What's Inside of the World's Most Expensive Bomb Shelter?

What's Inside of the World's Most Expensive Bomb Shelter?

a nuclear war the eruption of a supervolcano the fall of a meteorite even as zombie apocalypse could be the cause for all of humanity having to move underground the first thing that comes to mind in such a case might be pitiful humans crammed into dirty slums people fighting for space in rat-infested underground warrens deep in the bowels of the earth endless wars for every piece of territory with those others who have managed to survive the apocalypse then again things could go a completely different way at least for those wealthy enough to afford themselves an expensive private escape from these potential cataclysms now on the market are a variety of underground bunkers dormitories individual economy class apartments luxury mansions even entire underground complexes but will they really save one during a catastrophe or on the contrary might they simply end up burying their owners alive let's take a virtual tour of the 5 most expensive bunkers in the world and find out just how it is living with millions of tons of Earth pressing down on you from above let's start with a settlement of vivos x point this is a true bunker city it has been put together by the american company vivos in south dakota this huge complex consists of 575 bunkers each going for the amazingly low price of just 25 thousand dollars millionaires should not stoop to buy such affordable post-apocalyptic housing they would certainly lose precious prestige this village is hidden in one of the safest places in North America at an altitude of roughly 1000 150 meters above sea level spring-like weather reigns supreme here all year long rarely does one have to soak in the rain and rivers and lakes do not wash away the soil from the inside the serene silence of this location is unlikely to ever be bro by the roar of the explosion of a nuclear bomb as the nearest possible target is located at a safe distance 160 kilometers away nevertheless the bunkers are additionally protected from external impacts by a thick layer of Earth and from flooding by a powerful drainage system this huge complex covers an area of approximately 46 square kilometers energy is provided by solar and wind generators with special systems engineered to clean the air and create a comfortable climate for residents while the elements may be raging elsewhere on the earth the villagers here will be able to safely go to the store for some light shopping perhaps dine in a restaurant and maybe even invite guests over to a barbecue where everyone can also enjoy fresh fruit from your garden and on the weekend of course you must dress up for your visit to the theater you'll have to pay a bit more for this subterranean nuclear bunker in Georgia about seventeen and a half million dollars more to be exact this gorgeous mansion exists at a depth of 15 metres below the surface of the earth the high price is partly due to the expensive cleaning system which cost the owner $100,000 but this shelter is extraordinarily durable a true fortress capable of withstanding the explosion of a 20-kiloton atomic bomb the walls of this exceptional stronghold are made of concrete with a thickness of almost 100 centimeters according to specialists they can completely absorb the energy of a nuclear explosion this amazing facility contains a fully functioning medical clinic a cinema a conference hall a media center and a number of other rooms available to residents on an area of over 1,300 square meters this bunker was built in the midst of the Cold War in 1969 when the entire planet was fearful of a world ending nuclear exchange between the United States and the USSR at that time the bomb shelter was a huge but modest dwelling but in 2012 it was converted into this luxurious multi-purpose dwelling you see before you now more recently a real high-rise of an underground building has grown up in the state of Kansas or grown down I should say called the survival condo project this is an elite community that goes underground to a depth of 174 meters each apartment sports an area of 185 square meters and costs from between 1.5 to 3 million dollars this huge complex is one of the strongest underground structures in the world the entrance doors of the shelter weigh 14 and a half tons with the thickness of the hardened concrete walls and impenetrable nine meters this package will allow the bunker to withstand even a direct hit by an atomic bomb and its dome can withstand beyond hurricane-force winds with gusts of up to 800 kilometers an hour this domicile will please it's prudent residents with food supplies that will last for several years and for those who might grow bored sitting for too long staring at the four walls of their luxurious apartment the facility also boasts an ultra-modern swimming pool a cinema hall and a full-service gym but even all of these lavish amenities cannot compare to the comforts on offer at the shelter known as the oppidum located in the czech republic this habitat is a true opulent palace which only the owner of an extraordinarily thick wallet can even begin to think of buying the bunker owner an American entrepreneur by the name of Jacob Zamora zeal plans to sell it for a quite pricey 250 million euros this Asylum is designed to accommodate 50 people but only one client will be able to purchase this gargantuan residence according to mr. Zamora zeals conditions for sale for this price mr. Zamora zeal promises to stuff the castle with ultra-modern facilities and equipment in the non-residential premises of this palatial post-apocalyptic survival estate even units for the production of food products in hydroponic gardens will be installed and quarantine facilities will be set up in the case of a world-spanning epidemic but the entrepreneur mr. Sam Raziel considers the main selling feature of this doomsday getaway to be an innovative automatic palace control system it will be programmed for seven different modes of operation from a state of complete rest to a maximum load for crisis situations and yet even this palatial estate is done one better another vivos company project this one called the vivos Europa one a bunker bomb shelter located in East Germany it is the most expensive and luxurious underground housing in the world American Robert vecino is already completing the construction of this palace extraordinaire in the shell of an old five square kilometre Soviet bunker it consists of a number of interconnected autonomous complexes mr. vecino laid out 200 million euros for this subterranean complex and after all of the updates he planned to sell it for more than a billion according to specialists the complex can endure an atomic war the eruption of a supervolcano the fall of an asteroid and even yes a zombie apocalypse if such misfortune does take place on our planet in these underground mansions one will not have to wile away the time suffering in cramped quarters enduring endless boredom buyers will be provided with the comforts and services normally found only in 5-star hotels residents will be able to relax in ultra luxurious rooms go to one of the many cinemas or even arrange to have a real end of the world party in the huge main ballroom in addition to these services Europa one will provide a most modern Hospital a school and even swimming pools with saunas and jacuzzis mr. vecino plans to quickly complete the vivos Europa one project and then move on to creating a network of such ultra high class bomb shelters around the world most likely thanks to all the excitement and interest the entrepreneur will be able to fully realize his plans and the lucky ones those who have enough zeroes tacked on at the end of their wealth ohmmeter will survive and perhaps even enjoy the apocalypse in this underground paradise but let's not burn with envy of these uber-rich just yet these elite bunkers may not be quite as sweet safe and secure as the sellers say according to some researchers and scientists even the thickest walls of an underground bunker will not save these richest elites from the powerful explosions of atomic bombs or the eruption of a supervolcano the main reason being that such cataclysms can provoke monstrous earthquakes and widespread tectonic destruction so within any bunker the ceilings could shift and collapses and landslides could occur in such a case even the most reliable bomb shelters will turn into mass graves in a later episode I will go into more detail about how this can occur and just in case what to do in such a situation when a person is buried alive in the meantime I want to introduce you to another bunker 1 which is not afraid of even the worst shuffling and rearranging of the tectonic plates and what is most surprising is that it does not cost millions of dollars or euros this technology is made of plastic and costs only five to seven thousand dollars estonian company terra mill offers this bizarre protection against biological chemical and even radiological weapons the shelter has successfully passed numerous tests and has proved to be resistant to corrosion increased ultraviolet radiation and even atomic radiation it can withstand extreme weather conditions with an effective temperature range of from minus 50 to plus 80 degrees Celsius one block of one of these cylindrical modules with a length of only six meters can accommodate up to 12 people it's easy to move one of these plastic bunkers by conventional transport and they can be installed almost anywhere in less than half an hour even in your own backyard and if you dig the hole a little deeper and lower the shelter a few metres below the ground then it can withstand even a nuclear strike at least that's what the producers of this amazing plastic Ark say so it turns out that if we wish each and every one of us can acquire our own personal bomb shelter however before investing in such a purchase it's worth thinking about carefully despite constant and endless predictions of the end of the world mankind still somehow always manages to avoid such a fate and even if these bunkers do not have to protect us from the apocalypse they still could be quite handy for example they might help us solve problems related to overpopulation on our planet or even help us further explore the mysterious subterranean parts of the earth if you agree and you like this video give a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and don't forget to invite your friends it's more fun to watch our episodes in the warmth of online company I promise that there will be so much more interesting stuff in our videos to come that even if the world turns upside down you will not be able to even begin to think of tearing your eyes away from the screen until next time

