Zempire Aero TL Air Dome Tent Walkthrough

Zempire Aero TL Air Dome Tent Walkthrough

– A quick tour through the Zempire TL. So a nice big vestibule. Come on through. So it is a two-room tent. The way Zempire works is they have this clip-in room, which I’ll show you basically how that clips in. Yeah, so that’s how that clips in. All right, plenty of pockets in there. You’ve got your power outlets. There is another one over there that just zips in the side, also. So your rough dimensions
are 2.8 by 3.3 in this room with the back room being
2.3 by 3.3, all right. So nice and high inside. Full extension, I’m
only just touching that. So you do get a lot of height in here. It does make it feel great, all right. Here’s your windows and privacy screens. So you can just control your
windows from the inside. All right, great, you want to get in and get changed into your
swimmers or something. You can just give yourself some privacy, instead of having to run around to all and do all the windows on the outside. All right, so I’ll show
you in the back room here. So it is completely meshed off. All right, and then, you’ve
got this dark room material here, so it would be a
little bit cooler in here. But more importantly, it’s just
a bit darker in the morning. Let you have a sleep in,
if you don’t get woken up by the birds first, all right. There’s more pockets down here. More pockets over here, and there are more pockets there on the back here. Now this room is completely removable. So those clips I showed
you earlier, you can take all of this room out, make
this tent one massive area. All right, so that is a great option that you can make it a big area. What you do hear about
air tents is obviously the concerns that people
have about air, okay. So all of those concerns,
really, are unfounded. So the first one is
overinflation with the pump. Now, there is a gauge on the pump, but that’s really about
protecting the pump. You would be very hard-pressed to be able to overinflate these poles. I think the pump would break long before you could overinflate these poles. At least, your arms would be sore. So, look, it just doesn’t happen. So there’s no popping and such. The next one is punctures. So again, it’s just not a concern. So to start with, you’ve
got a puncture-resistant material here, and you’ve got a puncture-resistant material here. Then, on the inside of that,
it’s like a heavy-duty tarp. So the only way you could really puncture a pole is on purpose. I mean, you can break any
pole on purpose, all right. They are very stable in
the wind is the next one. People are concerned about
their stability in the wind. It’s actually quite windy outside today. You can see this pole is not
even moving at all, okay. They’re very, very robust. This tent is not even guyroped out, okay. The next one is … Look,
the other benefits of air is that if someone runs into
it, if you’ve got the kids, or someone’s maybe had a few too many. If they do run into a pole,
they’re very flexible. So that’s just not a concern. They’re great for that and
obviously, if that was a solid pole, you’ve got a broken pole And you have to start over. Particularly in storms, if
you get those flash storms. Whole campsites will be laid waste to. Even if your tent comes down
a bit because of the storm. When it’s over, you’re camping. Everyone’s packing up and going home because their tent’s a big wasteland. So they’re very, very robust.

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