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  1. i honestly dont care if "justice is being served" if it ends up with less overall crime.
    Even if the crime rate was the same, i would be happy with inmates coming back into society as more decent people

  2. I think this might be the best youtube channel I've ever encountered. Very impressed by your work.

  3. Glad I stuck around for the last minute of the video. I was thinking I had to start trafficking crack and get caught to learn some dope animation skills

  4. 1:40 as a norwegian guy i can tell you that you are way off.. There are plenty of Norwegians who can't fathom why we treat prisoners like Breivik better then we treat our elderly… Most people cannot give a good answer to this…

    But we just accept it

  5. I'm Norwegian my self. And belive that our prisons is a good way for handling with prisoners. Why give them some kind of freedom so they could be better people. But In America it's almost slave camps and that kind of treatment doesn't make you a better person in my opinion

  6. Haven't finished the video just yet just let me say real quick 1:08 It was he who did it. His lawyer is not "his" lawyer. It is a Lawyer provided by the government. And an extremely nice and good lawyer as well. Don't bring him into this he is just doing his job. In Norway, people have a right to a lawyer if they cannot afford one.

  7. Beautiful video, thank you.
    Also if anyone wants to know about the haunting piano music,
    it's one of my all time favorites:
    Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.1

  8. I remembered this. it was the 22 of july 2011. my uncle was going on the big boat, that brings cars, and more to the island. My uncle is the luckiest fucking dude alive. the boat was full. and he did not get to the island at the time. he started getting nervous when he heard the bomb. after that all the bullet shots coming from the island. he ended up being alright.

  9. The Norwegian prison system isn't about punishment for justice at all.
    One thing is replacing broken items, covering the cost of crimes, etc. But there is no true justice for things that cannot be undone or replaced, only revenge. Even with capital punishment for lives taken, it is limited and justice can never be achieved. Punishing someone for something that cannot be undone isn't changing anything about what happened.
    As such, the prison system is instead about rehabilitation, so we skip the punishment and instead immediately focus ensuring that it doesn't happen again.

  10. What is real is evident. If god exists it will be obvious, not requiring belief. You are what is having the thought of you.

  11. The best way to raise kids is to give them some form of punishment for their bad actions, it must feel like they lost something for what they did. But in that process you don't withdraw love and care, you wish to see your child learn from it and become better in the future, you support them in getting to that point. This is how we in Norway do prisons (or rather criminal care).

    If you just lock the kids in their rooms, take away all their toys and just ignore them, what happens? They only see punishment, not love. If there is no love, if their parents won't like them anyways, why even bother doing good? This is how prison based on punishment works, you lock them up, forget about them and when they get out they're ignored by everyone. What incentive is there to be good if most people hate you for your past anyways? That may be one part of it, then there's education and opportunities after prison.

  12. I honestly feel that prisoners need to be rehabilitated, not punished. The biggest reason is that by punishing criminals, we reassure ourselves that we could never become them. If we kill them, we feel good about it and we can distract ourselves with this satisfaction. All that this does is make us believe that since we are glad that they're dead, we're nothing like them. The truth is that we are all capable of violence, and only by reintroducing criminals into society and divorcing them from violent behaviour can we move beyond this innate component of human nature.

  13. Even if you have it good in prison you are still locked up and your freedom has been taken from you. They cant do what they want to when they want to. Prison is a consucense not revenge.

  14. Unlike other countries in Norway no matter what you have done you will have the right to have a laywer and you will have a fair trial.

  15. 1:54 we treat our prisonors like that so they might have a chance to return to society as human and not a psychopath. Yes this indevidual will never get out of prison no matter what but keeping him as sane as possible. We do this for their own and other prisonors safety. Thats where america could learn something. There's not alot of prison violence in norway and when you compare it to america its pretty understandable why we keep it this way. ''Sanety before punishment''

  16. Why dous USA and other chonteries think we are to kind, prisons in other chonteries beat and dont let them see there family if they did something horrible, so USA we do the right, and im norwigen my self

  17. The only thing I learned from the Youtube prisons video, is this:
    there are the whites, the blacks, the north Mexicans, the south Mexicans.
    Also Mexicans always move by pair, for their protection.

