Voices of Y Camp

Voices of Y Camp

I’m looking forward to making new
friends and meeting new people. I want to play and do science and play with my sister a lot and I want to be kind. So KidsQuest allows campers to build
lasting friendships, try new things, and just be themselves without judgment. Our
mission is for campers to gain independence, build confidence in an
environment that promotes learning and fun. My favorite part about camp is
probably the impact that we have on our campers. From our counselors to our
leadership staff, each and every one has an impact on a camper. My favorite part of camp is the fact that we provide a safe environment for kids to thrive, while allowing counselors and staff to embrace
their inner big kid. My favorite part of camp is seeing the looks on campers’ faces when they go home after a really good day. And I think the Y camps provide an
important space for kids whose parents work where we can provide that 7:00 to 6:00 care
that’s loving, nurturing, and supportive and also have a lot of
fun and built the campers’ independence and skill set or later in
life and that’s why I love Y camp so much. Making new friends and seeing new people. These bracelets. Whoa! That looks cool.

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