Venice Beach Homeless Man Has Lived in Tent for Five Years

Venice Beach Homeless Man Has Lived in Tent for Five Years

– [Mark] Kenneth, we’re here in Venice. – Right. – [Mark] You’re homeless.
– Yeah. – [Mark] Tell me about it. – I’ve been out here for five years. I was married, with six kids. And I was a gambler. So I’m not gonna lie about it. That was probably the biggest reason I ended up here. But there’s a lot of other things that came into the mix, you know. Like the infidelity with me and my wife, we both had problems, so that helped the divorce, going to play. And then the child support came in and next thing you know I’m like, “I got no money to rent a place or live”, so I’m out here. Before that, I was working in aerospace for 13 years. – [Mark] Wow.
– And, you know, I had got that job because the supplier, the people at the aerospace company I was working for said, “Hey, you only got one black working here” and they had like 300 employees. So they said, “We need you to hire another
employee that’s black”. So I was the guy. And the reason was because the guy who was in HR saw that I went to the same high school as him. So he hired me. He said, “Okay, I’m gonna hire you” and he talked to me, interviewed me and said, “You got everything we need and you’re from my same school”. So that’s how I got hired. Because the Martin, I’m trying to think of the name of the aerospace company. What is that? Lockheed Martin. – [Mark] Right, right. Lockheed Martin told them they need to hire more blacks. And so they hired me. So there was just two of us there. Out of 300 employees. I was there 13 years. And everything was fine, the owner was loving me. He was giving me season tickets to the Lakers basketball games. I was enjoying it. But then something came
up and Lockheed said, “Hey, we’re gonna be pull our 5 million dollar contract outta here”. So the owners naturally said, “Okay, no problem. If you gotta go, we gotta get rid of some extra baggage that we hierd when we took on your company”. – [Mark] Right. – And the first person
they pointed to was me, because they had asked
them to hire another black. I didn’t know it at the time. I’m notta gonna lie, I had no clue. But all of a sudden, things start coming at me. They’d be calling me
to the office and say, “Hey, you messed up on this. You did this, you did that”. And I’m like, “What the heck? Our system doesn’t do that”. And they was like, “No, but you gotta figure it out”. They were making up stuff
to make me look like, – [Mark] Yeah, I’ve been
forced out of gigs before. – like I was failing. Finally, something came up and the guy said, “We’re gonna have to let you go because we lost a contract, and” That was part of it, they said “We lost a contract, and you’re not fitting in with us right.” – [Mark] Right.
– But I was a senior guy in shipping. I was the guy that had
been there 13 years. – [Mark] Right, right.
– Anybody else that was there, was there less years. So I kinda started sensing that. But then one of the guys from Lockheed came up to me and said, “Hey, is everything okay?” And I’m like, “Yeah, nothing, no problem”. Cause I didn’t know it
was coming that hard. – [Mark] Right.
– So “Yeah, everything’s fine. I don’t think they’ll, you know” They just transferred
me to another location. So when they transferred
me to that location, the guy that was in charge there, he was a head hunter. He was professionally hired
for them to cut heads. – [Mark] Yeah. I’ve heard of that. – And while I was there, he had cut many heads before he got to me. Months and months before me. But they finally, because I was a senior, I was training people and stuff like that. I had like five guys trained under me before they finally start saying “Okay, we’re gonna get rid of you”. – [Mark] Then what happened? – They finally pushed me out of it, let me know that, “Hey, we gotta let you go”. I didn’t realize that was what
it was from until afterwords, when I talked to one of the
guys from Lockheed and he said “Yeah, they told us they were gonna get you if they took that contract out”. – [Mark] What’s that the
path on the homelessness? – Yeah. I was making $40,000 a year. So once they did that, I never went back to work after that. And I kinda just, was pissed off. I was trying to think of what I should do and then I said, “Okay, I’m not gonna do nothing because I’ll let God
do my fighting for me”. You know what I’m saying? – [Mark] Right. So I stayed with my mom
and my brother for a year. And then they did what everybody, every brain washed person normally does. “You can’t live off us, you gotta go”. So they pushed me out. So I ended up here at the beach. For a while I was managing, doing GR. I actually had a job last year. I was working all the way up to last year in June. – [Mark] So you were
working and living out here? – Yeah.
– [Mark] Working poor, working homeless.
– Yeah. What happened was it was so hard, because I was working at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, getting off at 10:30, having to catch a bus back here at 12, get back here at one, wake up at six in the morning because that’s the time
they make us wake up. And having to move all my stuff. And then have to go back at work at 2:30, and hat to leave it at 12. I did it for a year. And I’m like, “No. I can’t do this. I’m gonna kill myself”. So I finally decided, that’s it. So last June I quit. – [Mark] What’s homelessness
like out here in Venice? – If you do it wrong it’s really tough. And when I say wrong, getting on drugs, getting on stuff not thinking about what you’re not planning for tomorrow. You end up in a situation where you can’t survive the next day. But once I started seeing that I have to live this life just like if I was a basketball player, or if I was a CEO. I got to make sure that I do everything. So I start going around, I smoke a little bit, like the snipes. I start going to trash cans, I start making sure I have my blankets, my pillows, my umbrellas. – [Mark] People aren’t
gonna know what snipe is. – It’s a cigarrete,
