Zach Williams – Interview with Billy (Live from Harding Prison)

Zach Williams – Interview with Billy (Live from Harding Prison)

I was selling drugs and then I got to
using the drugs and I got to using drugs real bad so I started like committing
those small little crimes you know I like I’ll try to do everything my way my
way my way it’s always got me to jail I’ve tried every way but God’s Way I got
to seize kids I got to get there and change to break the cycle even though
we’re in here you know done wrong in life there’s people actually still care
about us and want to help us when we get out and that means a lot to me because
I’ve got family that only care about me that much so now I’m gonna try it God’s
Way I pray and worship every day morning night noon
I actually feel a lot better by myself you know I’m just locked up but I’m
still actually free cuz it’s given me more time to get closer and closer to
God took my walk with him even though I’m in here I mean that’s helping out a

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  1. Oh WOW way to go!! I am very proud of you that you gave your life to JESUS!!! I just Prayed for you that you continue your walk with our LORD not only on the inside but when you get out as well! I so hope you are able to bring Christ into your home and your Family!! I wish you all the best!!

  2. This is something amazing that God is doing in this sons of God our Lord the all mighty.Thank you Lord for helping them knowing you more and more….all to you 😄✨🌌💞

  3. Man, you said it, Billy. Even though I've been a follower for several years your testimony was a great reminder to me and an encouragement! Peace be with you!

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