Zempire Zeus Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

Zempire Zeus Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Set up behind me is the
Zeus tent from Zempire. It’s a popular little
tent, and I wanna show you how to set it up and how to pack it away. Let’s get started. (electronic music) Ben from Snowys here today, guys, in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs and the Brownhill Creek tourist park. They’ve given us some space here today to set up some products and
give you a bit of a run through. I’ve got here with me the Zempire Zeus two person hiking tent. This is probably one of our
most popular hiking tents cause it’s super affordable and it’s got some pretty good
specs surrounding it as well. I’m gonna show you how to set
it up and pack it away today. This is how it looks when you buy it. It’s about 58 centimetres in length, by about 16 centimetres in diameter. Weight wise, 2.8 kilos all packed up, and you can probably get that down to around about 2.6
kilos for trail weight. First, I’m gonna show you what comes in the bag when you buy your Zeus. So inside the compression
sack with your Zeus. It all comes secured with
a couple of straps here. You get your fly sheet, your inner tents, and a bag of lightweight pegs. Now these are lightweight pegs. If you’re building them
in with a heavy hammer, you might bend them,
but they’re really good for softer ground, or just
for keeping weight down in your pack. And you get your all-in-on pole hubs. The number of hubs in here, it all kind of connects together as one. I’ll show you that in a sec. So to get started setting it up, first thing we wanna do
is spread the inner out. So this is the poles,
sort of joined together. You do get a pole repair
sleeve with your kit as well. Now I’ve got the tent laid out. It is color-coded, so we’ve got red poles, which also identify where
they go by the red tabs. And this is kind of an
entrance into the tents. So I’ve got that facing that way, cause I want the doors
at that end of the tent. Now as we put this together,
just do it gently and slowly. It’ll all come together once
you’ve got it all set up. You’ll see that it’ll all make sense. Put the red poles at
this end with the tabs, and hubs like this. There’s another one at the other end, and in the centre, there’s a brow pole to hold the walls upright. So I’ve got the pole laid out here. You can see the brow pole across the top, and the red ones at the
red end of the tent. So the first thing I’m gonna
do is put those in place. So I’ll put it in the inner eyelet there, and do the same on the other side here, and then I go to the other end of the tent and do the same thing. And the whole frame will
start to take shape. So you can see that the frame of the tent’s starting
to take shape there. Now we just need to put
this brow pole in place. So if we pull the inner
up, there’s some eyelets. Two eyelets, one on each
side above the door here, that this brow pole goes into. So we just gotta put them into place. So once you get the brow pole in place, we’re now just gonna put
these clips in place. The C clips that run right
along this top pole here, and down the ends of
the two poles as well. So that’s the inner attached to the frame. Now you can see it’s a free-standing tent. If the weather was calm and
we just wanted to use this as a mozzy shelter, we
could sleep in it as it is. What I’m gonna do though,
is put the four pegs in, one in each corner, so four for the inner. So while I’m on the pegs for this tent, they are a lightweight tri-peg. So they’re pretty
durable for their weight, but if you go bang on
these with heavy hammers, you’re probably gonna bend them up. They’re designed for
lightweight adventures. So if you are using in really hard ground or in campsites where the
the weight doesn’t matter, you might be better investing
in some heavier-duty pegs. So just get the
orientation of the fly right Up underneath the tent,
there are Velcro tabs that attach around the frame
here for extra stability. And once again, red
tabs go to the red tabs on my right-hand side to the
bottom of the tent there. Now it’s very minimal. You can actually get away
with setting the Zeus up with just two pegs. I didn’t need to put the
four pegs in on the corners. If the weather’s calm and
you’re gonna be lying in it, so it gonna blow
anywhere, you can get away with just two pegs, one on this fixture, one on the other side,
and you’re good to go. For the purpose of today though, I’m gonna put all the pegs in
place, so one on each side. I’ve got one in the base at each end, and then a guy rope at each
end to put out as well. And it’s probably a good idea to set these guy ropes up all the time, because they sort of serve two purposes. They offer a bit of extra stability, but they also hold the vents
open here out from the tent so you get airflow through the tent. But that is the Zempire Zeus all set up. That was pretty easy. And it only really took
me about five minutes, probably less than if I was rushing. So the first thing I do for
pack-up is remove the guy ropes, remove the pegs from around the base, and unclip the fly from the frame. And I gotta remember the Velcro
tabs to the frame as well. Just got the fly sheet off. Next step is to pull the
four pegs out of the corners of the inner, then remove all these clips and detach the frame from the inner. Packing these poles up is a
little bit of a funny one, cause it’s so many different
lengths and attachments to try and get it the same length. But just gradually sort
of fold them together. Once we’ve got this folded up, I can fold the inner
up, put the fly on it, and put it all back inside a storage sack. Now you could pack the fly and the tent or the poles separately if you want. If you wanna divide it up between a group, or maybe keep your inner
dry if the fly is wet. It’s all dry here today though, so I’m gonna roll it all up together. That is how you set up and pack away the Zeus two-person
hiking tent from Zempire. That was pretty easy to set
up, pretty easy to pack away. It’s got an awesome free-standing design. It’s nice and sturdy in
three-season weather, and this is proven to be one of our most popular hiking tents. You can grab them online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices every day. I hope you found that useful. We’ll see you next time. (electronic music) If you found that video useful, subscribe to our channel
and you’ll get all of our latest and greatest information. Or if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. If not, just give us a like or check out our other videos
like this one down here.

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  2. You mentioned being able to knock off around 200 grams from purchase weight to trail weight, how so?

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