Trump Says Mueller Shouldn’t Testify, as Cohen Goes to Prison: A Closer Look

Trump Says Mueller Shouldn’t Testify, as Cohen Goes to Prison: A Closer Look

-As President Trump’s ex-lawyer
was headed to jail, Trump got definitive,
ironclad proof that he did not collude
with Russia from the president of Russia. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -After Special Counsel
Robert Mueller spent two years putting together
a 400-page report documenting President Trump’s
various links to Russian President
Vladimir Putin, Trump decided that Friday,
as he was in the middle of staging an unprecedented
stand-off with Congress over his administration’s
handling of that report, was the perfect time
to brag about his close relationship
with Vladimir Putin. -I had a very good talk
with President Putin, probably over an hour. And we talked about many things. -Mr. President, did you address
the election meddling issues that came up in the Mueller
Report with Mr. Putin today? -We discussed that. He actually sort of smiled when he said
something to the effect that it started off
as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse. But he knew that,
because he knew there was no collusion
whatsoever. -And I’m sorry.
Can we go back to this? -We discussed that. He actually sort of smiled… -How did you know
he was smiling? Did you — [ Laughter ] Did you try to call him
and accidentally hit the FaceTime button, Grandpa?
[ Laughter ] Putin doesn’t seem like the
kind of guy who would FaceTime unless he’s beaming into
the U.N. on a giant screen demanding a billion dollars
or he’ll kill James Bond. [ Laughter and applause ] But I would definitely
believe — I would definitely believe Putin
was smiling when they talked. 99% of the time
he looks like this. Though when he sees Trump,
he lights up like he just heard there was a sale on poison. [ Laughter and applause ] Now given that Trump and his
Attorney General William Barr have repeatedly lied about
the Mueller Report, Democrats in the House have
asked for Mueller himself to come testify. And on Sunday,
one Democrat said they’d reached a tentative date of May 15th
for Mueller to testify. So naturally Trump freaked out
on Twitter. -“After spending
more than $35 million over a two-year period
interviewing 500 people, using 18 Trump-hating angry
Democrats and 49 FBI agents, all culminating in a more than
400-page report showing no collusion, why would
the Democrats in Congress now need Robert Mueller
to testify? Are they looking for a redo
because they hated seeing the strong “no collusion”
conclusion? There was no crime except
on the other side, incredibly not covered
in the report, and no obstruction. Bob Mueller should not
testify. No redos for the Dems.” -Okay, first of all,
“no redos”? How is it that Trump always
seems to be 100 years old and seven years old
at the same time? [ Laughter ]
Watches Fox News, 100. Thinks trucks are rad, seven. [ Laughter ] Thinks Robert E. Lee
is rad, 100. Likes McDonald’s, seven.
[ Laughter ] Second, I thought you said — [ Applause ] I thought you said Mueller
exonerated you? Why don’t you want him
to testify? “I’m afraid he’ll make me look
too innocent. I have to maintain some of
my criminal mystique.” [ Laughter ] It really doesn’t help your case when you tell the cops
you have an alibi, but they can’t talk to anyone
who can verify it. “Oh, Brad can tell you. I was
bowling during the robbery. But whatever you do,
don’t talk to Brad!” [ Laughter ] But we need to hear
from Mueller himself because Trump and his Attorney
General have spent weeks lying about what Mueller wrote
in his report. You might remember the report
concluded basically what any rational person
who has spent the last two years paying attention to the news
expected it might say. That even though there was
no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign
and Russia, there were numerous links
between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, and the campaign expected
it would benefit electorally from information stolen
and released through Russian efforts. So the Trump campaign was
specifically informed over and over again that Russia
was trying to help them win the election by offering
dirt on Hillary Clinton. And over and over again,
the Trump campaign invited and welcomed that help. Most people, if you offered them
a free TV and said, “I stole this from Best Buy,”
they’d say, “I don’t want that and I’m calling the cops,”
but if you offered it to Trump, he’d mount it on his wall with
a plaque under it that said, “Free TV stolen from Best Buy.”
[ Laughter ] You might also remember
that when Barr issued his infamous four-page
summary of Mueller’s report in March, he left out
all that information and all the evidence
Mueller had gathered on obstruction of justice. So Mueller,
who never speaks publicly, took the extraordinary step
of writing to Barr to complain to him that Barr’s
letter exonerating Trump “did not fully capture
the context, nature, and substance of this office’s
working conclusions.” Context, nature, and substance.
So basically, everything. Barr even got the author’s
name wrong. [ Laughter ] In fact, Mueller’s report
listed 10 separate times Trump may have
obstructed justice during the investigation. Now, one of those 10 instances
involves Trump’s former White House Counsel
Don McGahn. McGahn told Mueller that Trump
had ordered him twice to fire Mueller. He was so concerned about it, he then told
Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and even used some
colorful language. -According the report,
President Trump ordered former White House Counsel
Don McGahn to have Mueller fired. The President called McGahn
at home and directed him to call the acting Attorney
General, Rod Rosenstein, and say that the Special Counsel
had conflicts of interest and must be removed. -It’s also the colorful
reporting from this report where Don McGahn says
to Reince Priebus, which is the third witness
to this incident, “The President asked me
to do some crazy [bleep].” -It doesn’t surprise me
that Trump would tell his aides to do crazy [bleep] to interfere
in an investigation. He probably tells
them to do crazy [bleep] just to pass the time.
[ Laughter ] “Rudy, do that thing
where you pull the skin all the way back behind
your head. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Thank you, Rudy.
[ Laughter and applause ] You’ve cheered me up.”
[ Cheering ] So Democrats want McGahn
to testify in public. Now, he’s already testified
to Mueller. And Trump and Barr
have both claimed that the report
exonerates Trump. So you’d think
they’d have no problem with McGahn speaking publicly. And yet on Friday,
Trump said he might invoke executive privilege
to stop McGahn from testifying to Congress. -Mr. President, did you decide
whether you will invoke executive privilege as it
relates to Don McGahn? -That’ll all be determined
over the next week or so. -But you said it was done. -But, you know,
I will say this, there’s been no President
in history that has given
what I’ve given in terms of looking at just
a total witch hunt. I let him interview the lawyer, the White House lawyer
for 30 hours. Think of that, 30 hours. -Yeah, but do you understand
how bad that sounds for you? If your friend went to therapy,
and you said, “How was it?” and they said, “I was there
for 30 hours,” you’d be like, “Damn, you must be dealing
with some crazy [bleep].” [ Laughter ] Now, all of this
was happening — [ Cheers and applause ] All of this was happening
as Trump’s former lawyer and personal fixer,
Michael Cohen, was preparing to report to jail
in part for a crime involving the President. And in a press conference before
he reported to prison today, Cohen hinted that there was
even more to come. -I hope that when I rejoin
my family and friends, that the country will be
in a place without xenophobia, injustice, and lies
at the helm of our country. There still remains
much to be told. And I look forward to the day
that I can share the truth. -Wait, there’s more?
[ Laughter ] Well, tell us. You can’t just hint
at something like that and then peace out
for three years. [ Laughter ] It’s like if you’re about
to go under for surgery and your doctor leans over
and says, “Okay, we’re just going to take
out your appendix and then maybe, uh,
some other stuff. [ Laughter ] You’ll just find out what
when you wake up.” [ Laughter ] Cohen keeps dropping hints like
this at his hearing in February where he named Trump
as the individual who directed the illegal hush money scheme
to cover up the affair with Stormy Daniels. Cohen hinted that the President
had broken even more laws that we’re not aware of. -Is there any other wrongdoing
or illegal act that you are aware of
regarding Donald Trump that we haven’t yet
discussed today? -Yes.
-What? [ Laughter ] How do you leave something like
that just hanging out there? It’s like if you’re at a party
playing “Never Have I Ever” and someone goes,
“Never have I ever… fallen into a toilet and gotten
stuck there for 30 days, surviving only on toilet water until a friend found me
and called 9-1-1 and they had to lift me out
of the building on a crane while I was still stuck
in the toilet and take me to the hospital, where the toilet was surgically
removed from my butt.” And then one guy just quietly
takes a sip of his beer and goes, “Okay, who’s next?” [ Laughter ] Seriously, can someone — [ Cheers and applause ] Can someone maybe
go find Cohen and, you know, ask him
a follow-up question? We all know where he is.
Before he went to prison, he was spotted in Manhattan
all the time. And on Saturday, cameras
were literally following him down the street paparazzi-style. I mean, look at this. This guy has more paparazzi
following him than I do. One time,
a single photographer followed me for 45 minutes. When I asked him to stop,
he said, “Oh, sorry, I thought you were the guy
from ‘The Office.'” [ Laughter and applause ] So Trump’s ex-fixer
reported to jail today. And on top of that, we have
more than 400 pages of evidence in which it’s clear
that the President’s campaign benefited from
a criminal conspiracy to steal information
during the 2016 election, and then repeatedly
lied about it and tried to stop
the investigation of it. We need Mueller and McGahn
to testify, and we need Congress
to do its job. Otherwise, Trump will have
at least two more years to indulge in his
favorite activity — -Crazy [bleep].
[ Laughter ] -This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. This will probably end with Mueller testifying. But the testimony will probably so technical and convoluted that a yes or no answer about all of Trump's crimes will be inconclusive. And in the end Trump will walk free. And aside from the house having made an attempt to protect and defend the foundations of American Democracy, the whole never ending constant run-up to Muller testifying will have been a disappointing much ado about nothing.

