Trump Throws Clintons Under Bus

Trump Throws Clintons Under Bus


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  1. I used to watch TYT becuase they weren't biased. It's obvious you're democrat/left biased now. (And I'm a liberal, green, Democratic socialist.) No offense, it's not a far stretch to think that they and their family had him offed to protect themselves. That also goes for Trump or any other high level politician who was in on his disgusting habits. Stop trying to make it seem like it's not even possible that some politician (including the Clintons) had Epstein offed.

  2. Of course he intentionally done it, Trump is deflecting and gaslighting now, Trump and William Barr has the most to lose, Trump and Jeffrey Epstein raped a 13 year old girl if Epstein confess to that and said that Trump was involved that will destroy Trump Epstein also did favors for bars Daddy because bars Daddy did favors for him and William Barr can easily get access and call connections to do the dirty deed, I truly believe that Donald Trump had Epstein murdered so the world wouldn't find out that this man truly is a pedophile rapist when this fat fuck dies I hope he goes into a very very special place in hell

  3. Bill Clinton's people cut the face off the journalist investigating his 15 year old baby mamas and dropped him out of an airplane, over a forest.
    The guy that character assassinated those girls, which incited investigations, was Hillary's Father's best war buddy.
    The people that assassinated Epstein were paid off by the same Neo Conservative backers that went from Cheney to Hillary Clinton after she lost to Obama the second time.
    Now, she definitely signed off on the character assassinations because that man didn't like Bill at all but if you think she didn't sign off on letting Epstein 'commit suicide', you are being naive.

  4. Bill and Hillary are machiavellian villians. Come on john, where there is smoke there is fire. Unless it is a smoke machine.

  5. Trump not only dislike's Clinton's he doesn't like any one especially Obama, not forgetting the Mexicans and Chinese and the others too, but liked Jeffrey Epsteins sex party's…

  6. Haha… Wasn't he just complaining about Obama saying appropriate things that reflected poorly on (but didn't name) him after a mass shooting? But accusing other politicians of murder is okay? 😂

    Anyway… "We came, we saw, he died! *insert cackle*" I put nothing past the Clintons (or any other sociopaaa…eh-hem…politician.)

  7. Let me save you some time. Just label every headline “The Trumps says something that should shock you, but since their rhetoric has become the norm, no one cares, even tho they should”

  8. Trump throws Clinton's under the bus to cover his Own dirt! He always tells on himself, he blames others when he himself is guilty, his Mother Dropped him on his Head!!!


  10. We would not of heard anything from Trump if people looked at this Sick thing History, on how he talks and treats people.Counting the days he is out.

  11. Trump is just reflecting from himself. Trump is and will always be the only one could have Epstein murdered.This is the truth even if his supporters are to dumb to understand it.

  12. Most everyone knows the Trump family are a bunch of babbling bullshitters I laugh at them the way the rest of the world does

  13. What if, what if.
    The point is that there are grounds for this.
    Why don't u sound upset that a president would do such immoral acts like Clinton

  14. The right is theorizing that the left murdered people like him. Yet Moskow Mitch and Moskow Bitch has murdered 45k Americans and decided they want to murder the US by allowing Russia to attack the polls, facts over theory, time for the actual communists/fascists to leave Congress for good, that aswell as they need to be extinct.

  15. All bullshit. All talk. Remember the day after trump got SELECTED by the NWO?? He made a complete turnaround and started kissing hellarys ass. Saying we owe her a debt of gratitude and calling the evil clintons "good people"?? The Bible says,"woe to those who call evil good and good evil." They are ALL in cahoots. ALL SELECTED BY THE NWO.

  16. Hate trump and I agree 98% with you i doubt they killed this monster buuuut the are KILLERS cold blood, they took million decisions like trump that killed and kill thousands of human beings.

    Trump,Clinton's =money and power killers

  17. Trump appeals to pedophiles, registered sex offenders, low IQ trailer trash and zoophiles, of which Republicans partake ten times more than the general trailer park population. 😂


  19. Everything coming out of trump’s mouth is the equivalent of oral excrement, which arouses his supporters in the same way that wet, smelly, hairy dog genitalia excites zoophiles.

  20. Trump is already setting up his argument just in case something turns up that could damage his credibility? Lmfao this fucking POS president will stop at nothing.

  21. Y’all blind as hell. Of course they called it and had it done. The Clinton’s are murders look at the 90s

  22. Well we know clinton did ride the lolita expess 27 times. Its on the manifest. Not saying he did it but Clinton did have a lot to gain but he wasnt the only political connected to Epstein.

  23. Once again, on twitter of course, tRUMP shares with us invaluable pearls of wisdom and truth. His unique insights on the state of the human condition are priceless. Without him, America would be lost. tRUMP is too good for America. America doesn't deserve him.

