What is the best tent? – Bo and Petra Hilleberg talk tents

What is the best tent? – Bo and Petra Hilleberg talk tents

Hi, this is Petra Hilleberg. I’m sitting
here with my dad, Bo Hilleberg, in our Staika outer tent. We often get the
question of what is your favourite tent or yeah what’s your favorite temperature
what is the best tent it’s difficult to answer
I don’t see an attempt which is best for all circumstances I use different tents
I have that poor possibility as we’re producing tents and first of all if I’m
out by myself in the summer or autumn and sometimes even in winter
I use a Cocteau the one person that we have if we are two persons going out in
the summer to tune which is not too demanding one of my favorites is chitin
3 if I go kayaking in a Swedish r2p Lago we have thousands
of small islands but rather tough to erect a tent that is this spica my
favorites because it’s stand by itself I don’t need any guidelines and it pegs I
just have to secure it with the guideline so it doesn’t fly away and
then of course in the winter that is my favorite Kieron 3 GT I would say it goes
there we spend more time in a tent and it’s more demanding so that’s Karen or
Kieran GT which is my favorites there so you can’t really pick one favorite it’s
like choosing the favorite child right yes exactly
no no no I can’t and I mean these are some examples sometimes perhaps I take
another tent when I go out so I don’t have any any special tie ok with I don’t
tell that so you really have to have three or four
yeah I think minimum minimum is four five times something like that perfect
is that for a sensitive backpacker that would be demeaning

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  1. Great fun interview with daughter and dad.
    I agree that, if you can, have multiple tents for different circumstances.  Backpacking is fun,and it is fun to have different equipment to play with.  Of course if the conditions are extreme only certain tents will do.

  2. I have only ever owned and used one of your tents, the Soulo. For me this is the best one man all season tent I have ever seen. For me it has everything. Excels in bad conditions and is still brilliant to use in the summer too. Would love a Nammatj 3 for taking my 2 girls camping but that will have to wait till the funds are available. Hoping to get out in it very soon in the Soulo. ATB Mark.

  3. Interesting chat. I have two of the tents mentioned, the Akto for when I'm walking and backpacking and the Staika for when I'm touring on my motorbike. I really like the Staika as it has loads of room for my and my bike kit and it's totally reliable in all weathers.

  4. Without knowing your personnel choice I also selected the Akto and the Staika as my favourites.  I use the Akto in the mountains = less weight  as a shelter and the Staika for all the other camps.  I travel alone but I prefer the roominess of the Staika and its only slightly heavier than the Jannu.

  5. Several of the commenters have mentioned the Staika.  For anyone considering a Staika, to yourself a favor and check out the Tarra as well.  The Tarra is, in my opinion, the unsung hero of Hilleberg's line.  The self-supporting shape makes in very stable even in tricky pitching conditions. It is identical in weight to the Staika, but due to the hybrid tunnel-dome design, it has WAY more usable interior space.  The vertical doors and near vertical walls of the Tarra make it an incredibly roomy tent.  I even once sold a Saivo (3-person dome), because the Tarra is a couple pounds lighter and feels roomier inside.  The weight is the one factor that would put people off the Tarra.  But if you're considering the Staika, that means weight is not that important, and there is absolutely no reason not to consider the Tarra instead.

  6. Petra's so gorgeous, and seems to have a great personality to go along with it. I think I'm sold–on buying one of their tents, that is. 😛

  7. I agree with other comments that you need more than one tent…..however it makes me chuckle that Bo recommended buying 4 or 5 of his tents 😂😂😂😂👍

  8. Lovely rivew I remember having the old keb 2 back in the late seventies brilliant tent why don't you consider bringing it back?

  9. I'm still waiting for Santa Claus to bring me a Soulo 🙁 Was made redundant so have the time to go away but no tent!! Usually the other way around 😉

  10. I’m looking for a 2 person tent without too much mesh venting, I do most camping in Colorado Rockies so nights get cold, also I’m a adventure motorcycle rider so compact/light weight is very important. As for most things in life,you pay for what you get. Spending more money on quality equipment is a no brainer. I considered 4 season tend just to keep warmer during high altitude nights but I’m not sure if that’s the proper way to go? Also my mesh tent did not do me any favors in a sand storm in Utah, it was a mess to say the least:( Thanks!

  11. I’m a nammatj 3 gt owner user and for me it’s the best tent hilleberg make. I even share the weight with my travel companions and take it up mountains. It’s a real true bombshelter. And the space is amazing.

  12. Härlig video👍 Jag har haft unna, nammatj 2 och 3, och muddus. Håller med om att det är skönt att kunna använda olika modeller. Go tur! / Krister

  13. The best all rounder for me is the Tarra . Bomb proof shelter whatever Mother Nature throws at it…

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