Who is prisoner GN0098?

Who is prisoner GN0098?

during my research for an article on a murder in 1867 I incidentally came across a huge arc of containing almost 2,000 mug shots of inmates of the frisian prison around 1900 when i browse through the old pictures one after the other long gone prisoner was looking me in the eyes often brutal sometimes with a friendly smile somewhere names and dates but most nothing but a number suddenly prisoner G and oo 9 8 appeared on my screen her picture was lacking name and date all I could find out was that she was doing time in the woman’s prison of AB Academy in 3 salons the Netherlands but why what has this young woman almost a child done to deserve spending her days between cold prison walls has she ever been released and what became of her we will probably never know history swallowed G & oo 9 8 without leaving us her name neither will we ever know what she was thinking about when she looked into the camera with her dreamy eyes but at the century later she would look through many computer screens into the eyes of so many people that were not even born the day she will die well that is something she would surely never have believed [Music] you you

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