Zempire Jetset 5 Inflatable Air Tent – Features

Zempire Jetset 5 Inflatable Air Tent – Features

– The Jetset 5 set up
behind me is an affordable and easy to set up inflatable
air tent from Zempire. I’m gonna take you for a walk through. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowys here today, at the Brownhill Creek Tourist Park in Adelaide’s leafy Eastern suburbs. It is a caravan in a
nice little bush setting, that’s an easy and relaxing
getaway for Adelaideans or anyone passing through the area. This is a Jetset 5 inflatable
air tent behind me here. Let’s check it out, it weighs about 14 kilos, or just over 14 kilos when it’s packed up, and it packs up to about
70 centimetres in length and about 35 centimetres in diameter. It doesn’t have a hard frame
in there that makes it bulky and heavy so it’s ideal for family campers who don’t have a lot of
space inside their vehicle. It sets up really easily, it’s affordable as well, and it offers excellent ventilation. Now you can use it with or
without this fly sheet here, the beauty of not having
the frame integrated with, or a hard metal frame or
alloy frame integrated into the tent, is that you
can set the whole thing up and pack it away with the fly attached, so it makes set up really quickly. To start by looking at the
fabrics that it’s made of. Now the fly sheet is a 75
denier 190 thread count polyester, and it’s got a
5000 millilitre water head. It is seam sealed throughout. Now back towards the inner tent, this is made of a combination
of 75 denier 190T polyester with bug proof mesh in
the roof vents here, in the doors and in the windows
that I’ll show you shortly. The floor is a heavy
duty 180GSM polyethylene, or it’s like a tarp type material, so it’s got that crinkly feel, but it is a really heavy
duty floor on that one there. And the poles, now this is
where this tent’s unique, it’s an air pole. So this is the actual pole here, now this is, has a TPU or a
rubbery type bladder inside, I’m pretty sure it’s TPU, and that’s zipped inside this dual layer, or two to three layer protective
material on the outside, so they’re really well protected. A lot of people are
concerned about punctures in air poles like this, look it can happen, but these guys are pretty well protected, you shouldn’t have a problem. Now these combine with a
little bit of fibreglass, and these poles here, there’s
one in the front and the back, they just run along the top here to just bring this fly up and out to create a bit more space up underneath. And then there’s a couple of
steel poles included as well, which are these ones here
just as the awning poles. That’s probably a good
lead into this awning here. Now this front section here we can set up in a number of ways. I’ve got it set up as a
shade awning out here. Now I’m 180 centimetres
tall so it is quite low, I do have to crouch down
to get in underneath here, but if you were to sit in under there it’s gonna give you a bit of protection. Alternatively, we can
do away with these poles and just zip this closed
as a weather protected awning at the front here. There’s not a lot of space
to stand up in the awning or the vestibule, sorry,
when it’s set up like that, but it does give you a
little bit of storage space. So moving around the
outside of the tent here, to the sides, we see
we’ve got a small sort of weather protected awning over
the top of this window here, now I’ll show you inside how this adjusts, but there’s an internally
adjustable privacy screen there, and this window goes right from
the top to the bottom here. There is seam sealing that
runs along the bottom here, so when that internal
privacy screen’s done up and the rain hits this, it’s
gonna run away from the tent. There’s extra flaps and
things here to protect all the seams where there
could potentially be a leak, so the water runs away. As we move further around
to the rear of the tent here you’ll see there’s
actually a bit of a peak at the back here, this gives us a bit of weather protected storage that’s
accessible from the inside. Another cool feature of this though is that we can actually set this up, or open it up a little bit, for a little bit of extra ventilation, if we just roll this open here, there’s an extra tab just here, which allows us to secure
this open like this, and on a warm night, or if
it’s humid or even raining, we can have this rolled up like this, we’re getting ventilation
in underneath here still, and we’ve still got a bit
of weather protected space in front of that door. It’s pretty much all the
features on the outside, I wanna step inside now and
show you everything in there. I’m gonna step inside the Jetset 5 here. I’ll just mention these doors, they are double doors, so
you’ve got a solid panel and a mesh panel to these doors. So you can either seal it
up completely for privacy, or allow the ventilation through. Now these zip right open,
there’s actually three zipper pulls that feature on this door. So this second one acts
as a power access point, so we can actually just
zip that back a little way, and get a power access,
