Yoga Camp – Day 17 – I Am Focused

Yoga Camp – Day 17 – I Am Focused

– Hey my friends, and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s Day 17, and the mantra today is, “I am focused.” Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) All right, let’s begin in
a nice, comfortable seat. Ankles crossed. Sitting up nice and tall. As you get settled in today, we’re gonna start right
away with the mantra. So as I chat for a little bit, you can start to find
movement that feels good, whether it’s neck circles,
circles with the nose, looping the shoulders. And we begin with the mantra, “I am focused.” So you may not be focused right away, but we use the mantra and
the connect to the mind, the thought, to kind of
unite us with our energy in this moment. And so we find movement
that feels good here, and then we find breath
that feels good here. So big, nice, refreshing breath in. (inhaling) Nice, easy exhale out. (exhaling) Close your eyes. Say to yourself, “I am focused.” (breathing) And then consider this
mantra for just a moment here as you continue any organic
movement that feels good. Continue, it’s just kind of
teasing that conversation with the breath. Is there an area of your
life that could use focus? (breathing) And then back to the mantra. Say it out loud or repeat
quietly to yourself. “I am focused.” And align head over
heart, heart over pelvis. So sometimes with my eyes closed I like to just rock a
little front to back, and even left to right to
just find that center spot. And then to expand a little awareness. Then slowly bat your eyelashes open. And you can, of course,
take a look at the video to get this sequence. Some of you have done
this dance with me before. It’s actually one of my
favorite little flows because it’s like a little
shout out to my teacher. So, we’ll slowly bring the
fingertips left to right, and right away press into the pinkies, lift up through the armpit chest. So there’s this definite
dichotomy of energy as you lift, lift, lift up, and then find places to ground down. And how many times have I said, “Find places to lift and lengthen. “Find places to ground down.” So even here. And the mantra, “I am focused.” If that doesn’t resonate, I choose to focus. So marrying the breath to the movement, the movement to the breath. We inhale, spread the
fingertips super wide. Stretch through the hands, and lift the arms halfway, palms parallel to the earth. See if you can grow even taller here, as if you’re pressing the hands down on a piece of plexiglass, kind of like we do with
those airplane arms. And lengthen through the crown. Then inhale. Spread the fingertips again. Exhale, keep the heart
lifted but chin to chest here as we bring the hands behind, and then soft rounding of the spine. So palms come behind. Again, we’re just kind of, we’ll walk everyone through it, and then we’ll get our groove on. Stretching through the
back of the neck, the head, and just letting the weight of
the wrist here help stretch. No need to press or tug. Then on your next inhale, slowly begin to lift the heart. The spine nice and long
here as you continue up through the crown of the head. Fingertips reach towards the sky. And then use your exhale to
float it back down to one. (exhaling) Let’s try again. Inhale, spreading the fingertips. Reaching left to right. On the exhale, chin to chest. Keep the chest open. Gentle rounding in the spine though so we’re not totally collapsing here so it’s all in control. Palms come behind to this
little namaste shark fin here. And then empty out all the air. (exhaling) And inhale, grow tall, rolling up through the
staircase of the spine, reaching towards the heavens. And then using the
exhale to open the chest, open the shoulders. Whooo. Let’s do one more. Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale. Chin to chest. Reach behind, palms together. (exhaling) Empty out all the air. Then inhale, reach. Lift and lengthen. (inhaling) And exhale, rain it down. (exhaling) Great, just give the
arms a little break here. Take your nose past your right shoulder. If you like that image of
maybe someone kissing you on the left side of your neck here, take it or leave it. And drop the chin to the
chest, rolling through. We take it to the other side, drawing the nose past
the left shoulder here. Receive your kiss. And then you come back to center. All right, so I am focused. Synchronizing movement to
breath, breath to movement. We inhale, send the
