Xgirl Nerf War: Plan To Chase inhumane Criminals Group

What do you want me to do ? Your job now is to find the Xgirl group And destroy them In this case, what will I get? Rest assured, if successful,
I will not let you suffer Okay There are many weapons here Please choose the gun that you like I just need this to be enough If so, you go quickly This assassin, can he do the job? Big brother just rest assured He is famous in this area Who are you ? I was the killer I was hired to kill you Who hired you to do this? You must die anyway I’ll tell you, it’s the boss of Alibaba Boss, he’s back How’s the situation ? A person was poisoned She won’t be able to survive tonight What about the other girl? She alone, will not do anything You can send someone to kill her I don’t believe she’s dead,
you have to go see the situation Wait for him to check, then I’ll pay you Candy, you’re awake How long have I been in a coma? You’ve been in a coma for half a day Alibaba team will definitely come back What do we do now? Now, we must correspond to the next plan How ? Pretend to die Candy… Candy , Why did you leave me alone? Please wake up Candy… Candy… Bro How is it ? Yes, a dead girl Really ? do you see with your eyes I saw a dead girl The other girl was crying with a sad face Good This is your wages Thanks you so much , I have finished my work
I’m going Mobilize manpower, let’s go She is in here Shut up or I’ll shoot you still not dead ? You think I die so easily? where do you run now ? Cherry , are you ok ? I’m okay See how they are They are dead, let’s clean this place

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