Winter Tent Overnight in the Snow

Winter Tent Overnight in the Snow

It’s a few degrees warm Wind from the west Middle of March A feeling of spring It’s open water outward Closer to land it’s just blocks of ice Ok, dinner ready As usual a piece of meat with vegetables and potatoes Not so bad Not a bad view either You hear the fox? At dawn Who is sitting there? A mermaid has gone up on land Surprised by the winter and frozen to ice

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  1. .

    A favorite to date-

    white on white
    arcs of light
    the whispers of nature
    crackling ice under foot
    a brief base camp

  2. Great views and peace and quiet, keep it up..
    I never heard a fox like that. They can be rather noisy..

    Did you use the subtitles function from YouTube? When I download the video and play it in any videoplayer they are not there any more. And suddenly Swedish is not so easy anymore.

  3. I see you have the Nammajt and the Allak, I have shortlisted the two and I'm having a hard time picking one.

    Do you have a favourite or do you use them for different functions?

  4. Hey ! Says the Canadian
    Just notice your kuska cup ,i think that is the name correct me if wrong ? as a beautiful engrave bone on the handle (magnifique) You must gnow by now i like you movie very much, i took a habit, i listen to them on a big screen with hi-fi audio, i don't gnow if you did that, but the ''night shot'' i put it on pause, and watch the distance, it is a dream finish i enjoy every note and sound the atmospheric space track .just beautiful.

  5. Thumbs up and subscribed. Stunning shots of the sky alone… breathtaking! Your other video had a shot of the Aurora.

  6. Breathtaking views of the sky! I don't think I've ever seen a sky that color, so very beautiful! Thank you for sharing-so enjoyed your video! 🙂

  7. I’ve just discovered your videos in the last few days. It’s obvious a lot of effort goes into these films. They are quite impressive and enjoyable to watch.

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