What Do Turkey’s Attacks In Syria Mean For ISIS Prisoners? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

What Do Turkey’s Attacks In Syria Mean For ISIS Prisoners? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Why did Bill Barr just meet with Rupert Murdoch in NYC? Why did he go to Italy? Why did he lie about the Mueller Report? Why did he try to bury the Whistleblower complaint? Willy “Mumbles” Barr, a Capo in the Donny Blowhole Disorganized Crime Family.

  2. Who cares if the Kurds are removed?
    It means Trump's election's improved
    In his mind at least
    The mind of the Beast
    Who's empathy has been removed

  3. I'm stupefied that this guy still has supporters. I mean even if they are actors you couldn't pay me enough money to attending one of those circle jerks.

  4. I guess the people go sit in the desert to die. I guess that's a perfect example of american planning.

    Winning at any cost is not winning, but exploiting others for one's benefit.

  5. If trumputin could do to the Mexican border what Turkey is doing on the Syrian border, he would!! Use them when you can, abuse them always is his motto! He's a MONSTER and he's destroying everything we hold dear!!!

  6. Fortunately, Donny is not very bright. It took him nearly three years to bring America to her knees. If we do not get to remove and replace on this president, hopefully we and the planet can survive another fifteen if his catastrophic misjudgment.

  7. This shouldn't have even happened! Period! You never abandon an ally! Impeach that treasonous Putin's puppet immediately! Just sickening and disgusting! Despicable even! Impeach that traitor! Enough of this debacle and foolish lawlessness! Impeach that traitor! Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

  8. eth·nic cleans·ing

    the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society.
    Call it what it is!!!

  9. It would sure be nice if we could send them 7000 isis soldiers locked up,,. To Washington DC,,. Give them all a deck of playing cards with photos on them,,,. !!!

  10. the kurds should of give back the territory to the syrian government a long time ago . but the US made them believe that they were actually going to get a state.
    they ve been used and it s super sad. and so is international politics.

  11. So trumpf orders our troops out of Syria and Turkey begins the slaughter of our allied Kurds, and ISIS runs free. Meanwhile big-brained and all-wise trumpf sends troops to defend Saudi Arabia, run by murderer MBS and home to nearly all the 9-11 terrorists.

  12. Agent Orange doesn't care about the loss of life. He doesn't care about our allies. He only cares for his pockets. His cult will follow him to the grave.

  13. This is what happens when you get your outsider! They have no clue what they are doing. Making decisions based on no planning or consultation with those who know what there they are talking about!

  14. its a war turkey not going to spread wool is it? did anyone one spread wool till now so many people got killed man and childers? no

  15. He leaves our allies behind to be slaughtered.
    Turkey should not be in NATO to begin with.
    The trump is a traitor.
    Never forget Helsinki.

  16. If captured ISIS Fighters return to the battlefield the BLAME is on Evil Trump.
    And, of course, the Evangelicals.

  17. Last year the Russians attacked US troops in Syria, in force. Tanks, artillery. A massive battle. They lost. Badly. First time in history we've battled.
    Now you know the real reason why Trump did this.
    He tried doing it last year too. Mattis stopped him. This is why Mattis is gone.
    https://www.stripes.com/news/us/mattis-once-one-of-my-generals-loses-clout-with-trump-1.561393 https://taskandpurpose.com/russian-mercenaries-syria-firefight

  18. it seems that trump, in his eminent and superior wisdom…..ugh….in his head its just a game of Risk in someones living room. you cant just pull the plug on this and expect thing to just "reset".

  19. Terrorism Fanatic and Oligarch, Donald J Trump, once again pandering to the terrorist allies of Daddy Vladdy. Sad. We must identity the Turks as Terrorists and denounce their Government. Secondly once we put the Turks and their ISIS cohorts in detention centers (maybe the for profit prisons were pot dealers and illegals are detained…) we split Turkey and give it to the Kurds and the Palestinians.

  20. Kick Turkey out of NATO ! Then place an absolute and total embargo on all financial, and all forms of international trade .

  21. These actions taken by the Cheeto n Chief is how and why people are enraged enough to fall into the belief system and recruiting tactics of ISIS and other terrorist groups. They will lose parents, wives, children, brothers and sisters in this attack by Turkey…why would they ever trust the west again….why would they not join those who fight the west?

  22. @5:55 to 6:18=kooky, given, within hours, this message would happen/occur @0:12 of
    The guy IS a choochy kind of leader, really. (Corny-ole-orange-peel-of-a-Zionist-named-Trump)

  23. What a divided country ! Never thought you were SOOOO divided ! I thought the late 60s-mid-70s ending with Watergate was the “lowlight”, since the Civil War, but oh no …. 🙁

  24. Trump supporters cheering for a coward who betrayed his allies and badmouthed them with lies about their role in the second world war.

  25. the sad reality.
    there was %10 kurd in syria before syrian war Now they control half syria and oil facilities.
    Turkey has 4 million displaced refugee.
    Turkey aims to get displaced refugee to their home safe and sound.
    we will not forget how usa organize coup attempt against Turkey and keep the coup master in usa.
    we will not forget how usa use kurd as a proxy against Turkey.
    two country can be ally, how usa can be ally one countrys minority.
    usa and isreal plan to divide all nation in the middle east one after another.
    puppet master put a dictator lead countries in the middle east to serve west interest but people live in poverty.
    hands off america in the middle east.
    go home usa. grab some beer. enjoy avengers¡¡¡

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