or get a cord in there, 12 by 240 volt power to run our lanterns, fans or whatever we like to run inside. Once this is zipped open
there is a little stash pocket in the corner here for
you to put your door into, so it’s in out of the way. As I step it back inside
the tent here now, talking about the height of it, I’m 185 centimetres, so I can stand comfortably
in the middle here, reasonably comfortably most
of the way over to the side, before my head starts to hit the side. They say it’s 190 centimetres, it’s a little bit less than
that by my measurements. In the middle here you’ve
got a lantern hook. Now this is only half of
what’s supposed to be here, there’s actually a male
side of this that clips into this tri-release buckle and a loop so that you can hang your lantern here. It’s gone missing on this
tent for some reason. Looking at the ventilation in the tent. These are all mesh
panels in the roof here, so tonnes of ventilation throughout, and on each side of the tent here, we’ve got full length mesh windows that go from top to bottom here, and they’ve internally
adjustable privacy panels that zip all the way up. Now, Zempire have accounted
for, and I mentioned it before, I’ll say it again, they’ve accounted for the water ingress that could potentially happen
in the base of the fly here, this is seam sealed, there’s
a flap on the outside that goes over any seams that might leak so you’re not gonna
get any water in there. And these can be zipped up from the inside for full weather protection. It overlaps at the top here
and you’ve got another tab. So this window features
on both sides of the tent. And then at the rear,
a little bit different. You’ve got a privacy
panel at the top here, which can be zipped open or closed with a little tab in the
middle there as well. And then at the bottom, this
is also a ventilation port. We can zip this completely
closed, if we like, or alternatively we can leave
it open just with the mesh as it was before, or we can
actually zip it right open for access to our rear storage port here. Now this goes about a metre
out at the very peak there, but you’ve got a little bit
less storage than that really ’cause of the slope, but enough room for a
few bags and some shoes and things in the back there. Now the front vestibule, if you were to set that
awning up, zipped closed, the front vestibule comes
about 80 centimetres out from the edge of the tent there and slopes back immediately, so there’s not a lot of room to stand in, but once again just
enough room for a storage of a few bags, shoes, maybe a small esky. Now with regards for space
inside the tent here, it’s about 280 centimetres width, and 280 centimetres in depth. They say it’s up to five person, it’s probably a comfortable
four person tent. It’s a really good tent
for a family of four. I’ve got some airbeds that I’m
gonna try and stick in here. I’ve got a double high
queen and two singles, I think I’ll probably only fit the queen and the single here. I’m gonna go and grab them
and show you how they fit. Now this is a double
high queen airbed here which measures just under
two metres in length, and about 150 centimetres in width. And this guy here is an XL single which measures just a little under 190 by around about 90 or just under in width. So both of these in here,
I’ve got a bit of access down the middle here, plenty
of storage at the end. I’m probably not gonna fit, I wouldn’t fit another
XL single airbed in here, so enough room for three, you probably fit three
single airbeds side by side in here, or if you were
to use smaller hike mats you’d certainly fit them, well potentially five of them across, or just four and one at the end there. So I’d say this is a comfortable tent for a family of two adults and
maybe two smaller kids. Now the last thing I
haven’t really shown you, and the last thing I want to
show you with the air tent is just how flexible the
air poles are in the wind. If they were to bend,
they just bounce back. Let me show you. Now one of the real benefits
I love of the air pole systems over steel poles, was if the wind picked up really badly, or something fell on your tent, and did this to your steel pole tent, your tent would be rendered
pretty much useless, but with an air pole, these guys just keep
bouncing back into place. I reckon an air tent is a
really good long-term investment in your camping outings. And set up properly with all
their guy ropes and everything these are really sturdy. Look, this is a really
affordable option for family camping and it is really easy to set up, and won’t take up too much
space in the boot of your car. You can grab them online at snoyws.com.au at our lowest prices everyday. Free delivery to just about
anywhere in Australia. Got any questions about
us, about this tent, sorry, let us know down in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel, we’ll send you all of our
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some other tent videos, try this one down here. (upbeat music)

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