Why is the US cutting aid to refugees?

Why is the US cutting aid to refugees?

the White House wants a three billion dollar foreign aid cut including two refugee organizations but the media gave almost no details here’s what you need to know the UN HCR High Commissioner for Refugees is in 128 countries they’ve helped almost half a million refugees from Syria two million from Sudan and more many are already former refugees now settled in new safe homes at the rate of over a million people per decade so far the US hasn’t cut UNHCR funding but has cut funding for Unruh the agency for Palestinian refugees but why according to the US State Department this isn’t just about saving Americans money the US has called Unruh and irredeemably flawed operation and said Palestinians deserve better here’s the TLDR one where does important work like building schools but some of the textbooks say that Jews have no rights and throwing Molotov cocktails at Israelis is a barbecue party and more some owner employees encourage jihad and praise Adolf Hitler on social media worst of all instead of helping people to get safe and settled one row works to keep Palestinians as refugees that’s the opposite of what UNHCR does Unruh exaggerated the number of Palestinians from thirty thousand to five million by Counting unlimited number of generations and even including people who are citizens in new countries no other refugee group is counted in that way and this harms all refugees like the ones from Syria and Sudan because Unruh is expensive all refugees have to be treated fairly and we’ve got to let the UN know we put links in the description to contact the UNHCR and own run we put all of our sources in the description so you can check that out and if you want to learn more be sure to subscribe you

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  1. Hmmmm.. let’s think.. so far tons of money had gone to “ pay to slay”- including the last scum bag who stabbed to death Ari Fuld on 16th of September
    His family got an advance of $3000 and a further 1.7 Million dollars will be paid as a “ reward” to the family of the murderer

  2. Sounds like the UNRWA dug its own grave so to speak. According to this video they support extremist violence and lie about their numbers to fraudulently steal more money than they should be getting. Why should anyone ever bother trusting that organization again?

  3. We SHOULD cut aid to every single country in the world. It doesn't help my country AT ALL. AMERICA FIRST BABY! no foreign entanglements! End NATO. Nothing but an alimony payment to free loaders. We're broke and everyone knows it. We've been fighting wars my whole fucking life for nothing!

  4. oy vey goys, borders and nation for me but not for thee. why does isreal take zero refugees from Syria or Sudan?

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