– [Mark] Right. – that’s been half smoked, or 3/4 smoked. – [Mark] I used to call’em war buds. Used to say “war’s going on this one”. – We get those and keep us going without having to buy stuff. – [Mark] Yeah.
– And once I saw that I could make it like that I said, “Okay, I’m gonna trust in God, and I’m gonna just live like this”. So I start scraping the curves, that’s going by every
car that’s in your area until you find what they drop when they get out sometimes. Which is a pack of cigarettes, which is a lighter, which is sometimes money. And trust me, on many occasions I’ve found $100 bills. Five dollar bills, you know. – [Mark] Perfect.
– And it’s just living this life the way you would live if you were in a CEO job or if you were in some other job. – [Mark] You get used to it.
– Yeah. – [Mark] You come out here and you adapt. – You make it work. The thing was I saw that
it was providing for me. So who am I to complain that it’s this much instead of that much? Who am I? Because I messed up. I gambled. I ain’t gonna lie. But I was making enough money to gamble. But it was just that I
got so addicted to it that it forced me.
– [Mark] Did homelessness cure your gambling problem? – Definitely. And I wouldn’t call it homeless, I’d say God did it. Because he made me see that if you’re gonna win, one ticket is all you need. You don’t need to spend $100 on tickets. And that’s what I’ve really come to now. Like today. Today the lotto is a billion dollars. – [Mark] No way. – Yeah, it’s a billion dollars. And I got one ticket. – [Mark] Good for you! – I haven’t quit gambling, but trust me,
– [Mark] Yeah, yeah. – Trust me, it’s down
to a whole other level. – [Mark] Yeah, one ticket. And I hope you win. – And it’s just that. I try to reason with it. I’m here and I’m dealing
with a lot of other people that I wouldn’t ever met. – [Mark] This morning you were so nice, I had to come back, hook you up with some sneaks. – And I really appreciate that, that was great. – [Mark] You’re so nice cause I brought – Let them see’em. There you go.
– [Mark] Hey, Gary V. – I’m gonna play me some
basketball tomorrow. Tomorrow. I mean, everything like
this is appreciated. And it’s one small piece of the puzzle. When I get a shirt, when I get some blankets and stuff like that, now I get everything I need. – [Mark] I came through
with a college class. I had never done that before. I was a little worried, because there’s so many of them. – And they were very, they were very amazed and really looking at me and wanting to see. And I saw it in their eyes. They wanted to understand
what they could do, and it’s life. It’s just life. – [Mark] Kids are gonna end homelessness. – Right. – [Mark] They are gonna do it. We messed it up, they are gonna end homelessness. – And the thing is, it can happen to anybody. And that’s the part
that I always looked at when I was seeing these people and I was working and making money. I would hand them money. I would get my kids, cause I got six kids, I would get my kids and say, “Hey, give’em some money”. Because that’s the good thing to do. And I think that’s part of why that I do so well out here. And when I say “do so well”, I can’t say that I’m rich, I can’t say that I’m
eating what I wanna eat, cause I would rather have a kitchen where I could cook everything I want. But I can say that I’m comfortable. – [Mark] You’re surviving. – And nobody can really deny that if you’re comfortable, that something’s wrong. – [Mark] Homelessness did that for me. I worked in TV before I was out here and I was nasty. And now, after homelessness, you give me a ham sandwich
and a bag of Doritos and I’m happy.
– Right. Cause it doesn’t take much anymore. – [Mark] You become grateful. – You become more appreciative
of the little things. And that’s the thing that I’m noticing: the little pieces of the
puzzle make the whole puzzle. And I gotta accept when I get something that I wish had more, but I’m like “Let me set this over here, get that over here”, and then next thing you know, I got the whole picture. And it’s just a matter of being patient, being understanding that you are not a wealthy person so you can’t go out and buy stuff. But accepting what you have. That’s something that even in a world of work. If you only make 50,000 a year, you gotta accept that that’s all you have. You make a million dollars a year, you gotta accept that’s all. I mean, those people want more. Of course I want more. – [Mark] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – Number one, because
I’m always playing it, to hit the lotto.
– [Mark] There you go. – But number two, which I have to move back to number one, is that God is on my side. Because without him all of this, I wouldn’t even be here. I have to move him back into number one. So then we go, number two: hit the lotto. – [Mark] Yeah.
– And number three, just having somebody to come by one day with a Big Mac. (laughs) – [Mark] A Big Mac?
– Real hot (laughs). – [Mark] A real hot Big Mac? Well, that might happen. – Because those are the kinda things that we don’t get out here. Just hot food. And you gotta deal with
the cold sandwiches. – [Mark] Because you got no place to – To cook.
– [Mark] Yeah. – I mean, we do have grills and stuff, but it’s hard to setting that
up and do that every day. You get tired of doing that. So it’s complicated, but it comes with the territory. – [Mark] Kenneth, thank you
so much for talking to me and being so cool for the
college class this morning. You are awesome, it’s an honor to be here. – And I’m glad that you did that and brought them out here. Because for kids at that age, for a seed to be planted in them, that type of a seed, showing them that they have
to be more understanding, is beyond anything that
we do in this world. – [Mark] They asked me
to speak in their class and I said “Why don’t you just come down and we’d go for a walk?” – Right. That was beautiful. – [Mark] Well, thank you. You have a good night, man. – Yup. Thank you for coming out. And the shoes, I love them. And I’m gonna play basketball tomorrow. – [Mark] Okay.
– Alright. Have a good one. (relaxing music) (relaxing music) (relaxing music) (relaxing music)

