Zempire Atom Hiking Tent – Features

Zempire Atom Hiking Tent – Features

– I’ve got a Zempire Atom one person lightweight hiking adventure tent set up behind me here, it’s a little lightweight beauty. I’m gonna take you for a walk through of all the features. Let’s get started. It’s Ben from Snowys Outdoors here, and set up behind me here is a Zempire Atom one person
lightweight hiking tent. It’s a single part tent with an extra little part across the top, it gives you a bit of head space. Weighs at about 1.74 kilos in total, but you could strip that down to about 1.5 for minimum weight, if you’re using it for lightweight adventures. I’ll take you a bit of a walk through of all the features today, so
let’s start on the outside. So, looking on the outside of the tent, the general structure of the tent is a single long pole down the middle here, and a brow pole across here. What this does is bring the sides of the tent more upright and gives it this head space rather than being a really tight
space at the top there. Got a a guy rope each side for stability. It’s not free standing,
so we do need the pegs all around the side for it to stand up. Well there’s a single entrance to the tent which is this side here if you zip this open which gives us access to a reasonably large vestibule inside of the tent here. In terms of the space of this vestibule you’ve got about 70
centimetres from the edge of the tent to the outside here, and it does slide back a little bit, but you’ve got enough space for one pack, one large pack maybe two smaller packs. Now the door is sort of a little bit counterintuitive here, you do really need to open the
vestibule right up like this, to get inside the tent, we can fold this right back out
the way so it allows access. If we look at the fabrics
that the Atom tent is made of, the fly sheet here is a 75 denier, 210 thread count ripstop
polyester, with a 3,000 water head, and the same seal throughout. In here is a full mesh,
a polyester mesh upper, so it’s a really breathable
three season tent, it’s gonna be a bit cooler
in the cold weather, or very breezy in the cold weather. The floor’s a really durable
one, 50 denier polyester, with a 10,000 water head. The poles, you can’t see them, but they’re right up the top here, it’s a 7001, 8.5 millimetre alloy pole, so they’re made with
good quality materials. We’ll have a look inside the tent here, you’ve got a space inside
the tent here for one person, plus a bit of gear. Probably the best way to demonstrate it is to lie in there myself. I’ve got a hike mat I’m
gonna stick in there as well, just let me grab that, out it inside, and then I’ll lie down a bit. So, sitting inside the atom here, we can talk about the space, you’ve got about 230 centimetres, from point to point, at each end. The actual usable space
is a bit less than that. With the width here, I’ve
got about 90 centimetres, so enough room for me, plus a bit of gear. With regards to my head space, it’s about 90 centimetres to the top here. That’s enough room for me to sit up without my head touching the top, but because of these
upright walls on the side, I’ve actually got a bit of room to comfortably sit up in the
centre of the tent here. I’m 195 centimetres tall, if
I have a lie down in here, I’ve got plenty of room
for my head at one end, and my feet are really just
touching the inner tent at that end there, so my sleeping bag might
be touching the end, but its still a long
way from the fly sheet. With regards the to the other
features in the atom tent, there are a couple of
storage pockets on each end, large storage pickets,
and in the central point up above my head here, there is a small lantern hanging hook, just
a little plastic loop, nice and simple on the inside. If I was to sit up
forward in the tent here, actually, there’s one other
thing I didn’t mention, there is a stuff sack for
the mesh door in the side here, to keep that out of the way. While we’re sitting here, if I was to zip this vestibule closed, I’d have protected space out to about an arms length
out here for my gear. One other thing I said I’d
mention, we talked about earlier, was this strap that was
included with the tent. This has got eyelets
and clips at each end, there’s no instruction
on what this is for, but, I would say it’s for an
ultralight, fly only setup. If we replace the inner of
this tent with this strap, and put the main pole into
these loop at each end, and then use the clops to attach the fly, we can set it up as a fly
only ultralight set up. Your other alternative there is to use the optional footprint, and set it up with a ground cover
and a fly over the top. You probably can’t really
set it up with a fly first, and then pitch the inner on the inside. You could do it, but it’s
probably going to be messy. You can grab these
online, at snowys.com.au, at our lowest prices every day. I hope you found that useful,
we’ll see you next time. If you found that video useful,
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