Watch Mueller Team Arrest Roger Stone | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Watch Mueller Team Arrest Roger Stone | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. We give all you loony left a heads- up Whitaker it's going to set this into motion and Barr will finish it with all the D classifications and liberal media will be no more

  2. William Barr absolutely said there was no Trump Russia collusion which means Mueller is looking at the left, lucky the left and score enough to notice yet

  3. After the Stone arrest can we then watch how the Democrat's enthusiastically support the execution of a New Born baby ? How you sick and evil killers get excited when you hear that no longer are you limited in being able to murder a full term baby JUST before it is born. Nope..Now you get to legally murder the baby AFTER it has been born. How thrilling it must be for you Satan worshippers ? Wow.. Oh and then you get to sell the dead baby parts. Maybe to support your next campaign ?

  4. Wow. I didn't know that Osama bin Laden was taken down by just three FBI agents. All those other bad guys as well? The FBI obviously don't get paid enough. You could replace entire Marine Corps with just three Joes from the FBI. Think of the savings. I think the main difference is that bin Laden was shot dead. Roger Stone is still here to whine about it.

  5. Crazy to bring those guns! This guy is not dangerous.
    I don't really like Roger Stone, but he's Correct. They don't need those guns to get him. If those guns are normal, something is terribly wrong.

  6. so.. what about the video showing CNN arriving about an hour before the FBI and even congress is asking questions pertaining to how CNN knew the time of the raid. So why didn't you show the FULL footage? Even FOX news showed the full video. If you want people to take what you're saying as true you have to be 100% forthcoming .

  7. I can just see all of the Dem/"progressives" out there playing with themselves watching this. But here in NY, they just gave a standing ovation to a law making killing a full term infant legal

  8. He was/is a big flight risk. Not only is he rich & has the means to take off, he has the means to hire security AND most importantly he has a buddy in the oval office who installed a mole in the DOJ (The Nit Witt) who could have tipped them off. This is why it's soooo dangerous that trump is attempting to dissolve all the checks & balances….between the branches as he feel he can corrupt people in all the branches with a pay off.

  9. Did tactical units show up when Hillary lied to Congress? Was Martha Stewart taken down in the same manner as Stone? Why isn't MSNBC questioning the fact that CNN showed up with camera set up 1 hour before the FBI raid? Liberal BS News aka Fake News!

  10. I recently saw a video of Trump addressing police officers, New York officers, I believe. In that short talk he blatantly endorses police brutality, telling them he wants to see people tossed roughly into the paddy wagons, wants to see their heads bounced off the car door when being arrested.
    His crooked buddy Stone gets arrested, with no violence, and Trump acts like it was a brutal Gestapo raid.

    What goes around comes around, Trumpy, you stupid pig of man.

  11. It is a production but not because of the shirt, the shirt never changes but only appears to change because the light changes from IR to sunlight. These news idiots think the FBI komrades let him change his shirt to make a statement? What about the bearded Caucasian male agent who put the tape over the camera?

  12. OH THIS IS CANDY!!! I love seeing members of the trump regime being arrested, as everyone of them should be! God bless America!

  13. So where is the El Chapo arrest technique here? Drama report exaggerated by Roger. Why t shirt at this point when you were Bin Laden raided? You Knew Stone trump and Whitaker had tipped you.

  14. I do wonder why they felt the need to have such serious firearms to arrest him. I'm glad they're fully investigating him and charging him with crimes he did, but the guns seem excessive. (Although, his comparison to the Bin Ladin raid is wrong because he didn't end up with a bullet in the head.)

  15. Hey, how did Stone get his T-shirt while in handcuffs, outside his house? Does the FBI carry a load of them in the trunk of their car? And Ari, how could you let it slide when Stone referenced the FBI's behavior as on par with the gestapo? This coming from a man who work for and is still friends with Trump, a man who has children and babies in cages in internment camps. And, in Stone's use of the word, it was as a negative. When it comes to kids in cages, then it's not a problem.

  16. I'll tell you what happened about that you have good people and bad people in the FBI Department CIA and I say you name it there's good in bed but the bed are the ones that don't like Trump it looks like somebody in the FBI Department one of the bad ones that don't like Trump go to whistle to CNN and let them know so the good FBI agents don't know nothing it's a bad one that did that did a secretly call to CNN Rodger stone is a good man and to have all those guys are pointing guns at them are you kidding me

  17. The amount of corruption in the GOP is why former Speaker of the House, Paul D. Ryan and his pal, former White House, Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus have gone into hiding. The Ryan/Priebus leadership delivered “the Donald” to the worlds stage! Thanks for nothing you two!

  18. How convenient to not show the beginning of the raw footage when CNN was prepping their camera equipment and getting pats in the back by the FBI. You idiots are very well deceived. Playing into the narrative and letting our country get taken over by globalist socialist authoritative forces. Roger Stone and Trump are fighting against people that dont care about any of you Liberals and would enslave you in a heartbeat after they used you for your votes. The Irony of it..