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  1. This is the video with the college students highlighting when we first met Kenneth

  2. wow , for it to be a whole concept called 'scraping the curb'' to find misplaced items that people coming or going have lost ! thats crazy !

  3. People don’t understand that there are thousands of people that this happens too. Sadly the 1% has the middle class, poor and homeless fighting each other for the scraps. They have people believe that it’s the fault of the homeless and it could never happen to them. We could only be one death, illness, loss job away from possible being

  4. I could never push my sisters out on the street unless they did something really horrible, like sleep with my husband. And how come his brother gets to stay with the mother and not him? Shame on his mom and brother. 😒

  5. They let him camp there? He's living better than some that work and pay rent. Even a crappy campsite with no beach costs $30 a night. He has no incentive to leave.

  6. He may be homeless but he ooks damn Happy happier than more people I run into a daily basis!!! I need some of that Cali weed you smokin dude. Happy happy happy Yeah I threw my brother out too after a few months of leaching off of this single mom with two kids to feed. He did have $ for alcohol weed n cigs but no money for rent n bills. Grown men shouldn't be smooching off of family members.

  7. Your the only you tuber who actually talk to the homeless to find out their story of what happens to someone that ends up being homeless ,alot of people assume that it's polictal or something else that caused this to them, pointing fingers at who ever is the cause of someone being homeless…. Your the best you tuber !! keep doing what your doing ..

  8. I was disappointed when you didn't ask him about his six children. It's sad that he may have abdicated them. Consequences of bad choices. He has a good attitude. Hopefully he will get himself in a position where he can be a father. That is number one (besides God, of course.)

  9. Please, if you would like to help the homeless, and you shop at Amazon; they will donate a % to this charity thru: AMAZON SMILE, based on TTL amt spent. Tku

  10. Most of us are just a few paychecks away from being homeless. It almost doesn’t seem to bad. It seems like this guy has a lot of faith in God and he’s found Happiness. Most of us live in the daily grind, waking up early, working hard, always tired and sore, dealing with mean bosses and managers, paying never ending taxes and bills, being a Slave to the system, etc etc. Being in some miserable marriage or divorced. Being homeless and happy almost seems better. Maybe some people like this guy, discover the true meaning of life and happiness. There’s a lot more to life then just money and material things. Probably depends on where you live also. If I was homeless, it would be by a beach with year-round nice weather.

  11. 40k is not nearly enough for 6 kids. Damn people. Use the brain good gave you. Don't even consider having kids if you make under 100k

  12. WOW you can tell that this is not a lazy person trying to use people, he has amazing stories of his life and openly shared how he deals with it..and takes full responsibility of why he is homeless due to gambling ..i think he will be one of the lucky ones that get back on his feet again some day..i hope so..bless you man.

  13. A victim of "employment equity". Hired into aerospace because he was black and attended the same high school as the HR manager. Really? Sad story and I'm sure there is more to it. Funny how MSM never shows the true side of Venice Beach. If he could only make the trip to Roxham Road, NY, walk across the Canada/USA border where it is OPEN. Canada will provide him shelter, food and money. Canada took in over 40,000 people in 2017. I would rather see needy Americans come to Canada then third world "migration".

  14. He mentioned kids and child support?. A bunch of kids and now past child support.?. Crap, i can tell you if he can get a job under the table great. But if he gets a regular job?. He will never get paid enuff to make a living with that past child support.