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  1. Builds bunker for nuke, relies on windmill for energy? Lol what happens when the nuke hits the windmill

  2. If humanity really is going to be fucked over by any sort of disaster level of extinction. I would rather be killed off in those time than live my life with no purpose only to wait and die a slow death when most likely all my loved one would be dead already.

  3. Isn't it time the world leaders and wealthy people pull together resources to block production of all nuclear weapons and bombs? We all want to live but can't all afford bunkers. Why the stupid wars? Feels like idiots rule this world all round.

  4. So I guess all these rich people are going to be able to get to their fancy bunkers in plenty of time? Probably not. It would be my luck to get there early and the guy with the keys never makes it! lol

  5. no bunker will save you..only Jesus can save you. when the Judgment Day comes you will need Him badly. turn to God not to bunkers lol
    Wake up in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  6. And what happens when these rich folk need a plumber or HVAC service? I assume many of these have a sprinkler system for fire protection (that is my trade I work in). None the less, a very cool video.

  7. That groundscraper in Kansas looks dope and would easily protect the occupants from tornadoes, but….does Kansas suffer from earthquakes…? We get minor ones in southern Indiana, sadly……😔

  8. Damn, didn't know that you could build that deep underground in Georgia…..I thought most southern states were too close to sea level (Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, etc) to even build basements…..😐

  9. In exchange for an insane amount of money I promise to covert this ex-government toxic waste site into a hotel room. Just look at this concept art I paid a grad student to produce. Did I mention zombies!

  10. Well, and the bunker would need to be secret and won't become a target
    Which…Only if u build your own bunkers would save ya

    Or, u can just drove off into the sea.

  11. Waste of money. Statistically you're more likely to die from an ordinary life occurrence like an accident or disease. Or old age. However, for some people the need to buy some form of protection from these "end of the world" situations gives them "peace of mind". So I guess if you can afford it, it is your money.

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