Tyler Perry Saves Carnival Dream Passengers Held Hostage In a Mexican Hospital

Tyler Perry Saves Carnival Dream Passengers Held Hostage In a Mexican Hospital

herewith traveling with Bruce I’ve got a
video today about a couple on board the Carnival dream it went from a nightmare
cruise to a happy ending thankfully by the way thank you for subscribing to my
channel everybody giving my videos thumbs ups and also helping me with my
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earns a finder’s fee here’s a story about a young couple from Atlanta 31
year old Stephen Johnson and his fiancee Tori Tori Austin they were going on a
Mexican cruise on the Carnival dream cruise ship all was well enjoying
everything on board when all of a sudden Stephen collapsed he went down to the
medical center was not feeling well and it turns out he was in rough shape
apparently suffering from diabetes tank creati Kotak he was really in trouble
the doctors so stabilized him as quickly as they could on board the ship the good
news was at the next morning the ship was going to be in progress Oh in Mexico
and they were able to transfer him to an ambulance and get him to a hospital in
progress oh where they took care of him and stabilized him and he’s gonna be all
right that’s the good news the bad news is when they were attempting to leave
the hospital the hospital presented them with the bill and well shock of shocks
the couple did not have travel or medical insurance unfortunately and when
they were given the bill it was $14,000 and the hospital insisted on being paid
before they left the premises and the couple didn’t have 14,000 available they
could get 7,000 together and offered thousand dollar-a-month installments
back from Atlanta but the hospital said no way we want to be paid before you go
and so they were in effect being held hostage by the hospital they would not
let them leave the premises well this story got out to the media in the US
crowdfunding campaign was started but it wasn’t going very far and then the story
hit the Good Morning America show and Tyler Perry saw the story fellow Atlanta
he was moved by what was happening here and he stepped in contact that
local TV station where he saw the story and he has arranged to make the entire
payment on behalf of mr. Steven Johnson all 14,000 and he’s offering to get them
home with an airplane wonderful ending to the story I don’t know if the couple
have made arrangements with him or not but those are details that will be
worked out later number one thing is get him out of there get him back home and
that’s exactly what’s gonna happen so the carnival dream cruise ship a holiday
went from great to bad back to great and good news as Steven Johnson is a whole
lot better and he’s gonna be home in Atlanta very shortly and Thank You Tyler
Perry for stepping and what a wonderful story thanks for joining everybody we’ll
talk to you later bye for now

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  1. wow, nice guy. Lesson, never travel without medical coverage. Although if his Diabetes was not stable at the date of travel, he would not have been covered for that condition though.

  2. Went you are traveling you should make sure you have insurance because you don't know what would happen and you trip God was and there side

  3. I'm glad this had a happy ending. But it just goes to show you no one ever thinks they need travel insurance until they do. No one should travel outside of the US without it.

  4. What three Trump supporting MAGA gave this video thumbs down. Thanks to divisive misleading Foxnews and conservative HateRadio, Too many Americans has simply became too fucking evil & ignorant

  5. If the current president of the United States wasn't a POS useful Russian asset Idiot, he would've instructed Mexico to release those hostage held Americans, but because those hostage held Americans are not famously know like ASAP-ROCKY, Trump didn't bother to intervene because he probably figured he wouldn't get any recognition for assisting the non famous everyday American & every news outlet in America will not point out the hypocrisy nor criticize Trump for playing favoritism with one American over the next because Trump claims to be a Republican and every single newsroom in America is run & operated by a Republican white man.

  6. Do you actually believe if a native Mexican of that country got treated for diabetes at that same Hospital, they would receive a $14,000.00 Bill???? HELL FUCKING NO,,, The bill was that high because that Mexican Hospital realized it could get away with the same Bull-shit Hospitals do in America by ripping off and raping an individual in need of medical assistance.

  7. Tyler Perry sounds like a fabulous guy.. I have heard lots of reports about him and what he has done I have never heard one small thing in a negative way.! he is absolutely fantastic love his movies have seen everyone of them.. I think he is very unappreciated by the movie industry hopefully he gets great reviews for what he's done …

  8. No one can afford the charges those doctors and hospitals charge. I bashed my foot on a jet ski 10 years ago and they charged me $205. For Ice!

  9. I was on the Carnival Magic once and there were 4 medical emergencies. 3 Life Flights and the cruise turned around and went back to Puerto Rico after an hour at sea. There was a large group cruise on the ship. They were all wearing Orange shirts…

  10. Hate the title "Held hostage in a Mexican Hospital". If you're stupid enough to not buy travel insurance and you can't pay your bill in a non-US hospital…..then DON'T TRAVEL. Stay home.

  11. This doesn’t surprise me as I’ve heard many nice things about Tyler Perry. He’s one of the few in Hollywood that I’d like to meet one day😊

  12. Click this link to see the latest cruise ship news https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpn02RTENjPEELLE6e8cu9Y-oJZg9XsCA

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