  15. Some of the happiest, soulful and positive people I know are people on the streets. It is even more magnified when watching these videos. These people have nothing and appear to be happy and positive.

    Bless their hearts.

  16. black people have too many damn kids.. 6 kids is a lot to feed and support. To all the black people, please stop having so many children and stop having them at super young ages too.

  17. drug abuse and the denial factordrug addiction is the only chronic disease that will tell u everyday no.matter how bad u look or ur situation that u rnot that bad off and to blame everything except drug abuse

  18. "And they did what everybody, every brain washed person normally does, no, you can't live off us"

    Bruh, you lived there for free for a whole year, i'm pretty sure you ate their food too… And it's somehow their fault that you decided to not look for a job and just "let god do the fighting".

    Don't get me wrong, it's shitty to be fired like that but come on man…

  19. Wish folks would learn to build rickshaw homes. Can be made from recycled material, and extremely easy to move. Walk or run 20 miles a day.

  20. The reason Lockheed Martin hired him was for the tax breaks companies get from filling Affirmative Action quotas by hiring minorities. When he was no longer useful to getting tax brakes they let him go. He should have tried to sue.

  21. So he gets a job because his skin color not credentials. Then he lives off his mom and brother. But it's everyone else fault. This guy is a deadbeat Dad, husband, brother, and son.

    Sorry not all homeless people are good an productive. He squandered every opportunity and blames the people around him for his flaws and addictions.

  22. I still have a roof over my head but I’m not eating steak and lobster.. I’m probably losing the home I grew up in.. so I have total empathy here.. only love with no judgement.. I share many of these on Facebook.. a co-worker said to me today “ why do you post all that sad stuff”? I said as I always do…. “ Because ITS REALITY” ✊🏼☮️💟

  23. for those people complaining about this and that…..I wish you can take his place and he take yours.

  24. I see the American flag waving in the background. Its America and we keep letting illegals in. This is insane.

  25. How is the mom and brother brain washed? If you don't want to work then of course folks aren't going to want you to live off them..I know I wouldn't.. The Bible clearly says if you some work you don't eat.. If you are an able body there's no way you shouldn't want to WORK..IJS🤷

  26. I am Nancy Pelosi and we are addressing this problem right now I am giving black people more tents more needles more commercial drugs we just allowed Americans that smoke marijuana but we have a legal aliens we have to worry about you have to make sure they have housing loans student loans because they deserve it but we also want to take care of our black people that's why we give them free tents and they're very happy the Democratic Party the South will rise again

  27. Give Kenneth some money so he can smoke and gamble it all away. It'd be a lot easier to prop up these leeches financially if you didn't have a bunch of illegals slipping your borders every day.

  28. Damn that dude told that story pretty good only to say at the end he was making 40k a year, wtf.

  29. Incredibly humble man to admit his faults and realize that they had a part to play in leading him to homelessness. Also not holding any anger towards himself or his situation but just looking on the bright side and trying to make the best of it shows growth, hope he's not homeless anymore.

  30. Oh my he got comfortable and gave up working a job. Well i know all to well that God will always supply u ur needs. No need to worry about what ur gonna eat and wear

  31. Anybody can become homeless doesn't take much. U can have a gd job one min next min u don't. So dnt judge and think it can't happen to you. Nothing is promised to you. If u find yourself in this postion key is to never give up. God children was never meant to sit still. Believe with all ur heart and it shall me done.

  32. Mark does such good work with this Invisible People channel, but his voice just creeps me out, i know he can't do anything about it, but it just gives me the heebie jeebies.

  33. This man is unacceptable. Homeless need to be rounded up and placed in detention camps. Get them the medical and mental health help they need. Teach them life skills. Its a sin to be homeless in America and these ppl should be treated as such.

  34. iT's interesting but they ALL seem to be their own worst enemies .
    And the 'interviewer' mostly just tells them they're 'smart' when they are often not.

  35. Don’t attribute this to God, fella! His way has to do with you doing your part! Honest work, this is not!

  36. I was a homeless guy playing basketball with this man a ton of times. He never knew I was homeless but we would sit and talk for a few hours every Saturday after games while looking at the ocean. Those were some good times.

  37. He is one EXTREMELY handsome older gentleman! ❤❤He needs to create a Professional strategy & instagram acct. He would make a SERIOUS Model

  38. He actually has his shit together, he will still be successful, move to Seattle, aero is booming.
    Wish him well.

  39. now i hear alot of homeless people live in VENICE.well it must a big homeless city.i'm not being mean.i'm just saying it seems your'e safer then other homeless people from other places because i'm sure many at VENICE you know well and can be family.better then any where else.i might be wrong?

  40. I'm a middle aged father of 3 from Scotland & if this shit happening to folk doesn't brake your heart then you'll probably score pretty high on the psychopath chart.

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