fingertips out left to right. (inhaling) Exhale, palms together at the heart. (exhaling) Nice and slow, chin to chest. Reach behind. Empty out all the air. (breathing) And then send it all the way up. Exhale, release. (exhaling) Keep it going. It’ll take a while to get this groove. It’s a little yoga for the brain at first. And then it’ll also take a while
to stay true to your breath so Ujjayi helps. Inhale, Ujjayi breath. (inhaling) Exhale. It’s that soft restriction
in the back of the throat. Bring the palms in. (breathing) Chin to chest. Reach behind. And then inhale, reach it up. (breathing) Exhale, rain it down and pause. (exhaling) Great, open your eyes. Take a look at the video. Now we’re gonna add an extra layer. You can take it or leave it. Just to play. So we inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Now check it out. Here, I just emptied out all the air. I’m gonna hold the
breath, retain the breath, as I reach back, palms together. Retaining the breath,
retaining the breath. If you’re familiar with
Uddiyana Bandha here, drawing the navel in. And then inhale, fresh
breath as you reach up. (inhaling) And exhale, rinse it free. (exhaling) So basically I’m just
inviting you, if you’d like, to play with a little
breath retention here. As the palms come in,
we empty everything out. Navel draws in. And then we reach behind,
retaining the breath. And then inhale with that
nice Uddiyana Bandha, drawing the navel in. We inhale, reach up. And exhale rain it down. So we’re gonna do this
five times together. You can watch the video. And once you start getting your groove, you can maybe soften your gaze, and begin to really integrate the neck. OK. (breathing) I am focused. (exhaling) Fingertips to your sides. One free breath in. Exhale out. (exhaling) Inhale, we flow. Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, palms together at the heart. Namaste. (exhaling) Chin to chest. Reach behind. Retain the breath. And then inhale. Gather it up. Reach for the sky. (inhaling) Exhale, rain it down. (exhaling) Inhale, let your breath
fuel your movement. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Retain the breath. Chin to chest. Reach behind. Inhale, all the way up. (inhaling) Exhale, rain it down. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. Stay focused. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. Play with that Ujjayi. (exhaling) Hold the breath, retain. Reach behind, chin to chest. And then inhale, all the way up. (inhaling) Exhale, float it down. (exhaling) Two more. Inhale. Halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale. Palms together. (exhaling) Chin to chest. Reach behind. Inhale, all the way up. (inhaling) Exhale down. (exhaling) Last one. Move with your breath. (inhaling) Exhale. (exhaling) Chin to chest. Reach behind. Inhale, all the way up. (inhaling) Then exhale, release. (exhaling) Great, relax your shoulders. Just take a second to notice how you feel. Repeat the mantra, “I am focused.” Hmmmm. And slowly drop the chin to the chest. Bat the eyelashes open, and we’ll dive forward onto all fours. So keep breathing as you
make your transition. (breathing) We’ll take a couple Cat-Cows here. (breathing) Then we’ll make our way
to Downward Facing Dog. Stick with your breath. (breathing) Stay focused on your breath. (exhaling) (inhaling) Hmmmmmm. Then nice, slow walk up
towards the front edge. Negotiate, you got it. Each day is anew so stay present. (breathing) Forward fold. (exhaling) Bend the knees. Grab the elbows. Rock a little side to side. (breathing) Stay focused on your breath. On the sensations. (inhaling) And give the thinking mind a little break. (exhaling) Then release the arms
and slowly roll it up. Take your time. Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. (inhaling and exhaling) Rise up strong to your Mountain. (breathing) And go through your checklist here. So drawing the shoulders
away from the ears, maybe tops of the thighs spiral in today. You lengthen the tailbone down. (exhaling) Finding that strong
base, strong foundation. So in Mountain Pose, if I were to come up and just
gently press you on the hips, you wouldn’t just fall over. You’re engaged. We’re lifting energy up from the arches. Pressing into all four
corners of the feet. (inhaling and exhaling) And then here we go. Same thing. Soft knees here, so
careful not to lock out. So you’ve gone through your checklist, you’ve done the work to make sure you have a nice, strong base here. And we return our attention
towards the vinyasa. Inhale, extend the fingertips
out left to right halfway. So you could just lift the arms or you could literally reach
