When will the Canadiens host an outdoor game? | Like a Boss #29

When will the Canadiens host an outdoor game? | Like a Boss #29

Welcome back to Like a Boss. We’re back here in the Director’s Lounge at the Bell Centre. The first question comes from yb2908. Could you sign Max Domi to a long-term deal? He’s exactly the kind of guy who should be — and has been — representing the Canadiens. Please make this good decision. Thank you for your question. Max’s first year with us was incredible and we really appreciate what he brings, not just on the ice, but off the ice and in the community as well. He’s a player who represents the team well. I hope he’ll be a Montreal Canadien for a long time. This next question is from SaadTheLucario. Thanks very much for the question. I get that question a lot and it certainly is something we discuss internally all the time. We would love to make one happen. Unfortunately, right now there isn’t a stadium that’s big enough to host an event like that outside. And so we continue to think about it and we continue to push the NHL to try and work with us to have an outdoor game, so hopefully someday we’ll be successful. This next question is from Sean Boudreau. So that’s a really good question. We love going out west and playing against the Western teams. For us, the Montreal Canadiens, in most of those cities it almost feels like a home game or at least 50/50 fan split between the local team and the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to have a fan fest or any kind of big event around it, but we sure do appreciate all the fans out west who love the Montreal Canadiens and make sure they get out there whenever we make our western trip.

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  1. I think Molson and Bergevin's plan is to keep the habs in mediocrity. I don't think they care to see them get a winning product on the ice. Just as long as the Bell Centre keeps selling out is all that matters ! $$$$$$$$$$$ The fans care about winning more then them !

  2. Unbelievable, what kind of questions he choses to answer! There are so many important questions about this team for next season. It seems as if he is doing lip service for the fans. Just to appear on screen.

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