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  1. I despise Van Jones. He is a card carrying Communist and has bashed Trump over and over previously. He's still Obama's butt buddy and is up with the NWO. Keep this piece of slimy dog💩 away from any negotiations whatsoever. He is still reporting to Obama and sucking him off

  2. 8 years nothing? (Shots 🔥 at Obama), doing the same thing over and over again is pure insanity? Have van Jones seen the light? Will he get get fired? Will he have a scandal? We shall see.

  3. Doesn’t he tell everyone he is married to a white woman💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

  4. Funny how the crooked media didn’t show up this week at the White House Dec 2018 to report what President Trump did for low income communities nationwide .

  5. Jones says he is for: immigrant rights, trans rights, civil rights and prison reform. Guess what so is Trump. Trump is against illegal immigrant rights though, like most normal people. Jones is also having a hard time being against Trump's initiative to bring private industry to poverty stricken urban areas. Maybe Jones can be objective, and maybe he can dislodge himself from the 'racist' bullshit.

  6. Look how they almost have to get permission or approval to support what THEY feel is good or right. No one asked Democrats to chose Trump for a spouse or something. Once someone is voted in as president, genuine people will support right and whatever will HELP their people. Duh! Democrats and CNN will not let that happen and in that sense they actually GET IN THE WAY OF HELPING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ON MANY MANY MANY ISSUES! They can do this because they are all rich and living in gated communities or safe communities with fat paychecks and power while the poor people they support HAVE TO WAIT THIS OUT!!! The question I have to ask is why is he even having to answer why he is meeting with the president for goodness sakes.

  7. Watch out now Van Jones. Those political dynasties on the left that have felt the right to the black and Latino vote might turn on you. Hope it does pan out though in all seriousness. I applaud the effort to get something done you believe in.

  8. People think Trump has thin skin but it's all an act. Most of what he does is an act and is done to set up negotiations.

    If someone is left leaning on a topic and you fall in the center, where do you start you position? In the center? No, you start it to the right so hopefully you end up in the center.

  9. Milton Friedman once said, "It's not always about getting the right people in office, often it's about getting the wrong people to do the right thing."

  10. But, but, but I thought Trump was a racist!!!! Don Lemon said so. Oh wait, he’s letting black people out of prison earlier??? WHAT!!!

  11. CNN tried their best to stop NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE POTUS!!!!! To God be ALL the Glory!!! MBGA GBA love

  12. Advocates for Justice Paralegal Service:

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    Federal Prison Using President Trump’s New Law, The First Step Act: H.R. 562,
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  13. At least van Jones is willing to work with Trump on an issue that’s good for America. That says more than the rest of the Democrats that don’t want to work on the WALL to protect America. Latinos for Trump. MAGA Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  15. Prison reform does not benefit America ? America has criminals and politics wants to let them out ?? are you stupid ???

  16. Van Jones and I have never agreed on anything. That said, way to man up against possible criticism and stand up for those who can’t.

  17. Van Jones I watched your show tonight and you’re blowing the racism in modern day america way out of proportion man and you know it. 2019 america is not a hostile country to black americans. It’s a lie and you can relax. Stop trying to make it sound like thousands of white supremacy pukes are patrolling the streets. A few hundred dumb ass red necks are running their mouths on the Internet.

  18. Great to see VJ putting his feelings aside for the sake of other human being dignity. Humans have the ability to move beyond differences, these two have. Trump forgiving heart and VJ heart for those who really need compassion. God at work, at all times and in a mysterious way.

  19. Ask yourselves, is this the action of a white supremacist, a racist. I think not. Ask yourselves this, what else has CNN lied to you about President Trump…. EVERYTHING! He’s not a racist, he’s an actionist!!!

  20. Van- all Democrats have a lesson to learn from you. Everything or anything with Obama- got nothing. “ Big Nothing Burger “. Lol

  21. Van, we applaud you for working with the president's staff, on prison reform. Though, we have to remember that immigration law is, and must be enforced. No questions about it. Democrats don't want immigration laws they just want to let every Tom and Mary, walk through. Democratic party doesn't believe holding illegal immigrants accountable for breaking our laws. Can't believe the illegal immigrants would put their families at risk on these caravans. They even abandoned their children at our borders, that is a crime. Democrats blame our Republican party leaders for making this country great again. You democrats, have completely ruined this country and should careless about this country. Only if it benefits the liberals personal ambitions. "CNN fake news". Sick and tired of them, they have completely fabricated their own stories about the president and attacked his wife and family. CNN is completely pathetic and putrid. Liberals, none of you have the foggiest idea how to protect a country. All of you are very fortunate to have your first amendment and use it as you please. And liberals are completely unthankful, and have the audacity to curse the ones, who sacrificed their lives for it. "You liberals are completely the most ungrateful people I have ever had the misfortune to be familiar with."

  22. Wait wut???
    Van Jones is giving credit to President Trump? Good to see Mr (Jones) , “this is a white lash,” start to come around.
    Not a fan of Jones or CNN but gotta give him credit for this. Cheers 🍻 ✨

  23. I believe we have a President that is tough, has a good heart and is trying to make America better. This is a great reform of justice. And if we try to work together we can achieve greatness.

    But Trump is right, he does not get very much good reporting out of CNN. Very biased news.

