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  1. This is a total shame. The neighbors, family doctors from prior visits the church pastor some one should of caught something! The fact is that the children are safe now and will take time to heal. The children everywhere need to be better protected. I hope that they pass a new law protecting children better like this. Where there are more checks. There are child clearance requirements for clergy, doctors and any one working with children to mandate to report. Home school children should still by law be evaluated check ups even if just visual safety check if immunizations are against family belief and states check education standards as a quartly exam.just as our schools have as standardized testing and quarterly grading.
    This law should be named for the kids in some way. I'd say code 13 for the kids , not the last name of the family to give any of the family and recognition.

  2. So the adult captives are saved by the state and are now again captives, being confined and under constant surveillance. Are they trying to keep 7 adults from talking? Neighbors say the teen kids were driving to and from their home, why would these adults not be free to go where ever they want. Including the family home. Well, the state already sold the healthy family dogs, so they'll sell the house and pocket the cash from that, and at big $$$$ for each kid in state custody= California is paying off some debt with this scheme, and they're pushing the no homeschooling agenda.

  3. the thin blond woman next to the sister is a reporter from the Dr. Oz show. These ladies visited both Louise and David in Jail last month!

  4. why did the womans sister even turn up for a 5 minute hearing ? she won't be saying " jack " without payment , you watch , I'll bet there will be a big interview in the future and she'll be cashing in . I can see it all now in my crystal ball.

  5. The aunt what a joke, try’s make it out Louis is crazy when she could’ve helped while staying there years ago. Anyone would’ve been to embarrassed to admit being related not parade themselves on TV for money. Should check up on there parenting skills.

  6. Give the dad a buzz cut that will hurt him deeply you can tell he loves his hair I hope they keep the kids away from all the family there crazy

  7. Why is there even BOND when there are charges for each child…. THIRTEEN to be exact?!?! Is it bcuz there are no fatalities which possibly LESSENS the charges??? Please help me understand this!!!!!! To be honest, as far as I'm concerned, the time that those children have had stolen from them and can't get back, is indeed a FATALITY!!!!!

  8. They should put theses people in prison with out any food or water for the rest of their life and TORTURE the f*** out of them JUST like they did to these poor children so sad 😢💔


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