  2. Obfuscate, ignore Russian hacking, ignore that your not talking about or doing anything about future Russian hacking. Why don’t you want Mueller to testify Mr El Macho El Chumpo. Why r u stonewalling when Congress job is oversight? As long as you and your team of liars can get free media time to spread more lies and spin and egobuilding!

  3. Oh look. More from the "all Trump, all the time" channel. This president is Meyer's personal lottery. When the Trump era ends, we'll find him, toothless, detailing wheels at the local Soapy Joe's.

  4. WTF does tRump mean by saying he let them testify for 30hrs? How does he get to decide the length of an investigation anyway? Worse than Nixon


    With the Barr-Meuller report hearings at an impasse…celebrated NYC news anchor Ernie Anastos dispatched to Washington DC to “PLUCK” that chicken.

  6. There is no Justice in this country. Just racist rich a holes fucking everyone. All we are told even as kids are lies. We live in a country stolen from natives that we killed and got rich on the backs of slaves.

  7. If you are paying attention to Trump and his gaffes and controversies, and not paying attention to his raping of the middle class for the benefit of his wealthy associates, then he is doing his job. All the noise surrounding this investigation drowns out the sound of billions of dollars rushing out of the pockets of the American public and into the hands of the super rich. Just like Bush, a capering clown shouting "look at me!" while behind the scenes…

  8. Just think, out there is enough people who like what Trump is doing to cast a vote for him, defend and support him…..bogles my mind.

  9. Seriously does anyone really know what the hell is going on anymore? Impeach him. Impeach him. Impeach him already. What's it going to take? Him taking an actual giant sized dump on the actual 229 year old Constitution of the United States? 😠

  10. Trump is simply giving America the middle finger, while laughing his a$$ off. Because Trump, like most of America know President Obama wouldn't get away with what he has gotten away with. Which is a win win for Trump.

  11. $35,000,000? Hell, they spent $75,000,000 on Clinton, only to find he lied about a BJ and affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, who initiated the affair!

  12. Sadly only 10% of the population has read the Mueller Report. After reading the Mueller Report it is very clear that Individual-1 and his mob family is guilty.

  13. Opinion | It seems very, very suspicious that DJTS would be afraid & state that Muller should not testify in court. It's clearly transparent that Muller had the dirt to take DJTS out of office permanently.

  14. If a 400 page report was written about me that proves I am innocent, I would insist that MUELLER testifies on my behalf….. Correct? What idiot would not? GUILTY TRUMP! REPUBLICANS ARE JUST AS GUILTY FOR ALLOWING ALL OF THESE CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA!!!

  15. How stupid (stupedier) can you get. You know when the other person on the other side of the phone is laughing. Trying to make fun, you are good to represent a a clown to make people laugh o en if it’s not a joke. Stupid!!!!!!!!!

  16. Y'all a bunch of brainwashed clueless dumb ass's, if anyone goes to jail it'll be hilary or anyone having to do with Obama's administration

  17. I always feel sorry for the head of state sitting beside Drumpf while he’s embarrassing himself about something that has nothing to do with the reason he’s sitting beside the head of state he’s sitting beside…

  18. Seth Whatever should prove he’s not a hack by having ONE SHOW without mentioning Trump
    Nice claughter, ugh

  19. WTF is going on with Seth’s face? Eyes and mouth sloping down, eyebrows and cheekbones sloping up? Weird face.

  20. Ugh. This from the man who demonized Obama as a Kenyan Muslim and was a birther.
    "No president, has ever come under the same scrutiny as me." Yeah. Ok.