  18. Personally, all that matters to me is that he doesn't harm anyone else.
    Making him suffer won't stop him from harming others so no point to that.
    High security life sentence might.
    Death penalty certainly would.
    But for those that still might be reintegrated into society, treat them well and rehabilitate them!

  19. Criminals should not be punished in prison. It's the distorted environment that made them "criminals". So it's environment's fault not their.

  20. No human contact and a playstation is now "far too lavish conditions". A playstation is like 300 dollarydoos. What the holiest of fucks are people even talking about. Are Americans unable to afford playstations? Do they take out mortgages? It's a cheap plastic toy, ffs.

  21. When in uni I thought prisons like these were just a theoretical practice. This truly is a rehabilitative society

  22. Shows Donald Trump as a "law-and-order type." lol I don't think he's ever been that in his adult life. Not even close.

  23. In my class we got planks to make bird houses. Prisoners had SHOSEN to make them cause it was better than sleeping all Day.

  24. Anders behin breivik terroist dude, can actually just die. I hope he will be sendt to USA. He littarly killed 69 poeple, and more was pretty hurt. 21 years. with a cell with everything, computer, TV. Like what the fuck is that

  25. in short "fuck human rights of the slain".. the criminal must be reintegrated at all cost… justice is human rights of the perp…

  26. Spent 3 months in a jail waiting to see a judge here in the US, and you're stuck in your cell for 22 hours a day. It stupifies you after awhile.. Becomes hard to think, and you're stuck in a constant fog of confusion..

  27. I am American and I know there are absolutely some Americans who would love being in a Norwegian prison versus their current situation. Just being honest.

  28. America focuses on revenge for individuals, while Norway focuses on improvement for the society as a whole.

  29. The best solution to certain criminals is death. Dead inmates need no food and water, don't need a cell and no taxes are spent on keeping that person alive. The best part is of course that a dead criminal will never recidivate.

  30. This is the BEST video or there discussing the Norwegian penal system!! Very well explained!

    Is there video that discusses how Scandanavian prisons deal with paedophiles? And their recidivism rates after experiencing this sort of prison?

    I've tried looking but this isn't directly looked at….

  31. One statistic that should be added is how many people die in prison. Even if you subtract all of the lifesentences and death penalties that USA have, there is alot more inmates that either commit suicide, is murdered or die due to health issues in USA then Norway. And that number is important when you look at inmates that are punished for a fixed amount of time and are supposed to someday be set free.

  32. I’m very proud of our system. We don’t want to get revenge… we want a safer society.. and it does work to still treat criminals likes human beings when they’re in jail… they get help and most of them will return to society and they basically get a second chance.. being in jail won’t destroy their life.. they can still get a job etc when returning to society

    (But obviously extremely dangerous people like the terrorist in this video will never return to society… that would be too dangerous)

  33. Sounds good on paper, but it ignores human nature and justice. Norway seems to care nothing for the victims of crime. They seem more focused on making the criminal happy. As if being a happy person will keep one from crime. That’s not justice. That’s continuing to victimize the victims.
    I worked for years as a psych nurse in a max security prison hospital unit. I know first hand that making inmates comfortable and happy does NOTHING to change them or rehabilitation. They just get more arrogant and aggressive. Norway sounds good on paper, but I know they’re hiding the truth.

  34. Heres the thing, instead of punishing we help them to be better people. My cusin got locked up because he got in to drugs and stuff and he has a pretty good life and he is becoming a better person.

  35. What a joke! Sure it's still a "prison" but damnit do they have it easy!!! Those Norwegian "prisoners" would not last 5 minutes in a American prison!!! Typically soft European, indeed!

  36. i live in norway norway is so fkn stupid like 21yrs jail for murder lke it like this guy/ Breivik should get lifetime in a smal cell with nothing or deathrow like fkn hell norway

  37. i feel like the ratings are hard to understand, because i feel that there is a major difference if a murderer walks and if a thief walks… Would be interesting to see what crime is most committed in the different countries

  38. Btw they who were at the island were swedish activists from the social party in Sweden. You can look at tv pogram about that at SVT.

  39. it makes sense that they want to actually focus on rehabilitating and making sure they can get a job,because everywhere else will just chuck you out with nothing and no help getting a job or anything like that to stay outta trouble.

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