way beyond your yoga mat. Beyond the physical body. Energy going out. Big breath in. Just a little review here. Exhale, palms together. Then chin to chest. Reach behind. Maybe you retain the breath here. Maybe not. And inhale, reach it all the way up. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Big full body stretch here. Again, beyond the physical body. Energy reaching up. Energy grounding down. (inhaling) So good for you. And then exhale, release
back to the Mountain. So I’ll let you decide if
it’s feet hip width apart feels more stable, secure. Or maybe you come to that
four part equal standing. Here we go. Playing with an audible
breath or that Ujjayi breath, which there’s a video for, and it takes a little bit of
practice but it’s really nice to focus the mind. That busy thinking mind. And so good for the body. Here we go. Inhale, soft knees. Inhale, extend. (inhaling) Fingertips left to right. Exhale, hands to heart. Nice and slow. (exhaling) Chin to chest. Reach behind. Inhale. Press away from the earth as you reach up. (inhaling) Exhale, float it down. Keep it going. Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Chin to chest. Reach around. (inhaling) Inhale, reach it up. Then exhale, hands float down. (exhaling) So I’ll stop talking. Just get in the groove here. Inhale. (inhaling) Follow your breath. (breathing) Let’s do two more. Especially if you’ve been
doing this with me for a while, you can begin to soften
out the hard edges. (breathing) And one more. When you’ve complete your
round, we’ll pause in Mountain. (breathing) Soften the gaze or close
your eyes and just notice how you feel, what that did. Totally blitzed me out. Say no to drugs. Get high on yoga with Adriene. Yoga Camp. Drop your chin to your chest. Bat your eyelashes open. Just soft movement into
the hands and feet. So just kind of move onto the next thing. And make sure that we’re
not holding too tight. So we’re coming into Warrior One. So we’re just gonna come into it with the right foot forward
and the left foot back. Now take a second to get into the legs so you might just find a
couple bends in the knee. A little awareness in that back foot. And then when you’re
ready, we’ll reach the arms all the way up and overhead. Find your posture. Big breath in. (inhaling) And then big breath out as you
release the fingertips down. So we’re gonna move through our flow. We’re only gonna do it in
three times in Warrior One on each side. So, moving through our flow. Start with the fingertips down
and then turn your pinkies towards the front edge of your mat. So open, open through the chest. Now, the root of this pose. Strong in that back leg. Lengthen, tailbone heavy,
down to the ground. Here we go. Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Play here. Chin to chest. Stay focused on the breath. Inhale, reach for the sky, Warrior One. (inhaling) Exhale, down we go. (exhaling) Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. Hug energy into the mid-line. Chin to chest. Reach behind. Strong legs here. You got it. Inhale, all the way up. Warrior One. Look to see if you’ve come
out of that front bend. Exhale. Rain it down. Just softly release. (exhaling) One more time, you got it. Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, stay focused. Hands to heart. (exhaling) Chin to chest, reach behind. Strong in that back leg. Inhale, Warrior One. (inhaling) And exhale, rain it down. Begin to straighten
through that front leg. We’ll slowly, slowly bring
the hands to the waistline, and begin to take the
head, the heart forward. Nice, flat back as long as you can, and then slow release down to the ground. Fingertips touch the mat. And we allow the head,
the crown to release. Big breath in here. (inhaling) Then soften through that front knee, and we power back up, Warrior One. Inhale in. Exhale, release. Hands come to the waistline, and we’ll just turn the right toes in. Send the left toes out
to do the same thing on the other side. (inhaling) So find your footing. (exhaling) We’ll come to Warrior One, reaching the arms all the
way up and over the head. Plug the shoulders down. Lift the heart up. (exhaling) (inhaling) And when you feel good and
strong, release the arms down, and we move into our flow. Big breath in to send the
fingertips out left to right. (inhaling) Big breath out. Whoa, hands to heart. (exhaling) Closed my eyes, and… Chin to chest, reach behind. Inhale, all the way up. Warrior One. (inhaling) Exhale, take it down. (exhaling) Two more. Inhale, halfway lift. (inhaling) Exhale, hands to heart. (exhaling) Chin to chest, reach behind. (inhaling) Then inhale, take it all the way up. Exhale, all the way down. (exhaling) Last time, I won’t cue it. Just move with your breath. (breathing) Great, after you release, pull the left hip crease back. Straighten through that front leg. Hands come to the waistline. And we slowly send the
