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  1. Kako mrzim sto se mi Srbi, Hrvati i Bosnjaci jos uvek svadjamo a nikako da se sprijateljimo posle svih ovih godina…

  2. What`s the truth?
    Yugoslavia got invaded in 1941 by Nazi Germany & its Axis allies i.e: Italy etc.
    For most of the war the Partisans were running away from the Germans.
    Most of the fighting was between the Yugoslav ethnic groups on the territory of Bosnia & Herzegovina ( Independent State of Croatia during WW2). Mainly because Bosnia was mountainous, with lots of forests and only a few roads.

  3. The četniks just got steamrolled. The serbs just destroyed it. There go the tanks. The horses. And those stupid pirate ass flags

  4. Where are the chetnichs they deserve this to they were killed by partizans and they were doing the same thing but Tito killed the Leader of the chetnichs Draža and America supported the partizan (COMMUNISTS) in stead of making them work together so basically America made another communist state in the balkans

  5. Steta sto Nemci nisu pobedili na Sutjesci i Neretvi jedva se izvukle komunjare i steta sto se nije uhvatio Tito da se masakrira sto je i zasluzio pedofilcina ratardirana

  6. When Partisans "liberated" Croatia they killed 400 000 people and Domobrans (regular Croat army established during Austro-Hungary).

  7. As a Brit, I knew nothing about this. Thank you for enlightening me. Glory to the people who fought for their homeland!

  8. Fun fact they were the built there own air force and navy from stolen aircraft and from fishing boats but they were highly effective

  9. THE FIRST COUNTRY IN WORLD WHO COMPLETLY EXTERMINATED JEWS "Judenfrei" was Serbia. Left is image of Serbian Prime Minister Milan Nedić praises Hitler in 1942. A.D. Here is link of picture:

  10. Serbian chetniks and facists!
    We stand united against red-croatian terror!
    Death to yugoslavia and tito and other croatian red shit

  11. 02:45 Name of the Song ???

    After I wrote that question the song showed up in Youtube 😱 very scary ->

  12. Actually, a little known fact is that the first resistance (connected to the partisans and/or communists) formally and actually started in the Slovenian part of Yugoslavia – OF, Osvobodilna fronta was founded on 26th of april and the first armed action was on 29th of april. Druže, zajebo si infografiku.

  13. My great grandfather was a partisan , my family is from montenegro. He was captured and sent to aushwitz and survived. Im proud of all of the partisans..yuguslavia was amazing together…and yet we got seperated…so sad…

  14. who would win?
    Countries who took control of almost all of Europe

    Some partisans in the Balkans

  15. My grandfather was captured by the Chetniks. They told him that he will be executed the next day but that night his fellow Partisans came and liberated the prison he was in

  16. Can I make a slight correction? The last battle in Europe was the battle of Odžak in bosnia, it ended may 25th it was between partizans and Croatian forces but the Yugoslav state didn’t release the details until 1971 bc though Yugoslavia won it, the casualties on the Yugoslav side were huge, wiki says10.000-12.000 and only against under 2000 croats

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