Zempire Aerobase 4 Inflatable Air Shelter Gazebo Review & Demonstration

Zempire Aerobase 4 Inflatable Air Shelter Gazebo Review & Demonstration

– G’day folks, Brett from
Tentworld in Toowomba here. Today I’ve got the Zempire
Aerobase 4 shelter, which is much like your
traditional pop-up marquise, except for it packs down
into a small package. So, overall, the length
of this is 74 centimetres, 43 centimetres high,
and 43 centimetres wide. Which is quite small for when you’re packing up and going camping. Just, let’s have a look
at the internal components of what’s inside this bag. First up, we have the fibreglass poles, which there are four of
’em, for the internal frame. You have the dual-action pump, for when you’re pumping
up the frame itself. And as these are hybrid, using air as well as the fibreglass poles. We’ve got the pegs for
pegging it all into place. And then we have a sidewall
that you can instal. They’re the main components, the rest of the shelter is inside here. So what we’ll do is we’ll get it out and show you how to set it up. All right, before I
get stuck into actually setting up this tent, I’ve already got two fibreglass poles out already, but let’s get the rest of the gear out, and set up the shelter. (upbeat music) So just wanted to show you
that, on the front corner here, I have the inlet for where we hook up the Hurricane Power Pump to. It is a one-way valve,
so you can pump it up, and that way you don’t have to worry about the actual air coming back out of it. You just keep pumping, and it won’t, and you won’t get any returns or leaks. (upbeat music) Line up your zipper, zip
it in, all the way around, and then bring back down
the fibreglass poles and strap ’em back into place. And then line it up with
some pegs along the bottom to hold it into place. (upbeat music) G’day, folks, now you can see
she’s all set up, ready to go. The overall height to the
peak of the roof is 2.7. You’ve got an internal floor
space of 17.7 square metres. It’s 4.2 metres wide, 4.2 metres long, so she’s plenty of space
there, plenty of shade. We’ve installed the sidewall, as well. That has a window which you can unzip and to allow further ventilation
through your tent there. So that’s the Aerobase 4 shelter, all installed, ready to go.

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