head, the heart forward. Flat back position as long as you can. And stay strong in that
back leg as you release. If you need to bend this
front knee here, please do. Breathe. (exhaling) And then soften through, coming
back to your Warrior One, powering through the front leg strong. Bending that front knee. Reach, reach, reach. And then exhale, release. Hands to the waistline. We’ll turn the left toes in. And if you want to have
a little fun today, you can hop to the center. Otherwise, heel toe, heel toe. Whaaa! Mountain. Release the fingertips. Stand up nice and tall. Inhale in. (inhaling) Exhale, release. (exhaling) Then heel toe, heel toe. The feet hip width apart. We’re gonna take it back
down to the ground to relax. Open the toes. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, hands down through the mid-line as you slowly lower down. We’ll come into a yogic squat. So if the heels come up here, allow them to come up. And maybe keep the
fingertips on the earth. Otherwise, it’s right down
into this Malasana variation. Pressing the elbows into the
legs and squeezing the elbows, squeezing the legs in towards the elbows. Lift your sternum toward your thumbs. Lift through the crown. Stay here for a couple breaths. Nice, long, smooth, focused breaths. If you want to release the
palms down for a little Crow practice, Bakasana, please do. Nice, focused. Keeping that Drishti right
out in front, that focus. Good. Then we’ll slowly begin to release. Gently bring the palms back behind you. Sending your bum to the earth. We’re just gonna take a second
to windshield wiper the legs, so sending the knees
over towards one side, lifting up though the heart. And then rocking through, one
leg at a time feels best here. (exhaling) And over. Lift your heart. And one more time, each side. (breathing) And to the other side. Cool. Walking the feet back in. And coming to flat back. Interlace the fingertips. Bring them behind the head. I am focused. Let’s connect to the center. Remember your mantra. Scoop the tailbone up. Yogi bicycles today. Press up off the toes, shins parallel. This is what we’re ending
with so give it your all. Here we go. Inhale in. Exhale, peel the head, the neck, your shoulders up. Keep the elbows wide. Extend the right leg out long. Cross right elbow to left knee. Inhale, back to center. Exhale, left elbow to right knee. Extend through the left leg. Inhale, back to center. Keep it going. Keep lots of space between
the chin and the chest. Inhale, back to center. Exhale, cross it over. Now you can take away
that center and just move through the bicycles. But I think you should
still be really mindful of that lower back. Remember, I am supported. (exhaling and inhaling) Five more seconds, you got it. (breathing) Awesome, even it out. And then release. Give yourself a big hug. Point and flex the feet. And slowly release. Draw the shoulder blades underneath. And we’re gonna walk the
left foot into the center, and cross the right leg
over like eagle legs. Then send the arms out wide, Texas T. And slowly with your eagle
legs, melt towards the left. Nice and easy. So you should get a nice
massage in the left glute. And we twist. If this is too much, you
know you can always do recline twist. (breathing) And then back to center. Uncross the legs. Take the left leg over the right. Hook the ankles maybe, eagle legs. Inhale in. Exhale, gently melt
them over to the right. (exhaling) Breathe. (inhaling) Hmmmm. Carefully unravel. Come back to center. We inhale, send the legs up. Reach the fingertips towards
the outer edges of your feet. We hover here. (exhaling) You might find a little movement. You might find the pulses. You might take Simba and
reach him over the cliff. One way, and then the other. (breathing) So giving the lower back some love. Just kind of neutralizing
through the spine. One more breath here wherever you are. (breathing) And then exhale, release everything. (exhaling) Awesome. (breathing) Center yourself on your yoga mat. Or not. I am though. Send the legs out long. Find what feels good here. Get situated so that you can take a moment to be at peace. And relax. Let go. So this moment is important. This moment is about surrender. (lively piano music) Let your breath return
to its natural rhythm. Stay here as long as time allows. Otherwise, I know time is precious. Thank you for sharing your time with me. I hope you have an awesome day. Namaste. (lively, uplifting piano music)

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