  24. Of course….who would have thought.trump wouldn't lie to protect himself? It's not like he hasn't done it before?

  25. If my father had done all this terrible things including (sexual predator,sexual rape,racism,xenophobia,homophobia,treason,conspiracy,obstruction,fraud,money laundering,misogyny and countless other disgraceful unmentionable things ) it would not support him,enable and cover for him but of course it is all about the money you want when he dies,sick.

  26. The Trumps want to be bumped off, so they are blaming “The Clinton’s”. Russia or the Saudia’s will take down the Trumps.They want it to look like the Clintons did it.

  27. Nice to know that Hillary lives rent free 24/7 in that demented, sick little brain. Trump literally cannot go a full day without talking about the Clintons or just Hillary in general.

  28. I hate trump. But have you researched the Clinton body count. Shame on you. Boys on the railway lines. Do some research.

  29. I hate to say it, but Brooke is a fucking idiot……I'm sorry, I have tried and tried to really tolerate her, but the very ignorant, shallow, clueless things she says gets me mad triggered. She is a classic case of Beauty over brains.

  30. Hmmm, my first visit to this 'Platonic Cave' & I'm impressed.
    Some of you guys know what scumbags the Clintons are & some
    of the things that they have done.

    Though the reason that it is clearly dodgy that when Clinton body count
    had been trending as the top retweet tally, it SUDDENLY VANISHED & was
    replaced by Trump body count. So not only is that DODGY AF in of itself
    but, the internet meme of Clinton body count has been going for longer than
    the term meme has even existed.
    Clinton body count, as a thing, began back in the 90's when Vince Foster became
    the most high profile figure in the Clinton circle to die in suspicious circumstances.
    Because there were already others on the, as then, short list of bizarre deaths, a list
    which has only grown & grown since.

    Basically, even Damien Thorne has less weird deaths around him than the Clintons.
    [Damien Thorne is the antichrist in the old Omen movies, fyi for young readers]

    Now, by contrast, Trump body count was made up by the 'so called' RESISTANCE.
    Much like Trump never having been called racist, before he decided to run for POTUS
    Trump body count didn't exist until the Left lost it's mind.

  31. Trump always tries to shift the blame on what he has done. He is trying to blame Clinton for something he have done. Trump makes shit up as he goes along. He had Epstein killed and he knows it and that's why he came out with the blame game.

  32. Accusing someone of murder is a bit over the top for any figure in the public eye.
    But Rump has no boundaries, no class, no friends, just people around him he is currently using before he throws them away.

  33. They provably were in it together and once Trump was safe he just backstabed them as he usually does to everyone



  35. Robert Mercer funded Steve Bannon with Clinton book and brietbart and funded Trump campaign that put Bannon and Kelly Ann in white house.

  36. Vince Foster ? Seth Rich ?? Kathleen Wiley's husband ??? However even by Donald Trump's standards that's some pretty gavone ass shit to say, and he does it all publicly on internet social media at that.

  37. Oh no never trump it Always somebody else never him . This guy is the kind of guy that would throw his own family under the bus to look like he a saint. And smile about it. This is what money and greed look like.

  38. Once again hes deflecting the news trump had more to lose than anyone in this case why did he get w barr to see him 2 days before the so called killed himself!!!!!

  39. Bawhahahah——–those piece of dog shit live under the bus. clintons are beyond twisted sick people. How could he not say anything about it if he is human. Why does anybody even care. Damn sure did not care about it when it was called pizza gate and hilary was running. Same people, different time people its not that hard to figure out. Funny how all these people could come running, pretending to suddenly care about a child when they thought they could drag Trump into the mess. I mean and I'm just calling it as it is.

  40. SO GET THIS. The one guy that Donald Trump has that can put the Clinton's away, somehow, left him unattended. LOL Donald let the golden ticket kill himself. I honestly think the Trump's and the Clinton's are pals. You would have to be after this murder.

  41. It's about a president told the truth
    Trump is right . Clinton I smoked weed but didn't inhale it ..No I didn't have sexual relationships with that woman because I didn't know a blow job was sexual . Look you fuckimg idiots look up vince foster etc etc etc etc the list is endless and it's clowns like you not reporting it is why it continues .. your talking shite the public know the truth we know your lying but we know trump is telling the truth . Oh by the way I'm not a fan of trump but truth is truth full stop

  42. Dumb ass 🇺🇸 right now if Hilary was president.Be either WW3 or total economic crash then NWO.
    Clinton's= Trilateral Commission
    Bush's = Skull & Bones
    Obama= Bliderbergers
    All illuminati groups and u blindly followed them.Just because u have college degrees dont make u smart.

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