  21. How is it even right for the President to be discussing this with the Russian President? We have a bunch of Russians indicted in the report and yet out president talks about it with him in such an off-hand manner? Does Russia even discuss anything with US?

  22. It is all too apparent now that Trump had no right to play the executive on "The Apprentice",he should have been the permanent host of "America's Biggest Loser",his billion dollar loss over ten years proves that his success was in losing a big portion of his tax-cheating father's money,fortunately there was enough left for Donald to live the lie of being a "master deal maker".This criminal needs to exposed for his more recent business stupidity,every patriot should demand transparency in the business affairs of the leader of the free world.

  23. April 27, 2011 That's when Obama finally showed his birth certificate.
    People were asking for them in 2008 and took years to get it.

    Because he refused to show it. Many conspiracies were created that he was working for Muslims, and for other interests.
    Sound familiar?

  24. Meyers is a political bigot.He has also committed treason.By putting forth a narrative that the president has committed treason which is a lie.And he has continued it for a long time.Thats the crime.prison for life.

  25. He says he let him go. It wasn't his place to say.
    He didn't even know, I'll bet, McGahn testified at all.
    Now that he knows, he's p.o.'d. As usual.

  26. This President should be impeached.To all of the idiots that are comparing the Clinton experience with a potential Trump impeachment,please stop,you know nothing.Trump is the most unpopular person in modern times to hold the Presidency.His base is as charged as it can be (his fantasy of being "the Deal-maker",is crumbling with the release of 10 years of tax forms and over a billion dollar loss,much more will be known by next year) the more horrible facts that are bound to be released will not expand his support,his 39% will be further eroded.But the most important reason to impeach will be the vote in the Senate,remember 23 repub.senators are facing re-election in 2020.Each of those senators need to stand before the nation and declare that they support such an unfit person to hold the nation's highest office.Then the voters in each senatorial race will be able to show their disapproval and send a Dem. to Washington,it will be a very real opportunity to take back the Senate!Trump will never have the empathy of the public that a very popular Bill Clinton had,the crimes of each man are on two very different levels,I am convinced that when a vote to convict happens in the Senate,the repubs. will have to consider each of their own fates,the monolith will not stand!

  27. There was no collusion. Got it. The question was, did you speak about election meddling? Not did you collude.

  28. Cohen saying there's more, I say bring it on. Or, as Frasier Crane once said, "Yes, but if 'less is more' just think how much more MORE would be".

  29. Here's some video of the people Rep. Omar compared our soldiers to. Share it with your 20-something writers, Seth.

  30. SERIOUS question – if an ex-POTUS ends up in jail, does (s)he still get Secret Service protection? Just askin'.

  31. Trump didn't NEED to collude with Russia – they were happy to do it all without even being asked.

  32. Why is it every time he uses the words there is no collusion stop using that word no collusion

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  34. "The structure of Fascism is characterize by metaphysical thinking, unorthodox faith, obsession with abstract ethical ideas, and belief in the divine predestination of the führur. These basic features are linked with a deeper layer, which is characterized by a strong authoritarian tie to the führur-ideal or the nation" [The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Wilhelm Reich, 1946, Ch.3]
    Proving collusion will only mean a justification for civil violence from the "biker and cops" who identify Trump as "the nation" as much as "the führur". Nationalists do not organize to abide by the law, or to maintain the status quo, they only organize for seditious campaigns of corruption and mayhem. Know your enemy.

  35. If I was Mueller, I would have already called a news conference, released the Mueller report in full to the reporters and volunteered to testify before congress.

  36. Does Blondie really believe even his greatest fans enjoy hearing about his conversations praising Putin. I’ll admit he’s always disgusted me, but I can’t believe his supporters enjoy hearing him kiss that despots ass. Just curious about something I’ve never heard discussed in the media.

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    It's literally the definition of insanity.

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    I know I’m approaching that age pretty fast !🤣
    On a side note, here’s something that never fails to amaze me (even at the risk of stating the obvious) : how the author about whom so little is known could come up with an appropriate quote for almost every situation in life!

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