  24. As a felon that sent 11.5 years in I want to thank Van Jones and Trump for at least looking at the issue.

  25. You obviously haven't been listening have you? I respected your views, even if I don't agree with them. So respect mine as I did for yours. Hard head means a soft ass. Wish you well in the future.

  26. why was he there, because he wants to improve the country, thats obvious,, not so obvious the rest of you chumps at CNN

  27. trumps been helping people since the day he took office, you all would not know that you are stuck on Russia because you LOST,,,

  28. Van Jones… For you👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👍👍👍
    Maybe there is some hope after all.
    *Not all CNN employees are 🐑🐑🐑sheep…👏👏👏


  30. Van Jones doesn't believe a lot of the propaganda he spreads, he believes in a fat paycheck and CNN has deep pockets to keep his bank account very healthy.

  31. I like van jones courage to unite with the wh to get things done,why can't congress and all the anti trump people compromise and work for the American people.

  32. Nobody on CNN has beaten up hard on President Trump except in their own little bubble. They have been punching them selves in the face. He sounds like the delusional Jussie Smullett.

  33. You guys can make some make America stupid hat's and I want to start a donation of a dollar for Julian assange found to show our support

  34. And this is what makes America great people with different point of views coming together for a common cause and to try to make America better what's so hard about this give van Jones some credit for Trump initiative to find a solution for this problem

  35. Supporting the president for policies you like to happen is the opposite of identity politics and that's good. In identity politics, people look up to personality of the candidates and the election might just end between on who is the lesser evil regardless of how good or bad the policies are, just like what happen during 2016 election for many people.

  36. I like the intention of the bill, but it doesn't go far enough to help prisoners once they are released. Now with the internet, background checks are readily available to expose the ex-convicts. They come out with no skills, they can't get a job, most landlords will not rent to them. How does someone in their situation become a productive citizen again in society? I have a friend and a brother both getting out of prison soon and I'm preparing my game plan on how I can help them get back on their feet once they are released and it's not looking good.

  37. Van Jones and Don Lemon I challenge both of you to acknowledge the fact that Jussie Smotlet is telling the entire city of Chicago “screw you im not paying you a dime and I’m not even admitting fault” and he’s getting away with it. Next time you two act like being black in 2019 america is so so bad, please admit this fact. I’m flabbergasted that Smotlet is getting away with this. I knew he wouldn’t be jailed but he’s not even admitting he was lying? I don’t know any white person that would get away with that. But 2019 america is racist? Y’all look foolish beating that horse in 2019. Y’all might want to stick to Jim Crow eta stuff man.

  38. are agree to helping people in jail to get on the right track and threat them respectfully…but there is a fine line they have to pay for there crimes and we cant make a mocquery of the victims ..

  39. It was nice to see Van Jones team up with the Trump administration on something. Hopefully he will come on board with other things as well.

  40. Narcississtic? Conceited? President Trump? No way! He, like the rest of us, just wants to be appreciated. And has a great sense of humor. Even obama, while trying to take unwarranted credit for accomplishments made by others.

  41. "This was a white lash against a changing Country, this was a white lash against a Black President": Van Jones.

  42. TRUMP IS A CLASSY GUY. Brings an “enemy” into the white house. Cnn would never have him on or come on and sit down with them

  43. Poor Van Jones always on CNN 😢 for some cause. You should take time to review the history of George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton 1994 crime bill which lead to mass incarceration. Hillary said super predators should be locked up. Joe Biden sealed the deal for 3 generations of black families being destroyed. 90% of the prisons in US are owned and operated by federal and state governments. This is lucrative business Van, one that the US government and judicial system 👩‍⚖️ has been complicit in for decades. Southern states like Mississippi. Alabama, and Georgia have built their livelihoods and community off locking up black people by over policing and writing citations in rural poverty stricken communities. What joke to think 🤔 you are fighting to change a system that white fragility has permanently put in place.

  44. God bless our president,we love him.The only threat to our democracy are Dems and their open border policy.No wall equals no country,no USA so start learning Spanish. The only threat
    to our democracy are Dems and their open border policy more illegal votes. No wall equals no country, no USA so start learning Spanish. NY Times apologized, welcomed. We need to get back congress in 2020 to save America.
    Obama/Clinton  both criminals and traitors to America. Uranium  One only the beginning.

  45. Yea? Well, true to Democrat form, Van Jones is now right back to bashing the president. He's nothing more than a Mean Girl. Nice to your face when he wants something then takes a giant dump on you in public once he gets what he wants….Ain't that right, Czar? Racist POS

  46. Keep Trump hating Jones away from the White House. He's nothing more than a race-baiting Trump hater, biased reporter. CNN is a joke.

  47. RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldn't trust this piece of shit Jones as far as i could throw him. Remember the dummy out the pram outburst when Mr TRUMP was victorious, quote "THIS IS A WHITE LASH, THIS IS A WHITE LASH………………..W⚓

  48. It's almost like Trump isn't as bad as the media says. I voted Hillary in 2016 but Trump is proving to be the right choice for America. He's not a hateful man. He wants what's best for America.

  49. Van Jones is looking at things the right way. If it's good, let's do good. Let's help prisoners get out. No one is more grateful than a prisoner who truly needs a second chance at life.

  50. Van Jones is full of it. President Trump is not against human rights or any of the other things this idiot is claiming. Trump is for legal immigration. Van Jones is for the wrong things.

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