ON THE WAY The biggest story to come out of the midterms
was not the actual results. It was the bombshell report that dropped after
all the votes were counted. And Americans were shocked to learn that the
GOP was a victim of this election fraud crime that has a scary connection to Hillary Clinton. The fake news media used alleged Russian “hacks”
of the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to claim the
2016 election wasn’t on the level and that Donald Trump was an illegitimate President. Now the shoe is on the other foot. The National Republican Congressional Committee
(NRCC) revealed that four top officials’ email accounts were hacked and thousands of
sensitive emails were stolen by “an outside intruder.” Politico exclusively reports: The intrusion was detected in April by an
NRCC vendor, who alerted the committee and its cybersecurity contractor. An internal investigation was initiated, and
the FBI was alerted to the attack, said the officials, who requested anonymity to discuss
the incident. Politico also notes that the NRCC did not
inform the three top Republicans in the House –Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin
McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise – about the hack because they thought making the intrusion
would compromise the effort to identify the hacker – whom they believe to be a foreign
actor. Republicans now wonder if this hack affected
the election. Top officials’ email accounts were compromised. Those email accounts likely included sensitive
polling data and strategy plans. Did this hacker – whom they believe to be
an enemy agent of a foreign government – collude with the Democrats by secretly sharing this
information? Races across the country could have been tainted
by this cyber attack. Critics believe this collusion is likely to
have taken place because these emails were never made public. WikiLeaks release of emails obtained from
the Democrats was used to publicly embarrass the party for rigging the 2016 primary against
Bernie Sanders. But the fact that these hackers did not make
their intrusion known suggests they obtained the information for more clandestine reasons. And it could very well be that the emails
were shared with the GOP’s political opponents in order to hurt their candidates. There is another disturbing aspect of this
story. The NRCC hired Crowdstrike – the controversial
firm many Trump supporters believe fabricated a report claiming the Russians hacked the
Democrat National Committee’s email servers – to provide cyber security. They paid Crowdstrike $120,000 in 2017 to
defend against hackers. But not only did Crowdstrike not defend against
the cyber attack, they didn’t even detect it. Another vendor alerted the NRCC to the intrusion. This raised disturbing questions about Crowdstrike’s
conduct. Critics wondered if they were just asleep
at the switch or worse. A former Democrat information security professional
told the Daily Caller that he “hates” Crowdstrike. He also blasted the NRCC for hiring them due
to their past “incompetence.” “Apparently the NRCC didn’t pay attention
to security hygiene for their senior staff,” the source told the Daily Caller. “This is a continuous problem for senior
political staff that think that they’re too senior to have to need good security practices;
they’re not technical enough to follow thru with good security practices; or that it’s
too much of a hassle to commit to good security practices.” Despite news of this hack, so-called “mainstream”
media figures did not call the election tainted or the results illegitimate. Their partisan hypocrisy shows that the outrage
over the alleged hacks in 2016 had nothing to do with maintaining faith in democracy—and
everything to do with the fact that Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton lost. We will keep you up to date on any new developments
in this ongoing story.

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