  19. America is OWED seeing this very same type of footage, if not significantly better, when Donald Trump (and his evil spawn)are hauled off by the FBI for their treasonous anti-American activities and cavorting with America's adversaries.

  20. Lindsey, Lindsey, Linsey. Think of all the cops it takes to arrest one black man for a routine traffic stop. Three to seven in Baton Rouge. At least Roger got to live another day a free man AND still alive. Stop whining. You sound like a mule.

  21. LOL! making stuff up to play the victim. Pablo Escobar was killed in his own country Colombia by probably another drug lord there were no FBI agents that stormed his house to arrest him. El Chapo was arrested by Mexican Federal agents in his own country Mexico and extradited to the U.S. The FBI did not raid his home. Bin Laden's compound was raided by Navyseal because he was the mastermind of 9/11 attacks, the FBI had nothing to do with that. The video clearly shows there was no force used at all I'm sure they pounded the door to wake him up; anyone would be startled being woke up like that but I think that's the extent of the trauma.

  22. Sinclair Broadcasting Group who owns many local news stations around America to push the right-wing agenda at the local level.

  23. Police are never this nice when arresting minorities.
    Trump even recommended police rough up minorities when arresting them.

  24. the original video shows the f,b.i.out front showing cnn where to set up there camaras I saw it on good old infowars days ago fake news here folks

  25. Boy! He had that T-SHIRT ready for when the law enforcement come for him. These people really believes all this coming at them is a joke. They really want to go down in history with drama and big ego's. What's the purpose?? The acting AG is very disrespectful to the Congress. Never seen anything like that before. What's interesting about it all if people are innocent, why is it so much defiance instead of cooperation?? It makes you wonder how much innocence are among these people.

  26. Please watch our discussion on the influence of Roger Stone on politics since the Nixon Era….

  27. Fakenews CNN was illegally told of this. If that doesn't scare you then you are the idiots fakenews CNN and MSNBC think you are

  28. Waaaaaw,, what a snowflake this guy is. If he had been arrested in Texas, the Texas Rangers would have arrested him the Texas way…….if he's crying now, wait till he meets his new boyfriend in prison in the sunshine state.

  29. There is more to this video showing the FBI directing CNN over the street as to where to film the shot CNN is in big trouble

  30. The Agents that raided Stone's house with all their BIG BOY guns look like a bunch of IDIOTS.. I'm sorry I'm not a Police hater but I am a Police State hater.. Totally unnecessary to bust into that mans and his family's house in the middle of the night with all those weapons.. and so Tyrannical like.. I hate to see the JOKE the FBI & CIA have become.. A disgrace to this nation.. We need to FIRE 60% of them and hire men who serve and protect and follow the Constitution

  31. And yet another waste of taxpayer's money LMAO!! All to get somebody, anybody to flip in the president..simply because they have had 2 years and yet NOOOO collusion.

  32. Why did the FBI agents let him out of his handcuffs to change his t-shirt and put the darker one on with the propaganda RS as a victim message?!

  33. its NOT textbook to have your home raided in early morning with a group of people in lead vests holding big bazookas with CNN tipped off ahead of time to film the whole set up.. Don't forget how CNN and MSNBC have been pushing the collusion collusion.

  34. They Caught El Chapo finally! oh wait that just Roger Stone.. They must really fear this man with Machine guns drawn to arrest him

  35. She is so full of crap…how angry would any criminal lawyer doing pre-indictment rep and speaking to the prosecutors really get if a client were arrested without notice by 25 FBI agents w automatic weapons in SWAT gear….accompanied by boats with armed agents on the canal behind his house..

  36. This “ operation” is STAGED It’s also carefully rehearsed It fails to cover agents faces with full face ski masks since according to Mueller/Comey /Andy and several other talking heads these agents are supposedly being carefully watched by RUSSIA and are supposedly interfering in some kind of Russian “ operation “ They ( all agents) would all be targets of Russian counter active repercussions The “ event “ is amateur work and I hope this neighborhood where it happened understands that their safety and lives and children’s lives was fully compromised and put in serious danger by a fully Compromised FBI unit who could have killed innocent residents and it is an orchestrated event performed and ordered by a fully operational self compromised FBI extremist active terrorism cell and in this case it targets an unarmed senior citizen in a neighborhood with small children ,retired people animals and families This even was rehearsed for( a performance ) a fully self compromised US media and to justify a non understandable extremist ideology and a conspired extremist conspiracy and much more sinister intent but again executed in such an amateur way it’s comical and really really embarrassing even BORDERLINING FARCE

  37. He would of walked into his attorneys office had they requested.
    You don't know what happened inside his home…..fool.

  38. Almost Anyone was more qualifiéd than this Man to bé attorney général… ? Okay, hang on a bit… Thé indictments are coming soon… Let's see THEN What thé Truth of thé matter really is…

  39. and now, this guy, where republitards claimed he is innocent, is a convicted criminal. seems a pretty successfull witchhunt at this time…

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