ööh…we are coming from Everest Base Camp ..and going to lodge yep..Gorap..Gorak Shep Happy birthday where are you coming from? mmm..from Gorak Shep we were there last night and at least my last night was horrible or actually two previous nights such a migraine like bad headache and very poor sleeping at night so…some altitude sickness symptoms became. Probably we need to go down at least some we changed our route plan a bit but did you went to Base Camp anyway? yes, we did even we didn’t see anything even we didn’t see anything okay..good to hear. All good we had a little palaver in this morning ..what we do if we wait for the clear weather and go to Kalapathar tomorrow or does we go down and then heading to Gokyo Ri we decided to leave and to go on soon we are supposed to arrive to Periche village and hopefully we will get good night after a long time Good morning Good morning is this Periche where we are now Periche, persiissä.. little by little we approach to edge of the glazier next lake ahead is Dudh Pokhari a holy lake we just arrived to Gokyo it was getting dark, a long day behind we came about one kilometer higher altitude and we got hot mango juices can you ask anything better? it was supposed to be an one hour ascend but we did it in three hours we have walked all day aijaih we are just climbing to the top of the Tokyo Ri amazing view and weather is awesome there is the top of the hill there are a handful of people there ..and Tuomas and Ilari yippee How are you? Quite nice How you feel? I´m bit tired, but happy Great Yippee..Gokyo Ri 5360 meters Amazing Some feelings? Where are we? Renro La Pass Renjo La Pass.. We came from Gokyo There is that lake in there..a little left three and half hour uphill..that`s it We are walking to down hill little by little Our trek is drawing to it`s end Around three days left My legs are feeling very light after that ascend just let go…both thoughts and legs.. We walked more than nine hours today from Gokyo here in Thame without lunch brake.. Feeling really exhausted. We just came to the lodge. Now…Namaste! we need to dress up some warm clothes and to order lunch and dinner huh…goog vibes Day 21. Three weeks behind. Trek is over The total duration 22 days Now we are going to Lukla airport and soon we take a flight to Kathmandu For me this was third time in Nepal and a very strong feeling, that this wasn’t last time..for sure Nepali people are something out of sight that kindness and fairness what is shining from them is very unique and the trek route passes from village to village that gives unique opportunity to observe nepalese culture from nearby We are flying from Lukla to Kathmandu Other passengers are horror stiff here They can`t take a video, so I must do this Some panicky movements there on back seat How are you? I´m quite fine Good.. Thank you Nepal

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  1. Ihana video, kiitos tästä! Mukavan rauhallinen, upeasti kuvattu ja nepalilaisia ja ympäristöä kunnioittava. Jospa vaikka ensi kaudella päätyisin tuonne tallailemaan.

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