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  1. The guard who was trying to take him down,needed help,and instead he had two worthless females that did not have the strength to help take down the bad guy.It's another video that proves women have a role,it's just not in law enforcement,or the military,or anything where size/strength is involved.

  2. Had that been civilian on civilian assault the aggressor would have been charged with attempted murder.

  3. LMAO! It has nothing to do with women vs men.. its literally that the male officer has been training in some type of muay thai or martial art and wanted nothing more than to use his skill whenever possible. there was no need to all of those punches.

  4. Remember, aspiring American youth, to follow along with your culture when they tell you that the police are to be respected. Just obey the rules and comply. Also, if you are lost, ask a woman for help because they are more trustworthy than men. Especially if they are lady cops. They would never dream of holding both of your arms back while a 250 pound man hits you in the face as hard as he can until you die.

  5. If that guy was my family member and no justice was served, I would killed all those officers and thier kids.

  6. the guy being beaten looks like my Girlfriends brother, this makes me cringe
    put these so called guards in population
    let the inmates feed off of them

  7. I feel terrible for him. That type of stuff will make someone go crazy.. that will make someone suffer from PTSD. How can anyone treat a human being that way? I hope those officers suffer for this. Imagine what else they've done..

  8. The body shield against the wall is a common tactic used by cert teams but the repeated punching is definitely overkill and the CO that did it deserves an assault charge

  9. I would kill em if I’d knew that person.
    Disgusting I hope they’ll get beaten up in a corner till they’re full of blood then get raped and get thrown in the dirtiest trash dumpster and never get to see daylight ever again.

  10. The sad news is that before they fired these three they found new jobs for each one of them in another town being cops and doing the same thing. One was asked, did you learn anything? He replied I sure did, next time I need to check for cameras and turn them off.

  11. This is how it is all over the country .corrections officers get away with this all the time virtually untouchable behind them walls if an inmate assaults one they get years .they should prosecute these people for what they do and what they did in this video .

  12. This kind of thing happens all the time, I've experienced it. They have their own little world inside and do as they please. Thanks to whoever took this footage public. There should be cameras everywhere in jails & prisons, with live feeds online. Maybe they'd behave themselves better.

  13. This is awful and shouldn't have happened I'm glad these people lost their jobs.
    With that said, when they say go down, go down.

  14. Well hold on. What happened at the start? We didn't see the whole incident. What did he do before the tape shows them beating him? Did he have warrants? You can't just put your fists up to officers and not expect consequences. These officers have a hard job. Sound familiar?

  15. Wow! Listen to all this sympathy and support. Zero comments about how he deserved it. Must be nice. So, you all DO see color, after all.

  16. Here's what they aren't telling you. When they handed this case over to the attorney general, nothing happened to the officers as far as punishment. They just lost their jobs. The attorney general isn't in charge of people losing their jobs or not,t hey are there to put cases on them or not…and they failed…none of the officers were charged, not even with a simple battery, so the taxpayers ultimately paid the inmates that money.

  17. It's illegal to put anybody in a chokehold to cut off their Airway if they move a wrong way after you got them in a Chokehold you can break their neck

  18. Have these cops lost their jobs and then beaten up in jail? If not then that needs to be done and that guy who they beat needs to be compensated.

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